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2016/1/24 16:29:18
Copy objects from one set to another ? You can select everything in one set, load up a different one (in the same instance of Muvizu), and then paste it back in. Only problem is making sure there's enough space to paste everything. And, as pointed out, the animation tracks can't be pasted, just the objects and characters. Nothing to stop you doing it a section at a time though, it'd just be a slow process...
2016/1/22 17:04:05
Hire MZU modeler to make longer skirts? PatMarrNC wrote:
summary to that last post, I want to know the following:

1) What software is necessary to create dynamic content for Muvizu?

2) what requirements govern the importing of such content ?

3) will this information ever be revealed to users?

1) Maya, I believe

2) Recompiling the source code - essentially hacking into the core files.

3) Unlikely
2016/1/21 10:59:02
Mute audio and Mouth movements 1 - Yes. Right click on the audio track in the Timeline and Edit - there is a volume slider there.

2 - Direct the Dialogue Talk/Shush to keep his mouth closed between words.
2016/1/21 10:53:56
Failed to load object from file ZenMediaAnimation wrote:
ritsmer wrote:
New version 2016.01.15 available.

This version has the same issue. I have spent countless hours doing and re doing a simple scene over and over only to have it fail to load. I have resorted to taking a screen shot of every scene as I finish it in order to continue which reqiures duplicating the entire set and picking up where I left off.
In addition I have also resorted to creating place markers on my sets for my characters so I can position them where they were so I have no jump from scene to scene. This is the single most irritating thing I have dealt with in my entire time in Video production. To not be able to re use a scene is not gonna work for me. I may move on to another software that doesn't require me to build a new set every time I have to use the program.

Use v1.5 instead. No keyframing, but other than that it works.

It's right here : https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=49D7234E5E7C54B9%21161
2016/1/20 19:01:12
Kids with round heads! Interesting solution, have to try them out when they get approved.
2016/1/19 13:39:01
From the Wabby's Land That is beautifully done - so clean! Your models fit with the Muvizu design ethic really well. Nice site too
2016/1/18 18:46:48
2016.01.15 Bugs wdeprospo wrote:
I guess this is a definite wait

Does anyone have a full install for....

MZASS-v1.5 - build: 2015.10.01.01R (64-bit)

Would be appreciated


Still using this one myself.
2016/1/13 19:02:21
Coming Soon 2016 fman00 wrote:
ziggy72 wrote:
urbanlamb wrote:
he looks "pensive"

His next line is "Did you ever bury any of them, Ted?" I'd be a little pensive too if that's the sort of questions I had to ask

This may be a daft question Ziggy but is this going to be a comedy video? It's going to be seriously dark if it is- couldn't see the two ronnies doing that sketch!

No laughs in this one, no. It's about Ted Bundy, so... seriously dark just about covers it
2016/1/13 15:41:55
Coming Soon 2016 urbanlamb wrote:
he looks "pensive"

His next line is "Did you ever bury any of them, Ted?" I'd be a little pensive too if that's the sort of questions I had to ask
2016/1/13 2:59:52
Coming Soon 2016
2016/1/13 0:51:38
Character color in attachments? Not automatically, no. And to make it worse, the characters skin absorbs light slightly differently to their attachments so you have to match the colours in specific lighting conditions as well, I find. Sorry, maybe in an update they'll improve the importer, but I think you just have to use trial and error (as usual).
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2016/1/9 18:39:50
Intel HD Graphics Driver issue Since your video card is an onboard one, it's likely the amount of system RAM allocated to it isn't enough (since the update changed something). Try giving it more RAM in the BIOS settings - I'm guessing it's a laptop, and you'll have to press Delete or F2 to get into the BIOS settings when the machine boots up (right at the start).
2016/1/8 16:18:32
Spinning propellers? Ha! Found it (thanks MrDrWho13) - I actually went looking for this originally, in answer to braj, posted by jamie, but it doesn't show up on a search in here anymore (I think) :

I added a link to it on the Wiki.
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edited by ziggy72 on 08/01/2016
2016/1/8 1:40:38
Spinning propellers? Not easy, but I think this is how you'd do it :

2016/1/6 12:01:49
Sketchup to Muvizu braj wrote:
ukBerty wrote:
braj wrote:
I get a message 'file not found' am I missing something from the setup?

Sounds like toto.bmp to me.

Create a 256x256 pixel bmp file and name it c:\ut3\toto.bmp and this may fix it.
edited by ukBerty on 06/01/2016

Ah, thanks, that fixed it, for the most part. What does that file do, and what color should it be? Does it matter? It works when I create simple objects, but any models from the 3d warehouse still give me grief. But it definitely is progress!

One thing I don't know how to do is get textures mapped to the objects, trying to apply them in Sketchup results in a missing file error when importing in Muvizu. Applying anything in Muvizu results in a tiny repeating pattern.

I would really love some tips on using this, though at least I can now create some more diverse landscapes and stuff, I really appreciate that.

The colour of the toto.bmp isn't important, no, so it can be whatever colour you like. As for getting the textures off imported objects, the easiest way is to use the Raylectron Texture exporter, a little plugin that I find invaluable.


You load up your object in Sketchup, then under Tools use the exporter - it will export all textures from your object and put them into whatever folder you want. You can then reassign them in Muvizu, one by one.
2016/1/6 11:47:07
Sketchup to Muvizu Hold on a minute there Dylly - before you write off Sketchup's weak texturing, there is a plugin that does the job called Sketch UV, link to it is here : http://www.muvizu.com/Forum/topic5383-sketchuv.aspx?p=f#post28359

It works with Sketchup 8. All your other advice is sound though
2016/1/5 20:08:38
Quick & Dirty Quadraped workaround... I think Wabby used iclone for that one.
2016/1/4 4:25:23
Coming Soon 2016 Thanks Pat, and yes I do like my mundane clutter

2016/1/3 13:27:57
Quick & Dirty Quadraped workaround... That works! They look best when they don't 'walk', but yeah, stick them up a tree and you've got reasonably convincing birds. Nice job Pat - all they need now is feather textures...

(btw New Year lasts about 3 days in Scotland, so HQ should be sobering up around now... )
2016/1/2 13:53:04
Coming Soon 2016 fazz68 wrote:
@ukberty. absolutely stunning screenshots

@ziggy Eraserhead Big Grin never did work out quite what was going on there.

a blast from the past.....

Eraserhead is dead easy to follow - a man erm...goes to dinner and...there's this baby thing...and the Lady In The Radiator sings him a song...and then he loses his mind and...ehhh.... Big Grin
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