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2013/10/30 21:45:06
CHARACTER ...also, the eyes can be changed to different types and scaled up or down - in the Face section of the character properties.
2013/10/29 19:54:49
Various issues What He Said

There isn't a 'what she said' smiley, so you'll just have to imagine it

Fine tuning is what we really would like - personally, I like the idea of the mouth shapes available to replace the dialogue action blocks (on a right click) but I'd settle for just being able to see the blocks.
2013/10/25 23:13:13
Blender Conference - UI discussion urbanlamb wrote:
Just remember though opensourced initiatives always move slower then their commercial counterparts and really blender stagnated for many years as people ignored it.

Slower? Glacial more like. Stagnation is the word - I believe it was you yourself that suggested changing the buttons in Muvizu to have 'Switch to' in front of Prepare and Direct. Simple change, it makes a difference for the better, and how long did it take for that to be implemented? And the whole Timeline discussions... Muvizu has changed and evolved more this year than blender has in a decade, and it's infinitely better for it (for the most part ). The blender devs have got to embrace change or be stuck forever in a geek infested rut (no offense ). I look forward to the changes, I really do - I'd love to be able to use a 3D package that doesn't mangle anything that isn't dead straight (like Sketchup), but they've gotta stop yakkin' on about it and actually do something concrete that people can test. I can't shake the horrible feeling that this discussion will still be happening next Halloween too (complete with powerpoint presentations with arrows showing how motivated they all are). I hope I'm wrong. Urban, sort 'em out!
2013/10/25 20:51:18
terminator 2,5 You know, for a horrible moment, I thought this vid was about to go in a VERY different direction as a naked man dances over a bottle placed between his legs... Whaaaaa?

Phew! Eh, otherwise, good first attempt!
2013/10/25 20:43:02
Blender Conference - UI discussion ...but you also can't just be a slave to your user base, and allow them to restrict you into a little niche, like the one where blender currently resides. Blender is already respected as a very capable platform, but if the devs want to be popular (or just make some money) they have to change - all I'm saying is that they're asking the wrong people. Ask someone who's relatively new to 3D modelling, get them to tell you what makes sense from the UI as it stands, not the die-hard "nothing must be touched!!" crowd. Just sayin'
2013/10/25 19:53:58
Blender Conference - UI discussion Dear God, does it really take an hour to come to the conclusion that the interface sucks? We already know this, and no amount of powerpoint presentations or Q&A sessions are going to help! It's been 11 years in development, and only now do they decide to address the elephant in the room?! Imagine if Muvizu did that... Brick Wall

Still, at least they can't make the UI any worse
2013/10/25 19:45:20
Dog Character's Teeth In Play+ you could have a head attachment moved down into the mouth area with pointy teeth, but the character couldn't talk or move their mouth without giving the game away. We need canines for all, Muvizu HQ! Can't have vampires, werewolves or Dara O'Briain without them, after all
2013/10/24 20:53:01
Muvizu Play 1.2 Feedback (also Play+) ukBerty wrote:
I have tried to use the holding of objects again this morning and found it very frustrating. It has highlighted a change that we have been requesting and I think it's time has now come, otherwise the holding of objects will be forever limited.

When you edit something the characters must stay in position.

Instances :-

  • You have a close up of a character doing something - my example was Angry > Me. You have a spotlight on them. You edit the spotlight and the character will spring back into the "standing gormless" pose and out of the light. It is now just guesswork to set the light, hit timeline so the character goes back into position (this closes the edit window for no apparent reason). You do this over and over again until you get it right.
  • Holding things is a nightmare. At the moment we have the "object" pose which is useful for holding things (obviously we are asking for more actions). So you set you character to the "object" pose, but trying to orientate the object they are holding is impossible as every time you edit the character they go back to "standing gormless" and the object is in a completely different place.

This probably ties in with the whole - "Why does the timeline close every time I edit something ?" question.

So here's the changes:-

1. Only close dialog boxes when I close them (mainly applies to edit and timeline)
2. Characters remain in position always. I mean always. If you edit them I don't want them to do their "Oh look I've got ears" act. This was cute to begin with but I think we've moved on. I want them to be doing what I've told them to do.

I'm afraid there needs to be some work on this if the "holding objects" is going to realise it's potential.
edited by ukBerty on 23/10/2013

I'd like to second all of that. Also like to echo ukBerty's earlier post about not having the imported objects being single sided by default - needs to be double sided, or at least give us the same import options as per normal imports so we can change it. The more I'm using attached props the more this becomes a problem, it seems, as the objects get more complex.
2013/10/24 20:14:50
Dog Character's Teeth You can't do transparencies on the UV map that will effect the base model - that is, the dog's teeth are a round 3D shape which are white by default, and although you can change the colour or draw things on them, you can't leave blank bits and expect the 3D shape to now to be pointy (unfortunately). I wish we could, so the dog could have big nasty pointy teeth instead of human gnashers.
2013/10/23 16:30:10
Request - Edit "Duration" in the timeline Lev_Dynamite wrote:
ukBerty wrote:
When you grab the head control with the mouse it pretty much produces a single entry on the timeline unless you are moving like a robot. Natural movements produce a single entry whereas they used to produce multiple entries.
I'm wondering if we're getting crossed wires with what we're talking about here, or if your Muvizu is acting up... Apologies if I'm away talking about something totally different from what you mean, but in the (large) animated GIF HERE I am clicking the head movement tracker once, moving it around so the character looks left, up, right, down and back to the centre, and then only taking my finger off the mouse button at the very end and producing multiple Timeline blocks. Is this not what you're talking about?

Yeah, now try this - save your set with your dude slowly moving his head about. Reload it, and play it back - jerk, stutter, jerk is how it now looks. I have to redo all head movements for all characters every time I reload a set as it loses the original input information and seems to set the move speed back to 50 (I typically use between 6 and 12).
2013/10/20 1:19:58
Coming Soon...
2013/10/17 3:54:49
Muvizu Play 1.2 Feedback (also Play+) Keep getting this crash :

Seems to only happen when in the Timeline, but randomly. Updated my sound drivers just to be sure it wasn't that, but no difference.
2013/10/17 0:04:40
Sitting down and another Fatal error Ah, it's changed. When I made the sitting tutorial, that action was on page 3 but now it shows more of the mood sets. Must've just happened in v1.2 - Muvizu HQ, can we have more pages? Or just another row or two on each page is 3 is the limit? And leave sitting on page 3 so I don't have to change the tutorial?

As for the error, no idea sorry. Does it happen every time?
2013/10/15 22:04:42
Fatal Error We've discussed an autosave on the forums before, but it would stop whatever you were doing to save, and complex sets can take 10 or 15 seconds to save - you don't want that happening every 10 minutes. Would drive me nuts. And Muvizu is basically a mod for a game engine that is constantly being updated to accommodate it's users, so don't expect 100% stability from it. None of the rest of us do, that's for sure
2013/10/15 19:15:45
Fatal Error primaveranz wrote:
Trying to direct my character I wanted to delete one of the movements from the timeline but somehow I deleted the entire timeline and with it the character. I pressed Ctrl "Z" hopefully but just got a fatal error message and on clicking OK Muvizu crashed losing me 1 hour's work.
Not enjoying Muvizu at this point in my own timeline.....

...which I hope reminds everyone, once again, that saving your work is your responsibility, not the programs Ctrl S, that's all it takes.
2013/10/14 1:08:54
Coming Soon... I just downloaded washing up sponges to put in the hands of a robot. This is what Play+ makes you do
2013/10/13 15:11:32
Sketchup to Muvizu Thanks for doing that MDW13 - I will get round to putting some stuff up there myself, honest
2013/10/13 15:07:52
Play+ How can I purchase the licence? Safest option is to download the full version from the website - that will overwrite everything 1.1 related, and you should then be good to go. If Play keeps asking to update itself, the program is probably being blocked by a firewall or not run as administrator or some other obscure thing
2013/10/11 22:05:55
Muvizu Play 1.2 Feedback (also Play+) No Dylly, that the Wookiepedia (real site, I kid you not)
2013/10/11 20:12:47
Making assets Of course you can. Did you have anything special in mind?
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