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2017/2/2 0:16:49
How do I make an .avi have transparency? I referenced that tutorial because it tells how to edit a system file that enables transparency in Muvizu. By default, AVIs will not allow transparency in Muvizu. So until the file is edited, it doesn't matter what else you do.

in the case you mentioned, you'd have to edit each frame and save it as a PNG or TGA format, which retains the transparency. Usually in those formats, wherever you erase, the void looks checkered, and the area will be transparent when viewed in an environment that supports transparency.
2017/2/1 22:59:44
How do I make an .avi have transparency? this link will tell you at least some of what you need to know about transparent AVI...

2017/2/1 22:37:43
seeing if there's any interest.... blickfang wrote:

That machine shop kicks butt! I don't see how someone could NOT use it! Bravo!

wait! The fork lift! How cool is that?! And it runs on propane! I remember the old days of loading a 48ft trailer with a propane forklift. The air gets bad in a hurry! :-)
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Sounds like we need a model of a loading dock and 48 foot trailer next!
(I always thought the idea of propane was to NOT make the air bad! Propane isn't supposed to create carbon monoxide... a lot of its exhaust is just water vapor wrapped in stench. ;-)
2017/2/1 15:57:47
seeing if there's any interest....
Release that and I might need to do a cover version of Uptown girl!

deal! I'll hold you to it!

Witchy wrote:
Loving all the new releases Pat. Thanks so much for the hard work and dedication and the fact that you are giving so much away for free

Thanks for the kind words, Witchy. At some point I may go back and put a price tag on my stuff, but for the foreseeable future I'm happy to make it available for free. It's always fun for content creators to see how people end up using their props and characters in videos.

video for the most recent uploads:

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2017/1/30 15:46:27
DK Animated Movie series Excellent advice, Comictude! Something for all of us to keep in mind!

Regarding the legality of music in videos: this is why I use BAND IN A BOX software for music creation... it is very useful for generating unique arrangements for any chord pattern. And you don't have to search through endless libraries to find what you need. You can make it in minutes, and it's 100% legal!

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2017/1/30 3:42:58
sitting sleeping if you want them to SIT on the bed or chair:

1) click on chair > EDIT > Physics > turn off "can be stood on"
2) from main menu: PREPARE > CHARACTER ACTIONS > At the bottom of the dialog box, change "Initial State" to SIT
3) position the character over the bed or chair

if you want him to STAND on the bed or chair, it depends on how the collision is set up. You SHOULD be able to stand on something that says CAN BE STOOD ON"... however, it might stand on the highest part of the chair or bed, which may not be the seat.

I've noticed that sometimes when a character tries to stand on the back of the chair (the highest part) if I reposition him a little he will drop down to the level of the seat. The invisible collision surface sometimes extends a little past the part of the chair that you see. If it touches the character at all, he will stand on top of it.

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2017/1/29 20:17:26
DK Animated Movie series Even with public domain songs you can get in trouble if you use somebody's copyright protected arrangement of it.

It's my understanding that copyright protects the lyrics, melody and arrangement, including any signature licks (like the whistle in GOOD VIBRATIONS). Public domain status frees up the lyrics and melody, but people can still protect their arrangement

For example OH SUSANNAH is public domain, and you can make your own version of it without any problems.... but you still can't use James Taylor's version of it, because his ARRANGEMENT is protected.

People who think they can use symphonic recordings of classical works or Christmas carols because they're in the public domain may fail to realize that they're using a fairly recent recording of a protected arrangement.
2017/1/29 15:30:18
DK Animated Movie series sonosublime wrote:
I haven't had an issue with copyright so far, as I'm not making money off these videos.

copyright law does not differentiate between commercial and non commercial use. Although it's true that you become more of a target for lawsuits if you start making money with other peoples' intellectual property, it is equally illegal to redistribute protected media for free. Some might even argue that distributing it for free is even more damaging to the owner, because it diminishes the value.

Using protected music on Youtube is kind of a unique situation. They've started monetizing such videos, but instead of paying the person who hosts the material, they pay the copyright owner. The irony is they make more money that way than they do from licensed streaming through Pandora and Spotify.

Youtube content can generate some serious money if you are 100% the content owner. If so, you can monetize your views. The shelf life of video is practically infinite, and views just accumulate forever. Anybody who is going to a lot of trouble to make and post online content should seriously consider using all original (or licensed) content so they can monetize.
2017/1/28 14:00:49
It's a SkwerleFest! Loved your song and video, Jammer! It was fun to watch the Sam Bushytail Band play again!
(especially since my volunteer assignment for Merlefest 2017 just arrived!)
2017/1/28 0:07:29
seeing if there's any interest.... drewi wrote:
i know i will use it one day.Gas bottles and welding torch?

great idea! and maybe an arc welder too...
2017/1/27 15:09:03
getting into "the zone" for creativity... I like that idea Ritsmer! Can't wait to see it actualized!

Talking about Muvizu projects as well as camera projects - and combination projects: when one has given the best possible effort and has thought about nothing but making that project for weeks or months it is such an anticlimax when the project is finished. Period.

regarding the statement above, I've often thought that it's the creative person's equivalent to post partum depression. Except we don't have to wake up in the middle of the night to feed the baby or change diapers on top of being depressed.
2017/1/27 15:03:46
Bowing to an audience Ikes, you're a friggin' genius! what a great idea!
2017/1/27 5:04:54
getting into "the zone" for creativity... Ideas tend to come when you are doing something else, and its easy to lose them. In order to capture them, I have a PROJECTS folder for each of the software products I use. When I get an idea I create a project folder for it right way. I consider "capturing the idea" to be the first step. Sometimes when I'm in an "idea mood" I can capture a bunch of ideas at once. I find that "idea mood" is different than "execute mood", so I rarely try to work on the ideas while I'm capturing them.

For each project idea I make a list of steps required to complete the project. Steps might be something like:
1) collect reference images for modelling
2) create models
3) create music
4) write script
5) create character attachments
6) create dialog
7) find and collect sound effects
8) animate scenes
9) assemble scenes in editor
10) add visual effects and sound

Since I have to be in the right mood, (and each of those tasks requires a different mood) when I find myself with some spare time, I first decide what kind of mood I'm in. If I'm not in a very creative mood, then I'll just do something like search the web for reference photos or sound effects.

If I'm in a whimsical mood, I might write scripts or songs

If I'm in a practical mood, I might make models or record scenes

Point is that having a project folder full of ideas means there are always things to work on, no matter what mood I'm in.
2017/1/27 4:45:13
seeing if there's any interest.... just off the top of my head, it could be used for...

a characters place of employment
an uplifting story about the entrepreneurial spirit
a depressing story about bankruptcy
passing scene inside a ship
story about evil genius inventing death machines
or an inventor with more noble plans
ongoing blue collar workplace saga
with all the train accessories, it could be a railroad heavy repair shop
or whatever else you might come up with.
2017/1/26 23:56:21
seeing if there's any interest.... Thanks for the feedback Ritsmer....You're right, it's all about providing possibilities. Asking for interest in advance is the wrong approach. Going forward, I'll just make stuff that interests me, and if anybody else finds a use for it.. then mission accomplished.
2017/1/26 18:02:00
Sketchup to Muvizu if you are exporting models you got from the sketchup warehouse, try saving the model first, then export.

If that doesn't work, make sure the model is completely selected before you export as ASE

If neither of those things works, I'm out of ideas.
2017/1/26 17:57:13
Mirror mirror on the wall who's the fairest ... Anticip wrote:
Here is my question :

This is supposed to be a mirror, right ? Like the 3 others kind of wall but do we all agree that there is no actual way to have a character reflects itself in it by facing said mirror ? Or is there an easy way to make it work and I am running around like a dog chasing its own tail ?

I just looked at the mirror wall, and as far as I can tell, whatever magic used to make it reflective no longer works.

But this works:

1) create a backdrop and size it as needed for your mirror or wall
2) place a camera inside it, with just the lens poking out (pointing outward toward the room)
3) put a character in front of the mirror/camera as a test
3) BACKDROP > EDIT > PROPERTIES > IMAGE > (Cameras) > pick the image of the character

now the backdrop functions as a mirror
2017/1/26 2:46:45
seeing if there's any interest.... I was thinking about building a machine shop for Muvizu, and this screen shot shows what I've done so far.