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2016/12/16 0:20:29
Poser 11 for 49.00 US Sale Price I agree that as a complete animation system it would be too much hassle. Muvizu is much easier. But, as a tool to make the occasional scene that Muvizu can't make, it has a place in my toolbox. Everybody needs to make that decision for him/herself.. No software works for everybody.

It's not a software that I find intuitive...its method of navigating is different than anything else (why don't software vendors stick with industry standard interfaces?) but there are TONS of tutorials on youtube that explain how to use it.
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2016/12/15 22:39:46
Poser 11 for 49.00 US Sale Price I didn't get that email... it might have contained this overview video. But if not, here it is:

In light of Muvizu's new ability to import OBJ, it might be worth mentioning that everything in Poser can be exported in OBJ format. Hair assets for example can be directly exported from poser and used in Muvizu (must convert to FBX in oprder to use as attachments)

And unlike iClone which requires a special (and expensive) license in order to import your own models, that's part of the standard Poser package.
2016/12/15 22:24:39
I got the reverse email and hadn't considered that they'd do it this way round. I gotta agree that this is potentially their best marketing move in years and I hope it goes well!

reverse email??
2016/12/15 22:00:45
HATS OFF TO MUVIZU MARKETING! I just got this in my email from Smith Micro, the makers of other animation software such as Poser and MOHO (Formerly called Anime Studio)

This kind of directed marketing gets straight to the demographic that's interested in your product! This is also how I learned about the modelling software I use. (Silo made a promotion through Smith Micros mailing list about a year ago, and I liked what I saw! )

I don't know what they charge to advertise your product through their mailing list, but I hope this approach pays off very well for you! I'd guess that just about everybody on their mailing list is a potential customer! Plus, they're all used to paying a LOT MORE for animation software, so the deal you're offering should be very enticing!
2016/12/15 21:19:17
CHRISTMAS CONTEST 2016 Ha! Its not easy to use a short time period and make a point that works as well as that one does! I love it!

Your inner manager did a great job of delegating all the right tasks to others so you could actualize the idea!

"Direct... don't animate!"
2016/12/15 20:18:08
New release update: Static lighting and OBJ import primaveranz wrote:
Pat I have just spent 5 fruitless minutes trying to find the thread where you and Ikes explained how to edit a file to allow transparencies in a .ASE file? Can you find it? I just wondered if there was anything there that might help with the .OBJ file.


I tried what works in FBX files, but it doesn't work in this case.
The solution was to add another parameter in the .mtl file:

d 0.50 (added at the end of the glass material definition)
2016/12/15 20:14:02
New release update: Static lighting and OBJ import Tangledbliss wrote:
You know what guys? - I dont think i am going to bother with .obj models and muvizu - I just havnt got that much spare time

It's only time consuming until you figure it out. We're saving everybody else the trouble ;-)
2016/12/15 20:12:28
New release update: Static lighting and OBJ import hmmm.. that time I texture mapped the object before applying the texture and Muvizu imported it without an error