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2016/12/13 18:08:43
New release update: Static lighting and OBJ import WHAT??? SUPPORT FOR .OBJ FILE FORMAT???? That is HUGE!!

If this works as I hope it does, you've just effectively eliminated one of the biggest obstacles to getting objects into Muvizu!

The static lighting sounds interesting too! Sounds like y'all have been BUSY at Muvizu ! Thanks!
2016/12/13 6:57:21
CHRISTMAS CONTEST 2016 Tony! Good to see you posting again!

That was awesome! and funny! Once again you made a surprise ending!
2016/12/12 19:29:47
The Lodger once again, you have given the forum an excellent idea! I'm going right now to DL it before I forget! based on the high quality of your sets for this video, it looks like a companion tool that will be very useful with Muvizu!

Thanks again for all the great ideas!
2016/12/12 19:03:26
The Lodger ikes wrote:
Thanks guys!

Too bad telephoning in muvizu is quite a challenge. I had to make the dialing of the numbers with the clapping action, there was no other way.

Ziggy has posted an arm/hand with protruding forefinger that can be keyframed for that very task (don't ask me where it is though... probably on his DL site... if you search the messages I'm sure it will come up)
update: here a link

The interiors and the rooms come from sweet home 3d and converted to FBX with Daz 3D. Works quite well.

tell us more about sweet home 3d!

you mean this?

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2016/12/12 16:40:28
The Lodger wow, excellent job Ikes! You put such thought into every aspect of your presentations! You could be an interior decorator.. all the rooms and outfits are tastefully decorated and colorized.

One thing I liked in particular is the way you portrayed them walking up the stairs... very clever
2016/12/10 22:46:45
CHRISTMAS CONTEST 2016 35litretheatre wrote:
Be warned, I didn't do happy :O

That was AWESOME! Here's what I like about it:

1) The music! And you wrote it! Bonus points for that! (Makes it TWICE as original!)
2) the intro snowfall..
3) the way the camera view suggested that the sleigh was taking off
4) the sleigh flying past the moon (hey wait... where's Santa? And the reindeer?)
5) the story of the elf having financial problems , especially at Christmastime
6) the foot prints in the snow was a nice touch! Very creative!
7) I liked the elf village with all the little houses in a row
8) her reflection as she passed each house's window, and the glimpse inside at the other elves' relative happiness and comfort
9) the frost on her window
10) the way you portrayed the lighting of her candle with a match
11) the way you portrayed the food boxes disappearing as the elves pass through the food bank
12) the way you portrayed her walking behind the box
13) the detail of a plaque on the park bench. The inclusion of specific dates prompts me to ask if it represents a real person.
14) and the final blast of stars at the end!

thank you, Tracey Hart AKA 35litretheatre! More! More!
2016/12/10 22:14:45
WHERE ARE YOU? theotherguy wrote:
I am in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada (home of 100 waterfalls!). I'm a writer, photographer and videographer who also writes a bit of music. I've been (trying) to learn animation for the last 6-7 years or so with Toonboom and Anime studio, I've basically figured it out and realized it's way too much work, I discovered Muvizu and haven't looked back.

wow, sounds like we're kindred spirits... I could have said all the same stuff! I even worked for Westinghouse Power Generation (which had a shop in Hamilton for years)
2016/12/10 4:05:56
Long Dresses, No Slit Good idea, Mindiflyth... that might work. I'll experiment, and if it adds any advantage it might show up in a future set...
maybe less wide to minimize hand clipping, and more skirt front to back to allow for leg movement.

The first round was to achieve the look, with no regard for function. There might be a sweet spot where there's a little more function.

But, large inflexible attachments will always be problematic, no matter what. They're a step up from solid models because they can be somewhat animated... but a step down from an all-purpose character
2016/12/10 2:19:56
Long Dresses, No Slit This will be part 2 of the CIVIL WAR ASSET SERIES
(both sets should be in the store on Monday)

It contains just what you see in the photo:
  • Each of the 3 soldiers has a different rank, as evidenced by the stripes on their sleeves.
  • Rifle is repositioned for shooting instead of carrying
  • uniforms now include a custom belt and holster without the Indiana Jone whip, with military belt buckle
  • one character holds two colt revolvers circa 1860
  • the cannon is a composite based on many photos of cannons from that period