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2016/12/7 15:08:14
Long Dresses, No Slit Roborough wrote:
Just what I wanted - a funeral director

He also looks like the guy in the old silent movies who'd be voted "most likely to to tie up a damsel and put her on the railroad tracks in front of an oncoming locomotive"

The ladies in bonnets should be concerned. ;-)
2016/12/6 21:54:56
Long Dresses, No Slit well... except for the top hat and vest, the gentlemen are composed of stock Muvizu items that everybody already has. The only value I added was to dress 'em up and stand 'em beside the ladies.

But I see your point. I might include them later in a set of American Civil War era characters I'm already working on. I just wanted to post these now for the sake of those with works in process. When I do, I'll probably make my own top hat because of the implications of posting one that somebody else made. Maybe a stovepipe hat like Abe Lincoln wore...

(Are you unable to DL the sets from dropbox?)
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2016/12/6 20:54:47
Long Dresses, No Slit link to the set shown in the message above:

It will remain active briefly, then get deleted. Neither set will go to the store.
The top hat came from the store, (I didn't make it) but at present I can't remember who make it. It was one of the Moguls. If I remember or if I can find it in the store, I'll edit this post to credit the creator.

UPDATE 1: I just looked thru everything in the store, and unless I just glossed over it, I didn't see the Top Hat. I don't know whether as new items get added, old items get removed or what. I know it was there at some point in the past year. If anybody remembers who made it, please let me know so I can make a note of it for future reference.

here's a link to the textures and texture maps used to make the skirt, hat and brooch:

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2016/12/6 20:47:57
Long Dresses, No Slit OK, Here is an update: two male and two female characters dressed in styles from the late 1800s
Links to the set will follow in the next message

2016/12/6 16:45:01
Long Dresses, No Slit mindiflyth wrote:
Those look great, PMC! Maybe post 'em here for free for a day or so, then put 'em in the store. Much as we all love free stuff, these are work to create.

Thanks for the kind words, Mindiflyth! Anybody who wants this should get it now, because I probably won't put this in the store, even for free. At least anybody reading this thread knows that I'm not making a claim that a stiff skirt will work in more than a very limited application...

but once its in the store and somebody downloads it a year from now with no hint about the special request and circumstances, I'll just be setting myself up for a bunch of hate replies about how it sucks and doesn't work. I don't mind using the limited time I have left on the planet to make stuff and give it away, but it would bother me to give it away and then start getting negative posts under the store item.

It always blows my mind that people will actually complain about stuff they get for free. In fact, it blows my mind that people will complain about Muvizu, which offers capability very similar to programs that cost MUCH more, yet is so inexpensive that it's practically shareware.
2016/12/6 5:54:01
Long Dresses, No Slit link to the set: (LINK DELETED, UPDATED VERSION NOW IN STORE)
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2016/12/6 5:47:23
Long Dresses, No Slit before I put a lot of work into this, here is a screen save of one outfit. When the character is at rest, the hands are inside the skirt, and many poses cause the legs to come out of the skirt. I will also add a link to the set so you can DL it and play with it to see if it will work

I think you'll find that it has limited usefulness, and I have mixed feelings about spending the time necessary to make whole set of characters with limited application. Please try it and let me know your thoughts