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2016/6/9 16:34:43
All of my Star Wars Characters for "FREE" CONGRATULATIONS CLAYSTER!

So... I'm guessing the initiation ceremony will be private...? Just Clayster and the cast of Deliverance? (Hey, you wanted banjos, right?)

on a related note: a funny contest/challenge theme might be "the initiation"

It would provide lots of opportunity for double-entendre and a surprise ending. Or not. ;-)
2016/6/9 0:48:19
Competition? I don't like the term "competition" because it implies that everybody but one person loses. Something about that doesn't make me feel inspired to stick my neck out.

I like the term "challenge". in which a theme is declared and everybody submits their interpretation. That would be fun for me whether there was a prize or not.

it might be fun to openly brainstorm in the forum for themes.

But if prizes were awarded... a very cool prize that might lure all the moguls out of hiding would be to give the winner power to pick some new feature to be implemented in Muvizu.

2016/6/8 15:12:55
BAIL SKIPPER ... new collaboration video artpen wrote:
Nice one Pat! I liked the song, it served your video well, and the naked drunk guy made me laugh.

Keep em coming Pat


Thanks Art! I appreciate the encouragement from somebody whose videos I hold in high esteem! I look forward to seeing more from you!
2016/6/5 20:46:43
Arm Yourself! thanks, ziggy! that will be a very useful set for everybody!
2016/6/5 20:40:27
BAIL SKIPPER ... new collaboration video as expected, you have more horsepower than I do. It makes a difference.
2016/6/5 15:25:55
BAIL SKIPPER ... new collaboration video ziggy72 wrote:
Good horse - or is that a whorse?


Anyway, fun vid (although it took me a minute to get the name joke - Hugh Jiddyut?... doh!). Two observations for ya - there's already a pretty good bar set built in to Muvizu you could have used,

that bar was based on one I downloaded...may have even been the one you're referring to. So far all of my videos have used other peoples' sets, but I was inspired by all the work you've done on your own sets, so this was an effort on my part to introduce some change.

Maybe my system is under powered, but I find that the best downloaded sets have so much detail that I have to remove all but the most essential parts for my script. You mentioned in an email that it;s better to build a PLACE than a SET... but I don't think I could navigate worlds as large as the ones you use. What kind of horsepower does your computer have, anyway?

and Hugh's hat clips through the bars from 1:27 on

thanks... its funny how I can spend weeks on a project, focused on other things the whole time, then as soon as it's posted I start seeing the clipped hat and the floating fire hydrant, and the crooked bar stools and.... I'll probably fix that when I get home from vacation... but I find myself wondering how much trouble I should go to for 100 views. There must be a point of diminishing returns there somewhere.

but other than that I think you passed the audition Big Grin

Thanks! I respect your opinion and I know your standards prohibit the use of inflated reviews, so I appreciate the positive feedback!
2016/6/5 15:06:51
Assigna Material for an imported FBX prop. ukBerty wrote:
I think that is the present situation.

Separate your model out into transparent and non-transparent elements and import them separately.

You will of course have to get rid of the dreaded collision and offset the axis to make the bits fit back together.

Ah! So THAT'S the secret! Thanks for posting that UKBerty! Several months ago I created a convertible with a transparent glass windshield and couldn't overcome these same obstacles... I'll have to give it another try based on your input!
2016/6/4 3:48:38
BAIL SKIPPER ... new collaboration video clayster2012 wrote: I cant stop Laughing, this is really good buddy, I love every minute, I to love the time passing when he was getting drunk,

ah, Clayster! Your words are like medicine to my soul! Thanks for your encouragement! I do appreciate it!

you know I was thinking maybe we could do a scene in finger pistols are Dangerous, and have an all banjo band singing some goofy song, I do have a saloon scene and I think that would be really funny if a band was playing in the background, but its just an idea, no worries if dosen't happen

yeah, you need a finger pistols version of the cantina band from Star Wars... they could be playing a bluegrass version of your Finger Pistols theme in the background every time anybody enters the saloon, sort of a running gag.

I would like to do it, but I only have time for the music part right now... you'd have to animate it. If you're up for some keyframe challenge, I could make it a tex-mex version with guitar, banjo, accordion and trumpet (you'd have to keyframe the last 2)

, anyways you do great stuff with muvizu to, so just keep em coming !!

I have live music priorities for the rest of the summer, that was probably my last Muvizu project until September... thanks again for your kind and encouraging words, Clayster! But I'll still be on the forming watching for your new episodes!
2016/6/3 23:22:23
BAIL SKIPPER ... new collaboration video Thanks Rocque! your kindness is appreciated!
I'm a learner, and each video gets a little better... but it's all still very rudimentary built-in stuff.

This is the stage where a little encouragement can help people avoid giving up, so I take note of yours.
2016/6/3 22:00:08
BAIL SKIPPER ... new collaboration video Here's a link to my latest collaboration... this one is with a retired music pro who lives in Texas. He wrote and performed the song, which is a spoof modelled loosely on the Beatles' DAY TRIPPER:

***LINK DELETED**** audio clipped , and I didn't notice.... will re-post after it's been fixed
new link:

He sings the lyrics in character, so it has a very pronounced Texas accent which might be hard for some to understand, so I'm including the lyrics and dialog below:

Not many people know , I once was a desperate criminal on the run.... yeah I was arrested and sent to jail... for JAYWALKIN'... drunk and naked in front of the police station... in rush hour.

Pullin' a wagon with a keg o' Jack Black in the back... my pony dressed like Madonna.... yeah, true story....

Got no good reason.... Don't know how I got in here
Ain't drunk still in season? If so give me another beer!

I ain't no bail skipper! So call me a bondsman, dear!
It took me so long to get this drunk.... and I'm real drunk...

Drunk ain't no reason... The judge won't a-lower my bail
I said that's treason.... for puttin' me under the jail....


Take care of my pony... watch out for that keg of Jack Black
Pay alimony.... if its still there when I get back


Dang, I'll never get that banjo ending right...

then the outtake pays homage to a famous Beatles quote...

I'd like to thank you on behalf of the group, and I hope we passed the audition..."

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2016/6/3 18:51:14
Things I'd like to see in Muvizu. speaking of which.. is the Muvizu headquarters open to visitors? If I ever travel to Scotland to research my ancestry, do they let wild-eyed foreigners inside to look around?
2016/6/3 16:26:02
Things I'd like to see in Muvizu. MrDrWho13 wrote:

However, I would certainly like to see what's currently in the works vs what's highest on the current to-do lists but, unfortunately, I doubt they'd release this information.

we need to find a covert agent who lives in or near Glasgow to "drop in" and casually look at the bulletin board... then report back to the rest of us. ;-)

Know anybody? ;-)
2016/6/3 15:53:32
Finger Pistols Are dangerous Casting by the way, Clayster... I like your logo.

In my opinion you are doing all the right things to create a recognizable signature for your products.
2016/6/3 15:36:50
CHinese History pack issue primaveranz wrote:
I think the issue might be that the attachments only apply to certain characters. E.g. the Chinese coats appear as "Costume" options for the standard Muvizu "Man" and "Woman" but not their "Fat" equivalents. And the historical costumes can't be used at all on the new Asian characters.

yeah, a bit of irony there. ;-)

My bet is that a lot of dev team time is committed to addressing stuff like this. They've already committed a lot of time and resources to breaking into the Asian market, and obviously the Asian characters need to be fully functional in the Chinese history pack, including the ability for the new characters to use costumes and accessories. Probably new ones. I'm guessing the potato head costumes were introduced to make legacy characters useful in the new environment.

Since the need for accessories used and worn by the newer characters is high, and the ability for users to create them is non-existent, my guess is that development of that stuff (which could be sold to generate new income) is probably a high priority

standard disclaimer: I have no frigging idea what I'm talking about, but I like the way it all sounds ;-)
2016/6/3 15:22:45
Things I'd like to see in Muvizu. I agree that there are a whole BUNCH of things that would make Muvizu easier to use. Anybody who has used other animation software knows that most of it must be possible, because other programmers have figured out how to do it in other products.

And even the limitations imposed by a game engine wouldn't prohibit most of these ideas, because game characters are dynamically moved with joysticks and controllers, which means it all has to be parametric. If an action in a game can be maintained as long as some button is held down, then it should be possible to drag the tail of a recorded action on the timeline to make it last longer. It is absolutely MADDENING for people who use timelines with that feature in many other programs to NOT have a the same functionality here.

Having said all that, I think the reason we don't see more changes is because the software is practically free, and there's not enough income being generated to justify a whole team of developers like many other companies have. It's a small company, and I'm guessing the staff is quite small, and all of the people wear many hats... which means, if any of them got overloaded and left the company it would probably leave a significant hole ... and maybe even the loss of a single key person could undermine the whole show. Who knows, I'm just speculating here based on what I've seen in other work environments.

When Jamie answered my request for subdirectories under the main FAVOURITES directory by saying that was probably not going to happen... such a simple thing in any programming language.... that suggested to me that it isn't about what's possible as much as it is about work load. I'm guessing whoever makes new things happen already has a long to-do list, and they don't want to add to it. Again, I'm speculating here.

I like the software, and I consider myself to be an 'idea" person... I love discussing ideas for product improvement. As a manufacturing engineer, that's what I did. But I get the distinct feeling that Muvuzu isn't looking for more ideas. They surely already have plenty of things they're working on, and other peoples' ideas introduce a bottomless pit of "scope creep" (the addition of new unquoted features in a project that eventually makes the cost exceed the budget)

Therefore, I won't be making any more suggestions. But I will read and totally enjoy the ideas served up by anyone else. I love ideas, and I have great respect for the mind that conceives innovation.
2016/6/2 20:33:35
Finger Pistols Are dangerous Casting yeah, man! Put my name on the list! I can do all kinds of old man voices!

"Get offa mah lawn all y'all kids!!"
2016/6/1 21:42:14
sketchup's extension warehouse I was exploring Sketchup's extension warehouse last night and found two new extensions I hadn't seen before that might be useful to some people. They both have to do with the automatic creation of trees.

RP TREEMAKER is a free extension that creates trees in 2 dimensions. In the sketchup environment they will always face the camera , so they don't look flat. I guess in order to use them in Muvizu you'd export them as 2d graphics and put them on a backdrop?

A more interesting and useful extension is called 3D TREE MAKER, and it does exactly what the name says. You can pick a type of tree from a menu, change some parameters, and get a different 3D tree every time you generate! This one isn't free, although the price is pretty low. I guess you'd have to ask what your time is worth. I think it costs something like 10 bucks... you get 30 days free use to try it, but the list of tree types only has one entry unless you pay up.

the good: yep, it's a 3D tree...with individual leaves! (as opposed to a plane with an alpha graphic of leaves painted on it)

the bad: all those individual elements take up resources.

It can also generate grass, bushes etc... pretty cool!
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2016/6/1 21:30:14
rotating a backdrop IMage with Keyframing. Speedking5 wrote:
Didnt know if this was posted already. Keyframe the angle property and You set the first keyframe to zero and then you set the next keyframe to 100 percent and that will rotate your image 360

Thanks for the tip, Speedking5! If that has been posted, it didn't sink into my conscious awareness. The fact that attributes can be keyframed is pretty powerful IMO, and it's probably one of those things that merits a little more discussion than it gets.
2016/6/1 19:07:10
My first published Muvizu Video one way to avoid the overhead of having a whole mess of models in your world, eating up resources is to create the scene as a 2D graphic and display it on a backdrop. Better yet, leave it out of the Muvizu scene altogether and add it to the background in your video editor.
2016/6/1 18:59:08
My first published Muvizu Video
Thanks Pat. The music and words are original and all of the instruments and vocals were produced, recorded and performed by my friend/partner Harry Havery.

I'm a musician too, and I hang out on several musician forums, so I get to hear a lot of original music. Having that basis for evaluation, I'd have to say that this song sounds very well done! Great mix also!

There is a lot of learning to do and there are limitations to the program, but it is very fun.

I agree! nice to find an activity that's fun and legal at the same time... ;-(

Some things could be a bit more intuitive (including navigating the Forum and Help).

When I first came here, I thought the same thing, because the forum didn't work the same way as some others I use... but now I use the header in the grey bar at the top of the screen and click RECENT TOPICS, which works pretty well for staying current. But in the beginning, I just blitzed it and read everything that had been posted over the past few months.

I actually think the WIKI and the tutorials are excellent! I wish all software web sites had such accessible information!

Is there a way to make someone who has "fallen and cant get up" back to her feet using native motions within Muvizu?

are you referring to my comment about the Rosie character's gravity-defying resurrection? If so, I have no suggestion except to say that sometimes (like when you want an action that doesn't exist in Muvizu) it works to IMPLY it somehow. For example, one of the forum gurus (Artpen) wanted to show a character climbing a ladder (an action that doesn't exist in Muvizu) So he showed the character walking up to the ladder, then he switched to a view of onlookers watching with raised heads... implying the characters ascent up the ladder. very clever and useful !

Having said that.. there is a built-in action for getting out of the bathtub, and one for rising up out of a coffin

I had to scale back on the band gear, PA, and lighting. Apparently my graphics card couldn't keep up. Also, when I tried to load the smoke machine with the stage full of stacked amplifiers (much like those in Eddie's band), it would freeze things up. My biggest delay and challenge was in getting the "Effect" for the keyboard player and male lead singer to work.

yes, 3D animation requires a lot of horsepower. The more the better. I've had projects where I built a whole mess of stuff, then had to abandon it all because it bogged the scene down.

Jamie Hill is the bomb, though.

Indeed he is. Very helpful person!

I couldn't help my self last night when Donald spoke so eloquently to the press. I had to garb a sound bite and within minutes I had a rough version ready. Proof that I'm coming along.

that's what I like about Muvizu: the ability to actualize an idea rapidly! The internet moves very fast, and there is a niche for people who can supply timely animations about current events!

It would be great if things like the fiddle motion you needed, and all of the attachments could be used on every character.

I agree, that would be great. But keyframes might allow doing some of that in a way that can be transferred to other characters. When I have time, I plan to put a keyframed fiddle player in the store.

I couldn't get Rosie to hold a microphone,

You can get Rosie to hold a Mic, but unfortunately they haven't added any of the singing moves to her repertoire of actions. But what you did with a mic stand was perfect! Problem solved!

and couldn't figure out how to prevent the solid-thru-solid thing from happening (above head clap, etc.) with his arms though his hat.

sometimes you can change the camera view so it isn't noticeable... for example, when viewed from the side, the hat would be obscured by the arm, and it wouldn't be noticeable that the arm was going thru the hat...

I've created rough versions of Hillary, Bernie and Barry. Uh Oh!

"Uh-oh" is right! My political incorrectness-O-meter is going off! LOL.. looking forward to seeing what you come up with!
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