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2011/3/28 18:25:06
Music Album using Muvizu Artwork That looks awesome for a cover.
2011/3/21 21:49:04
Ziggys new animation Hello Luscan
2011/3/14 17:44:14
Rendering Question Its just a realtime dynamic lighting thing. Unfortunately the realtime render engine cant be perfect like prerender stuff. The only work around I found is to move your lights around abit till the problem goes away on that shot. Or add another new light with very low lighting and move its about near the bad area till it smooths out.
2011/3/10 20:20:32
Jim's last day Good Bye Jim. Best of luck
2011/3/10 20:15:17
Muvizu Ghoust?? Hi GromZP

Neil is correct. I recorded the scene twice in muvizu. One with the ghost and one without. Then I bought both videos into AfterAffects. I put the one without the ghost on top of the original video and give it %50 opacity to achive the transparent character effect.
Im sure you can achive the same result in any compositing program.
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2011/3/8 13:53:32
Promo for an upcoming project Excellent. Look forward to seeing your first episode.
2011/2/24 17:43:17
Grrr. Damn the disappearing tie! Wouldn't weighting it to the neck bone and upper body bone of your character rig and exporting just the tie and collar with bones be a possible solution. I know it would be extra work importing them clothes assets again as skeletal meshs, but the result would look much better than a static mesh stuck to a bone. I image you've done this once already when adding the skirt.
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2011/2/21 18:06:36
Staundoone Episode ! Well done on your latest episode Dreeko, Fun as hell m8.
Some really nice touches in there like the driving scenes and that. Made me laugh the scene on the Bog Big Grin
2011/2/20 13:15:08
3DS Max ase does not open Heres a Couple of tips for exporting from max.

1. Make sure your system units are set to centimeters.

2. keep your model rougly in zero space. ( Center of the grid on X Y Z )

3. To avoid problems when importing, you will need to find a suitable scale that muvizu accepts.

4. Its all trial and error the first time importing. But once you find a scale that works with the muvizu world. You can use that object for future reference to scale your other objects.

5. Its a good idea to keep your objects with as fewer polys as possible. For really complex objects 1,000 to 10,000 will work though. But Keep in mind when building you model, muvizu is using a realtime games engine .

6. This is what I have ticked when exporting to ASE. Not all is necessary but it wont cause any harm.

Hope this helps to eliminate the error problem.
2011/2/12 3:26:50
Sad old man WOW that was beautifully put together Kabum . Excellent selection of camera shots, Great choice with the music for setting the mood.
2011/2/10 20:31:59
Colour picker/eyedropper Neil wrote:
You'll be pleased to hear I've just got drag-and-drop working with colours in the new UI.

Great work neil.
2011/2/8 17:35:26
Colour picker/eyedropper Yeah I would find this very handy aswell. Plus Dreeko could color his dragon twice as fast with this feature Big Grin
2011/2/8 13:24:44
Ghost House Complete series Thank you very much. I really appreciate that.

The possibilities of what can be achived with the muvizu program is endless. I'm confident their will be many many more series to come from this community, thats for sure.

Up the muvizu
2011/2/8 1:45:41
Output Sync timing Glad to have been of help. Looking forward to seeing the next release on after the port.
Keep up the great work.
2011/2/7 12:15:26
Muvizu Pimped on StoryMode. Muvizu and GH get a mention again on the latest episode of Story mode.

I'm sure that presenter is from the discovery channel.
2011/2/4 13:23:33
GAGA finalist Unlucky guys.
2011/2/2 15:27:15
Output Sync timing Hi I've come to pick your brain.

This isnt really a big problem that would effect anyone using Muvizu alone, its more of a problem I've noticed while working in post production.

If I output a video, then make some small changes and reoutput again Their is sometimes a 1 frame cam cut differance and other time a camera can have a few pixels differance in its position. also animations can sometime be slighty out of sync. Now I know the blinking and FX are random. but this other stuff I thought you might want to be aware of.

I have used double output takes a lot in postproduction to create things like transparent ghost effect on a character and other type of effects.

Example: I would output the same scene twice. One with the ghost and another without the ghost. Then in post I would layer both videos with the one on top having a %50 opacity. But sometimes the cam position would be slightly out by a few pixels, other times characters animation would be slightly out of sync. If I move the top clip one frame forward it would be 1 frame ahead of the one below and if I move it back one frame it would be one frame behind the one below. So it is the correct frame its on but the keys have a slightly different tween look causing a Trail effect.

See example pic

Heres a pic showing a identical output with an untouched cam. But its position has changed by a few pixels. Looks like double vision or watching a 3d film with no glasses HAHA. this can be fixed easy in post by repositioning slightly.

This pic shows the camcut timing 1 frame out when to identical outputs are blended in post.

If you need too replicate these issues heres how.
I would output my scene as normal. But If I reload the scene at anytime to make the nessacery changes to achive my effects then output again. I would sometimes, not altimes get one of the above problems.
It also happens when not reload the scene again but its not as regular as when A scene has be reloaded.
I would always try to do everything in one shot too try and avoid having to reload scenes. Ofcource reloading is sometime unavoidable as we all forget sometimes and have to reload to make alterations.
Thats when I experience the above the most.

One last thing that maybe relevant.

Sometimes on a scene where I made a character run or walk. Its recorded and played back fine. But on occasions a scene has a sliding problem on the run/walk when reloaded.
I found a workaround that sometime corrects the sliding and make it work again.
I have a button on my pc that changes how hard the processor and graphics card run. If I put it in another speed setting it has sometimes rectified the sliding and its amimated again how it did when recorded.

Is the data when recorded being snap to a nearest timeline frame ?. Because I've had problems with this engine also in the past with function calls being skipped in ticks for no reason.

Hope this has been informative.

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2011/2/1 14:47:43
Ghost House Assets Heres the custom assets that I made for the Ghost House Series. Not much custom stuff was required I'm affraid, but Feel free to use what their is in your own project.

Instructions on how to use them is Included in the set file.

2011/2/1 12:17:40
Ghost House Complete series @ Emily I'm currently working on a street fighter pixel short with the writer Dustin, using the sprites from the original arcade version. I dont have any new projects with muvizu in the pipeline yet. But I hope something comes up in the future. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what the new version of muvizu brings. Can't wait.

@Mysto and freakmoomin Glad you guys enjoyed it.
2011/1/31 18:21:33
Ghost House Complete series Emily wrote:
The only question that remains is - will there be a second series???

I not sure on this one. I know dustin the writer of Ghost House wants to continue the show at some point. But I'm not sure if it would continue in a muvizu format or whether it would be in 2d cartoon style. I'll let you guys know if he plans to make another season.
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