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2011/10/17 19:39:13
Fly Still chuckling over the flies, reminded me of the last overnight fishing trip with the lad. We were watching the fish feeding on an evening hatch and talking about flies and I told the lad about the mayfly's life cycle.

"What's the point in them then?" asked the lad...he will never be a creationist!
2011/10/15 21:48:09
Extras!! Ooh Cecil B DeMille's Cleopatra Dreeko style...can't wait for this film!
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2011/10/15 21:42:25
Red bull Animation Competition just spotted this while trawling through the interweb doofah
2011/10/12 16:04:47
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) Just discovered something...may have been covered by someone else though..but occasionally when I go to record, no matter how many times you press the button nothing happens, and all that was left to do was save the file and reopen it. However I just found that if I click the unpin buttons on both the timeline and the parameter window then click record everything works fine and I can record the sequence.

As I say someone may have covered this but its made my life a little less frustrating!

2011/10/7 10:35:48
Tutorial suggestions Hi Dreeko,

Not so much a tutorial as a tutorial with a reference chart ofr poses I can use i n workarounds. So what pose should I use with a character if I want to make them crawl on the floor, bend down etc..

and it would be nice to find tutorials all in one place or a reference chart. For example I recently wanted to have a door opening and closing. I searched the Muvizu site and found a tutorial that involved downloading Anim8tor etc but while animating an object I accidently pressed an up arrow key. I have to admit here that I then spent several hours animating boxes then trying to turn them on their edge to make a door.Whaaaaa? The following day I happened to find a Muvizu tutorial by GlagowJim on the Russian version of youtube on opening doors etc. It would have been so much easier if their was a list of tutorials on site.

Sorry about spelling secretary is away today!
2011/10/6 18:05:04
Stitched in Time Team

This is my latest clip made with a lot of help and encouragement from my daughter Holly. As a former archaeologist I suppose I do occasionally go off the deep end when Time Team is on, says something silly...like...’high status’, or ‘we are here at the invitation of a local archaeological interest group’. Perhaps it’s sour grapes on my part for having a face for radio and a voice for print...
On the thoroughly enjoyable learning curve that is Muvizu I would love to see Muvizu fitted with multiple sound tracks...three for effects and two for music and a further two for background music...oh and how about a button you can click that ‘makes movies just like, Ziggy,Dreeko and Danimal’ or, or , or one where you type in what you want to happen and then Muvizu does all the work while writing your oscar nomination speech? Just a few ideas!
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2011/10/3 22:33:52
Muvizu Team Oh and I'm sacking my other half as secretary, her spelling is wore than mine!
2011/10/3 22:29:38
Muvizu Team Just got back from having a brain scan...guess what? They FOUND ONE!Whaaaaa? although I think it was second hand...did a few...well lets just say if my brain sat waiting at traffic lights it would be shouting "Look...ANOTHER colour"!

For luck I wore a Muvizu T-shirt and took with me the card the guys from the team sent me. The card was left outside, the t-shirt worn in the scanner. They strapped me into the cradle, pit the earphones on my head, put the face mask thing on and I was slowly, electronically, slid into the scanner. The throbbing, pulsating noises started. For a minute i thought I was listening to some of the crap that my daughter thinks is music. The noise got worse and the whole machine started vibrating. I tried to zone out and relax and was succeeding until some bugger bellowed "MUVIZU"! They didn't tell me they could talk to me through the earphones. Someone had recognised MUVIZU on my T-shirt and shouted down the damned mic. Of course they were checking me for brain injury and now the scan will prove positive as I had tried to sit bolt upright in the scanner and tw...how shall we say...belted my sodding head on the roof which was mere inches away from my face!

Still it just goes to show how far reaching is Muvizu these days. Now if YOU were the lab tech that bellowed in my ear do me a favour and comment on my clips!

Thank you one and all in MUVIZU world for your continued support and encouragement!

pp Tim Johnson AKA Dylly
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2011/9/30 6:37:08
Just like Danimal? After watching Danimal's latest clip i thought hello I can use a character to walk up and down in the background carrying something. At the minute it's 6.30 am, Ive been up for two hours allready as I could,nt get to sleep after trying all the previous evening to sync the object movement with the character movement and so far getting them to move in the same direction evades me!

Hats off to Danimal....that clip must have taken for ages to create. Any tips on how to

a) get the two to move in the same direction
b) place the object somewhere near the characters arms
c) do this in muvizu without external editing?

This is a monumental piece of animating!
2011/9/21 8:50:57
custom templates You can find the custom templates here http://www.muvizu.com/3D/16982/Custom-character-textures hope it helps!Cool
2011/9/20 20:13:26
Some more tutorials please? More excellent info thank you!
My daughter is taking media studies at GCSE at a performing arts college. She claims to have learned more through helping me fiddle with Muvizu than she has through her course work. You guys should roll out to secondary schools and gee them up a bit!
2011/9/19 8:45:49
Some more tutorials please? Thanks for that Dreeko...after following your instructions it turns out I've been using the wrong lighting sets...too many spots and not enough ordinary lights! Things are a lot better now! Thank you!
2011/9/17 0:02:45
Some more tutorials please? I could really use a couple of tutorials to help improve my clips. I know the subjects may seem a little boring but I think they would help me get more out of Muvizu.

We have tutorials on how to turn on a light and shadows, cameras etc but I would love to watch something on 'how to light a scene' and 'what camera angles work' etc. Film theory I suppose. I'm trawling the net for info I can use but a gentle lilting Scots accent guiding me through the basics...?
2011/9/16 12:15:44
Ambient Occlusion and UV Maps Excellent news Emily...after sharing an office with a chemistry doctorate who made things go bang whenever he got bored/drunk or both....hmmm...brain cells in overdrive, can't wait for the patch!
2011/9/15 16:51:19
Ambient Occlusion and UV Maps Due to the power constraints on my little laptop I was having problems with complex scenes, and I wanted a mad scientist’s lab so the original idea was to knock up a set that had various planes etc that I could quickly customize with as fewer props etc as possible.
When I first set up the sketchup exporter I followed Jamie’s tutorial and put in a ‘pink’ bitmap called toto.bmp. I’ve now discovered that this pink map was affecting the colours of imported objects. I’ve since changed the colour of this toto.bmp image to white and the colours are a little easier to work with.
Having made a very basic sketchup model I decided that it needed Muvizuing up, ie odd angles to doors etc. I then watched the new tutorial on importing models and was struck by the colours and shading on the industrial conveyor model and decided to have a go. This is where most of my problems cropped up. Generating a UV map for the model I did in UV Mapper and mapped an .obj export of my model. This seemed to work in other applications, but I cannot for the life of me work out how to produce a map which I can apply to the .ase file in Muvizu, and as for an AO map I managed to work out how this was done in blender but getting the UV map into blender is another kettle of fish.
In desperation I opened up the .ase files of both the industrial conveyor and my compset.ase and noticed that the conveyor did not refer to a toto.bmp could this be part of the problem?
Anyhow if anyone wants to have a fiddle here are the .ase files with the uv map for the compset and the sketchup and .ase files for the rubbish tube prop I was fiddling around with. Compset http://www.mediafire.com/?lcnk2dobt0wop55 and the rubbish tube http://www.mediafire.com/?i2p4l3c6cccetsl .
A quick screenshot of what I was intending below.
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2011/9/14 8:45:24
Ambient Occlusion and UV Maps Thanks barrys I've downloaded the app and I thought I was all set to bake out my AO map, until I tried loading the basic object I'd created with the id map only into Muvizu. I used UV mapper to create the id map...but when I import the ase file I still get an amorphous pink blob.
Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong? Or is there a tutorial out there...or is it just a case of admiting defeat and selling the wife and kids....selling the kids to buy maya?
2011/9/9 23:38:39
Ambient Occlusion and UV Maps After watching the excellent tutorials on the new build..particularly number 6 on importing 3d objects I decided that the model I was importing from sketchup was too 'realistic' for a muvizu set. So with a spare afternoon, which turned into an evening...and now night...and with the other half nagging in my ear (fortunately she lives next door so has gone home to watch can't cook won't cook & there's nowt else on the menu) I set out to learn sketchup so I could import my own model.

Now I have my model...but how do I make an Ambient Occlusion map, cheaply and simply? I've sat through several hours of blender tutorials (ye Gods...they need tips from Muvizu) and even downloaded blender but I'm still non the wiser.

Does anyone have any tips to get those nice shadows onto my very basic, wobbly (MKii will have equal sized legs...I will be more appreciative of the kids woodwork when they bring it home) model?

(I'd better nip down the 24hr garage and buy her some flowers...the things I do for bacon and eggs and the occasional steak and kidney pie!)
2011/9/9 23:23:09
sketchup models/colour I had a similar problem and could'nt fathom it, in the end I pointed a coloured light at the offending item...I managed to get things a little closer...but not much!
2011/9/9 8:10:06
Bond is back! Brilliant! Liked the dinner suit too! I miss Dave Allen's gentle prodding humour!
2011/9/8 17:24:49
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) ...and i just put my glasses on as per instructions!
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