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2011/5/10 12:47:39
Textures everywhere Great news indeed - thanks!
2011/5/10 12:45:42
Which 3 additional features would you most like 1 - I like the idea of attachable props and don't mind if it's part of the character base versus actually picking something up.

2 - a better system for moving the characters and cameras. The bulk of any animation I've done has been spent trying to get movement right without much success

3 - texturing for characters and props.

I'm actually pretty happy with the stock animations, a system for changing the time would be nice, but not a deal breaker.
2011/5/10 12:41:11
Holding Poses mid animation The "idle trick" works more for controlling the length of time of a movement so you can cut it short if you want. I've never found anything that allows a character to hold the pose, although it would be nice.
2011/5/9 23:51:54
prOp Animations inlimbo wrote:
I'm ranting again, but for a good cause: Muvizu.

Well said. I'm sure that changing the modeling would be a massive undertaking but invariably the greatest addition to the program. Custom textures, and certain movements, and even a "netural mood" would all be fabulous. But a few simple items that a character can hold would make me do backflips just before going to the hospital for all the injuries I'd sustain by doing backflips. There's several movements like firing a gun... yet no gun. Or writing at a desk, yet no pen. This realyl would help tremendously.
2011/5/9 23:47:48
Which video editing software do you use? ziggy72 wrote:
I use the sound tracks on the clips to cue the shots together, then delete them and use the original audio instead.

Absolutely the same process here.
2011/5/9 14:54:48
Which video editing software do you use? I have both Vegas Pro 10 and Vegas Studio 9 (the home user version) and both are incredible. The Pro version has more in depth titling and text features that I'll probably never use. The Home Studio version is the one I use more and it fantastic. I would definitely recommend it.

One caveat: it doesn't like Muvizu output for some reason. This is a known issue and there was a tip somewhere on this board to just resave the files using Virtual Dub, which is free. Works like a charm!
2011/5/8 18:03:40
Textures everywhere jonbez wrote:
This would be an brilliant feature IMO.

I agree, that would be excellent. You could literally design the character from the ground up. This would even include giving them tattoos or scars or whatever. A genius idea!
2011/5/8 0:34:38
Textures everywhere I don't mind the hair, but I would most definitely back the ability to add custom textures to anything.

And wow, a Max Headroom reference?!? I'm sad to admit I got it...
2011/5/7 13:40:22
I will write music for your film for free That is really very generous and I just may take you up on it if I ever get off my lazy butt and get working on a project that requires scoring.

I liked what I was hearing on the samples you provided - sounded great!
2011/5/6 17:25:08
Bark Park Emily wrote:
Do you have a lot of castrated friends?

Or talking dogs?
2011/5/6 13:00:02
Scriptwriting competition Luscan wrote:
Dick Dastardly, for example, is a liar, a cheat and pigeon fancier (all traits of a villain) but you always sort of root for him to win the race or catch the pigeon.
Who here didn't want Wile E. Coyote catch Roadrunner at least once? Come on, be honest...

I think those would both fall under the umbrella of sketches as well, and sketches in which we're supposed to see one absurd villain scheme after another fail.

And villain's can most cetainly be sympathetic. Hans Gruber in Die Hard was one you enjoyed watching, and even felt good when he broke into the vault and got the money. He had motivation and worked to make it succeed. He wasn't cold and evil just for the sake of being a bad guy, he had a plan and wanted to make it work.

I was referring more to cretins who you wouldn't like if you knew them in real life. They're supposed to be the hero but they're actually a lowlife bum who makes your skin crawl. It ruins the story because since the major dynamic is their success, and you don't want them to succeed, the entire movie fizzles.
2011/5/6 12:55:41
Bark Park The animation looked good and it was a really clever idea. First line contains a completely gratuitous curse, I was already tuning out. Yes, I saw the warning of profanity and I'm certainly no prude who claims to never curse, I just prefer entertainment to come by way of story rather than expletives.

This is all me though - don't take this as saying it was bad.
2011/5/5 12:55:10
Scriptwriting competition KerryK wrote:
my most perfect example of this is Paranormal Activity.]

The one that comes leaping to mind for me is What Happens in Vegas, though again there's hundreds to choose from over the last decade.

Here's a movie where two people are competing for money. They're both shallow and loathsome and the last thing in the world I want to see is either of them win and become rich. I'd rather see a piano fall from the sky and squash them into oblivion. The story doesn't work, the comedy doesn't work, it's just a mess.

I hear you on rooting for the bad guy too. I did that when I saw Prom Night (the remake - yes, you can laugh at me, I understand). I cheered every time he offed one of those self-absorbed little brats.
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2011/5/5 12:51:52
What actions would Muvizuers like to have? I think the bulk of those requests are in the future, or at least have been acknowledged.

It is great to hear of a neutral mood, that's certainly one I've thought would be great more than once!
2011/5/4 23:41:30
Scriptwriting competition inlimbo wrote:
In a more traditional story, the protagonist is trying get what they want, and has to overcome obstacles to solve this problem

Oh and please don't forget the most crucial element to this simple plot structure: the audience has to want to see the protagonist get what they want. If it's just some unlikeable slob doing random stuff to get something, no one cares and your audience is leaving. If you need an example of this fatal mistake, watch pretty much any American-made movie in the last 10 years or so.
2011/5/3 12:49:28
Pet ewok! Awwwwwwwww...
2011/4/30 0:33:04
A tutorial vid from Dreeko Looked really good and I liked the music, it went very well with the action.
2011/4/29 14:48:55
A tutorial vid from Dreeko In fact - they are! Once in the Tutorials section, click the "Your Hints & Tips" tab and voila!
2011/4/29 0:13:42
A tutorial vid from Dreeko OK, now I can say it's a fantastic tutorial because I've seen it. Great job!
2011/4/28 20:16:33
A tutorial vid from Dreeko Dreeko wrote:
He will confirm my habitual dyslexia

What is "lysdexia?"

Well I'm at work and our network blocks YouTube so I guess I'll have to wait until I get home to watch this. I'll say in advance I'm sure it's great though.
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