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2017/3/2 15:51:52
How do I turn of Gravity for a character? I have to sit characters, they overlap with the sofa badly when i turn off the "step on" into the couch, otherwhise the collider of the couch its too big and then the character floats.

I decided to turn on the STEP on, and then turn of gravity for characters so they dont fall and overlap and stay put.

Can onyone help?

My goal its to sit characters.

2016/12/16 13:02:07
Questions I have yet I may purchase Muvizu, but I have a copuple of questions about it, and I didnt find answer in the FAQ.

1- If I make a web series, tv series, movie or so, and I customised my Characters Look quite a bit, can i Copyright them as my intellectual property?

2- Im aware that i cannot copyright anything I havent made, but I need to know the Movizu terms about derivative work.

3- I didnt found the EULA anywhere on the site, not even in the Legal section, can you send me a pdf or something.

Thanks in advance.
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