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2017/5/16 4:02:46
My 4th episode finally finished with new features! theotherguy wrote:
I made my own 3-D sets and mapped suitable textures i.e. an entire real-life bar, on the walls.

I love her fashion statement! Great hair and necklace. lol.
2017/5/8 18:49:41

It's long standing advice from the forum because, in the past, new versions have had severe bugs so it was always best to install a second version to test out before upgrading.
edited by MrDrWho13 on 08/05/2017

Good to know. Thanks, MrDrWho.
2017/5/8 18:31:06

I've tried this a couple of times and it seems to work just fine as long as it's on the same computer as the original copy of Muvizu.

Thanks for the tip, MrDrWho13! Is the rationale for installing a second copy of muvizu on the same computer -- under a different name -- in case one version gets corrupt?
2017/5/7 22:34:06
Unfortunately, nothing more can be bought from the store at this time. I wouldn't expect that to change any time soon.

Ah well! I'll have to get creative with those UV maps then! Luckily, I downloaded pretty much every free asset there is a while ago. Phew!

Looking forward to catching up with you guys on the new forum should this one become inaccessible.

2017/5/7 22:28:17

Rather than reinstalling the program, you're probably better off downloading Ziggy's UVMaps and storing them somewhere you can find them easily when you need them.

edited by PatMarrNC on 07/05/2017

Thanks, Pat! Will do. Mucha appreciada. lol
2017/5/7 22:26:43
Hi DeannaC,

Do you have the Asian Characters or the South Asian? I think the dress you're talking about is from the South Asian pack.

Aha, yes! That's right, Ike. I've been confused about which character set I'm talking about. I appear to have everything for the Asian set.

Does anyone know whether I can safely buy the South Asian pack today given that muvizu is going into bankruptcy?

Thanks for any leads.

:-) Deanna
2017/5/7 21:49:55
CHARACTER UVMAPS I'm back with another question here about the UV map outfits. I wonder why my Asian characters have only a couple of plain clothes outfits and not the fancy long dresses and colorful pantaloons pictured on the website. Do I in fact need to reinstall all of muvizu and not just execute the new character download (after all)? I is sooo cofused....... lol.
2017/5/7 21:45:24
CHARACTER UVMAPS Replying to myself here. OK, I found a couple of hair styles and a couple of outfits for the Asian characters in the UV area. Maybe I do already have those UV maps installed after all. :-)
2017/5/7 21:38:15
Now that the Muvizu site is up again (for how long we don't know) you might want to check & see if all of your UVmaps are installed.
Check by loading a character, then EDIT > DECALS > CUSTOM TEXTURES > UV TEMPLATES (click on the arrow to see what's loaded)

Thanks for this tip, Pat! I have a question for you or anyone here who might know.

First a touch of background: I bought the Asian character set a couple of months ago, and they appear in my character creation menu. Following your lead, I checked my decals for the Asian character set, and see nothing in the UV templates area within muvizu, nor on the website, I reinstalled the Asian character set and executed the set. I still see nothing for them in their UV template menu, nor on the site (at, so now I'm thinking I should reinstall muvizu itself.

I have my license key, but am unsure how to safely reinstall muvizu. Do I go to my downloads file on my hard drive and reactivate my original install? If I understand correctly, it's not a question of doing an update, but of using my original license key to install from scratch. Should I delete the program from my hard drive before reinstalling from the downloads area?

Thanks for any tips!

2017/3/27 16:56:10
27/3/17 today only Thank you!
2017/2/25 17:10:28
new items and characters Nice! Thanks, Pat.
2017/1/28 23:37:39
getting into "the zone" for creativity... PatMarrNC wrote:
Ideas tend to come when you are doing something else, and its easy to lose them. In order to capture them, I have a PROJECTS folder for each of the software products I use.

Thanks for sharing your process, Pat! I'm saving these steps for future reference.

I've just spent a few hours finishing my first set, feeling the Flow! It was a great learning experience and even though I ran across a few glitches, I found workarounds each time. It's a lot like life, but better. lol
2017/1/25 20:49:06
Experiments in 3D Animation and Storytelling Rodrisilva wrote:
Hi all
This is an example of water simulation in a complete flat surface using an animated normal map.

Wow! Is there a central place on this muvizu site where these techniques and discoveries are posted?
2017/1/25 20:40:24
USING HIT FILM WITH MUVIZU maurice8th wrote:
ziggy72 wrote:
Damn, all of them? I used HF on every shot in Twilight's Last Gleamings (TLG) in different ways... But the main ones are as follows :


So cool. Thanks, Ziggy. I'm saving this post in my tips chart.
2017/1/25 20:32:17
Funeral March for a Clown...(music)... Jammer wrote:
Ok. I'm getting better at this. A good grafix card really helped. Next thing you know, i'm gonna have characters moving around and stuff...

Yay! Scary clowns are mortal too, right? Our predator in chief is a case in point.
2017/1/25 20:25:46
Igricheff That's great! Thanks for all your hard work.
2017/1/17 4:38:14
Japanese song Unfinished project from last year. Love it! Thanks for sharing your process with us. What a creative spin on the software features. I like how you're thinking outside the box.
2017/1/16 18:04:37
First Animation with Muvizu Fun! Good to know. I liked the voice and sound quality! Thanks for mentioning which software you used.
2017/1/16 16:57:48
Another first-timer - Music vid at "Sleazy's" PurpleDrazi wrote:

To get a feel for the product I just took an old song of mine and created a simple gig video using the Sleazy's stage set.

Next stop is something story based ...

Looking good! Keep 'em coming. How cool that you compose and sing songs too.
2017/1/16 16:33:13
Igricheff igricheff wrote:
Bonjour a tous,

Bonjour a' vous aussi, lgricheff. Bienvenu.

I'm new here too. May we use "tu" with you? Amuse-toi bien avec muvizu!

:-) Deanna
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