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2016/4/3 19:28:01
Texture resizing for imported FBX please braj wrote:
When selecting textures for the built-in Abstract objects, you can resize the texture, but imported FBX won't allow it. Please add it if it is easy to implement, I would love to be able to import models into Muvizu and be able to have more flexibility in adjusting the texture.


Good idea, Braj !

May be animated texture and camera texture would be nice too, I guess.
2016/3/30 12:34:23
Super Large Backdrop ? Indeed Pat,

And one last possibility is to use green screen. I mean : turn your sky and ground to a basic color (green, blue or what you want... depends on your set. This color must be different). And after that : use a post-production software (like Hitfilm, Sony vegas...) to add your background set in another layer below your scene (with a chroma key filter on your main layer).

It's the most difficult solution, but the most powerful too... sorry for my bad English, I hope it helps.
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2016/3/28 21:29:18
EXPERIMENTATION STATION! clayster2012 wrote:
of course I'm still working on the problem of the models coming out looking like it was made up by a mass of squares..lol!

Very nice horse Cool

Yes, your model is in flat mode, that's why you have all these "squares". You have to put the mesh in smooth shading (the method depends of your software).
2016/3/26 21:06:56
Coming Soon 2016
2016/3/17 9:45:42
Coming Soon 2016 PatMarrNC wrote:
we need another thread called "COMING SOMEDAY" for you and Berty... ;-)

Excellent !

@ziggy : Your visual is really looking good, bravo !
2016/3/12 19:17:27
adding motion, making movement Yes, but believe me : creating a credible motion is very very hard... Anyway, having this possibility may be a good thing, I agree.

They could also sell some motion packs...
2016/3/12 7:04:30
From the Wabby's Land braj wrote:
Looks really good, I'll bookmark your site, when my wife lets me spend more money I'll check it all out. I hope you get a lot of sales for this.

2016/3/11 21:04:34
From the Wabby's Land The medieval houses kit + the interior construction kit are now available for Muvizu Play+

Wabby's Land : www.wabbysland.com/3d-models

And many more models to come, but a bit later because I'm actually working on a new small film in Muvizu...
2016/3/4 7:24:18
New Competition -- "Films Without Words" Hmmm... love the idea... the delay is a bit short but I'm on it :-)
2016/2/27 20:10:38
The Conspirators Bravo !
2016/2/26 15:27:57
From the Wabby's Land
Medieval well now available for free and ready to import in Muvizu Play+ : http://www.wabbysland.com/downloads/toon-medieval-well/

A big medieval houses kit is coming...
2016/2/17 14:49:04
Moscow Assets ziggy72 wrote:
Muvizu's premade objects have collision that can only be turned off for characters, but not other premade objects. As for your model, I only know how to remove collision with ASE files, not FBX.

I'm not absolutely sure, but with FBX format, it's impossible to totally removing the collision... you must create at least one collision mesh or let Muvizu (the Unreal Engine) generate its own by default.

You can read the Wiki for more informations about FBX and Muvizu
2016/2/8 11:50:55
Moving water like in the Chinese History pack? MrDrWho13 wrote:
Which version of sony Vegas? With all these windows 10 problems I'm not convinced I should upgrade.

An old version (9 I believe)... but you should try to upgrade windows... you will have 30 days to go back if you're not convinced.
2016/2/8 10:42:30
Moving water like in the Chinese History pack? @braj : I don't know the situation today with the version 6 (I have used the 5 version for my projects) but iClone and Blender are not really good friends, unfortunately (I'm speaking about making characters, soft cloth...). The Reallusion softwares are dedicated to 3DS MAX and Maya, ZBrush...

So yes : with iClone, you can make many more things than with Muvizu, but it's many more expensive too (in a money term, and in a time consuming term too).

@ukBerty : Hitfilm is a fantastic tool, thanks for the tip ! I'm using the free version now (because Sony Vegas is not working on my Windows10).
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2016/2/7 17:24:09
Action: make a character drink from a glass? ukBerty wrote:
For things like this, where it absolutely needs to be done, I would make a fake arm and hand.

Cut to a close up and introduce the arm, hand and glass as a separate model.

Surprisingly effective.............

Wow ! I love the result !!!

"La magie du cinéma" as we say in France :-)
2016/2/5 14:13:12
From the Wabby's Land Thanks for your feedback PatMarrNC. I will create a FAQ or a "Tips & Tricks" page, soon :-)

If a product includes a Muvizu version, it's because I have included some collision meshes in it because it's specific to the Unreal Engine used by Muvizu. These collision meshes are needed to allow your Muvizu characters to go inside the model (like a building or a vehicle).

In case of the pontoon : you can put the "foots" of the pontoon in the water and set the height above it. In this version, your character can also walk on the planks (not in the standard version). It's because of the collision meshes :-)

I hope it helps :-)

PatMarrNC wrote:
one idea for creations that might have broad appeal is to expand on themes that are for sale in the store. Once somebody buys the Chinese history pack or chemistry pack and starts to use it, they'll eventually need related items for other scenes.

If you can reasonably predict what kind of things might also be needed in a video about Chinese history or Chemistry or villains and heroes etc etc... then you have an automatic customer base in everybody who bought the store's add-on pack.

Because we don't know what they plan to make, I have chosen to create other themes but it could change in the future...
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2016/2/5 8:20:39
From the Wabby's Land Wow ! My first customers... I'm so glad and I really want to thank you for your trust.

I already have a long list of ideas for other stuff but you can suggest me some of your needs on my facebook page, my website contact page or PM me here :-)

I made a lot of tests in Muvizu before selling my products but if you have any troubles with it, let me know... I will send you an updated version if needed.
edited by Wabby on 05/02/2016
2016/2/4 21:18:09
From the Wabby's Land Video : 3d modular spaceship corridors in Muvizu Play+

@PatMarrNC : Thank you very much, I'm glad you like it Cool

Note : Free models available, like the spaceship elevator. Please, visit www.wabbysland.com/3d-models/
edited by Wabby on 04/02/2016

Many, many more models to come
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2016/2/4 12:36:57
From the Wabby's Land
First look at my next product : the modular spaceship corridors. Available soon... I hope you will enjoy it
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2016/2/3 10:15:41
My New Star Wars Spoof (Let Him Have It) Poor Yoda !

Very nice video ! We want more
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