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2016/1/30 21:14:43
FBX objects fall over when exported from Blender? Hello braj !

Well done ! The result is fantastic :-)

It's difficult for me to understand and explain all because my English is not good enough but let me told you one thing : when you succeed to mastering Blender (it took me several years, and I'm still learning), you will not need the autodesk fbx converter for Muvizu. Blender is so powerful but so hard to understand... :-)

Anyway... having fun is the most important thing :-)
2016/1/29 11:30:58
FBX objects fall over when exported from Blender? Hello Braj,

My english is not very good but if I understand well your trouble :

With the last Blender 2.76 and FBX 7.4 binary, everything works fine in Muvizu.

Before exporting, you have to "Apply" scale, rotation and location too (Ctrl+A in Blender). Visit the Muvizu Wiki for more details with Blender and Muvizu.
2016/1/28 19:45:07
graphics software PatMarrNC wrote:
UrbanLamb.. Thanks for the many many helpful bits of information you add to the forum! I not only appreciate your knowledge, but also your willingness to share it with others!


Thanks forever urbanlamb !
2016/1/23 7:41:23
Introduction Welcome here Premiumm ! I wish you a lot of fun with Muvizu :-)
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2016/1/22 16:30:05
Hire MZU modeler to make longer skirts? In render engines like the Unreal Engine (used by Muvizu), we call that : Soft cloth.

But actually, users can't make soft cloth for Muvizu... maybe, one day.
2016/1/20 10:04:22
From the Wabby's Land PatMarrNC wrote:
what Ziggy said! You are a real craftsman! I am amazed by the quality of your work, and as Ziggy said, it all fits so well in the Muvizu motif! If this were a musical performance, I'd give it a standing ovation!
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Thank you very much, Mister Patt ;-) It's very motivating for me to read your posts !
2016/1/19 20:48:30
From the Wabby's Land Thank you Ziggy Cool
2016/1/19 9:15:43
From the Wabby's Land I introduce you the medieval inn in video ! Many more assets to come in this toon style

(rendered in Muvizu)

I hope you like it and maybe one day it will be available in the Muvizu store. Actually, you can get it in my website in standard formats with a specific version for Muvizu (Play+ only) including collision meshes.

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2016/1/15 23:01:57
From the Wabby's Land

Happy new year for all
2016/1/5 21:19:43
Quick & Dirty Quadraped workaround... urbanlamb wrote:
yeah that is iclone with characters from 3duniverse.


Wow... It's available in iClone, now ?!! Wow... when I made Indy, it was a nightmare to convert by myself from DAZ, especially for the facials expressions Whaaaaa?

Well... sorry PatMarrNC : this post is dedicated to your video, not mine
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2016/1/5 20:52:46
Quick & Dirty Quadraped workaround... PatMarrNC wrote:
... I have to suspect that Wabby is more than just an enthusiast...

Maybe, I'm just a little bit crazy !
2016/1/5 20:44:01
Quick & Dirty Quadraped workaround... @PatMarrNC and MrDrWho13 : Thank you very much, I'm glad you like my videos

Indeed, Indy was done with iclone mainly because the characters of Muvizu did not allow to hold objects at this era.

But you know what : I really prefer to use Muvizu because it is so fun to use (sorry for my bad English). That's why I'll be back soon with new projects on Muvizu

About the Indy's script : it was written by a professional screenwriter (a fan of Indiana Jones like me), that's why the dialogue is so good, I guess :-)
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2016/1/4 10:51:49
Quick & Dirty Quadraped workaround... Wow ! Very smart use of Muvizu and the characters are so nice :-) Bravo !
2016/1/4 9:10:01
Coming Soon 2016 Hello there and happy new year for all !

So nice pictures here, again !

I promise : this year : I'll be back with a lot of surprises, now my kids are grown enough to give me some free time :-)
2015/12/25 8:15:01
SKETCH-UV PatMarrNC wrote:
Blender is an amazing program, no doubt about it.. especially for the price! (free)

But I get menu claustrophobia... when I first installed Blender and opened it up, I took one look at the clutter and closed it again. The main reason why I use Silo2 is that it has a remarkably uncluttered interface, yet it is powerful enough to do everything I need to do. (Except it can't export to ASE, which is the primary reason I use Sketchup)

There was an add-on for ASE export in Blender but it is not necessary since the Unreal Engine uses FBX format. Indeed, Blender is fantastic but so hard to understand (it took me some years). That's why Sketchup is a very good choice too. (sorry for my bad English).

Kind regards,

2015/12/23 21:25:19
SKETCH-UV ziggy72 wrote:
... And it's free - what more could you want?!

Blender !


Merry Christmas !
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2015/12/6 18:33:42
Danimal RIP Dan.
2015/11/19 19:58:07
Market place I'm not very good business, but I do not understand why we should absolutely fix prices.

The quality of a model is not necessarily linked to the number of polygons or size of textures (especially for a real time engine like Muvizu)...
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2015/11/19 8:29:22
Market place Hi from France

Yes, I'm very interested to sell content of any types (from a simple object to a complete content pack).

Quality control is a very good idea (for buyers AND for sellers).

Another idea : like Mogul or Tester, it would be interesting to add a "Content creator" status... I mean : a user you can trust as a good "3D builder" (sorry for my bad English).
2015/11/19 8:11:18
Grouping cameras with characters? +1

I think, the whole need is to animate grouped thinks : object / character / effect / camera
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