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2014/7/14 19:26:29
Shiny new xbox 360 controller Fazz68, are you aware of the xpadder software that allows you to map every control to any Muvizu command? Works great for me.
2014/1/16 3:27:08
Lightweight Laptop Recommendations ? An extremely detailed and LONG list of your system's information can be found in Muvizu itself, at least in Muvizu:Play+ and I guess other versions as well. Click the ? mark in the upper right of the Muvizu screen, click About, click System Info and be sure to click the System tab.
This is just a tip for anyone who wants to find detailed info about their existing hardware to help with comparisome shopping.
2013/10/13 2:16:30
Sketchup to Muvizu fazz68 wrote:
Clam wrote:
Awesome faze68! Thanks very much. Er...interesting image. (shudder).


yeah i could probably have picked a better image to use lol but i like my davina zombie pic lol. anyway i hope it helps you out and feel free to ask if there are any problems

Just got finished trying it. Works great! Thank you for taking the time; super easy to follow your instructions. And now I will proceed with the next step in my planned domination of the world of animation: a snack of chocolate covered macadamia nuts.
2013/10/13 1:43:55
Sketchup to Muvizu Awesome faze68! Thanks very much. Er...interesting image. (shudder).

2013/10/13 1:38:46
Muvizu Play 1.2 Feedback (also Play+) Danimal, do you mean me? If you are asking what I purchased, it's the eternal license for Muvizu:Play. If you're asking why, it's because I have a website for kids and I'm trying very hard to not be a "doorway" to the Internet for them. That means I don't post any links outbound (no YouTube vids for example) and no logos from software providers if I can help it. Muvizu of course required me to keep the logo; now I don't have to and that alone is worth the money to me. I do give credit at the end of most of my vids to Muvizu, the various music apps I use to score the vids, thanks to people who made props and so on. If your question was for me and I haven't answered it, lemme know.
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2013/10/13 0:43:53
Muvizu Play 1.2 Feedback (also Play+) Totally with mysto on this. Super relieved I don't have to pay per minute--I'm a tightwad. I do VERY simple quick animations for my website created for children--so simple I've never posted them here because they are just stock characters with nothing much in the way of camera movements, etc. The Muvizu software works great for me so far.

2013/10/13 0:18:33
Sketchup to Muvizu Hello!

I have followed the Sketchup to Muvizu tutorial--the one on the Wiki--which is great, very clear. Problem is, I have done everything exactly as the tutorial says, including coloring three faces of the tutorial's cube with red, green, etc. The object imports and works fine, but the colors are gone--replaced with the toto.bmp. My trouble is this: When I go to edit the object in Muvizu, I can change the color, but only one color for the whole object--the multiple faces are obviously not being recognized by Muvizu. Sorry if this is answered elsewhere but I searched and watched, read and watched, watched and read and searched and cried to no avail.

I'm using Muvizu:Play+ and I love it.


2013/10/6 0:45:35
Inspired by Muvizu Desings. MrDrWho13 wrote:

When I click the tab to go to their fonts page I get a Trojan alarm from Kaspersky.
2012/11/30 17:19:58
DRIVER SUPER good stuff! Excellent video and great music. For anyone interested in the music, his youtube channel is rocksherepm.
Best wishes!
2012/11/26 17:01:43
Caption Me! "No, Mr. Claus--I expect you to die!"
2012/10/23 20:01:00
Help With Sony Vegas I had the same problem--very frustrating! Urbanlamb has the correct answer; export in uncompressed format from Muvizu.
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