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2011/11/1 20:43:52
problem opening muvizu Hi, I've put a radeon 512MB card in and it's now working fine - a little slow but due to me processor only at 2.1GHz it's to be expected, made me first vid, all good mate, cheers for the advice.
2011/10/27 17:28:00
problem opening muvizu just installed again and still getting error box coming up, bit disappointed bout this happening, cos i really want to use your software package but looks like i'm going to have to shell out 80 odd quid for a card that will be powerfull enough to run the software.
2011/10/27 17:08:26
problem opening muvizu I've downloaded off the links, but already had the latest versions installed, i got mainly for your programme as i don't really do online gaming etc, just needed it to run this software as i need to create an animation for college and being a typical student i went for the cheapest/lowest card that would work lol, i've uninstalled and will try and re-install and see what happens, if not i'll have to get a more powerful card.
2011/10/27 16:14:24
problem opening muvizu The drivers are up to date has i only put the card a few days ago, i had downloaded and installed muvizu a few months ago but couldn't run it because my graphics card wasn't good enough, so today when i got that message i uninstalled , re-downloaded the programme and installed, but still got the same message? will i be better downloading the older version of muvizu , installing and then getting the updated prog files that way ?
2011/10/27 15:48:09
problem opening muvizu the first time i tried to open the prog it came up with 3 options, create/upload vid/community within pink rectangles ish, be now when i try and open it i just get that load error screen.
2011/10/27 15:22:44
problem opening muvizu radeon 1300 as advised on download page

2011/10/27 15:09:08
problem opening muvizu Hi, I've just downloaded muvizu and tried to open the programme but all i keep getting is this message after i have clicked on create animation ?