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2012/7/20 21:37:19
Male Superhero face textures! Awesome
2012/7/20 21:18:43
Heroes and Villains trailer!!! Dreeko wrote:
My Heroes and Villains trailer is now on the Muvizu download page ..Yay! Applause

2012/7/16 7:58:32
Audio software - adding script or dialogue notes Thanks, Quorthon! I didn't realize there was a label tool! Good Posting
2012/7/15 19:44:16
apply my face layer to a muvizu custom character To get rid of the lines all over the Muvizu person's body, delete the 'frame' layer.

I recommend asking chuckles about the lining up, etc.
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2012/7/15 19:39:53
Heroes and Villains trailer!!! Dreeko wrote:
dwino wrote:
Thx Dreeko, glad the FX are all in Muvizu. And the lighting too! But that takes you to know what you're doing. Ever consider doing a brief tutorial on how you do your more stylized lighting? Cheers.

For me, lighting is all down to playing around with the setting until you are happy yourself with the atmosphere you are trying to achieve. A tutorial on lighting has been on my mind for a while but what type of lighting should be covered? Sunny outdoors, indoor office lighting, etc etc?

If you are struggling with the lighting the best thing to do is google a picture of the setting you are trying to replicate and play around with the lights until your Muvizu set looks similar.

Hope this helps in the meantime.


Thanks, that really helps!
2012/7/13 16:00:42
Random requests! InsaneHamster wrote:
I have been using Muvizu for only a short time but I would LOVE to see the ability to color code cue points. I use cue points alot and to be able to color code them would be awsome in timing.

Nice idea!
2012/7/9 7:15:16
Random requests! ziggy72 wrote:
On the subject of eyebrows, could we please have the option to turn off shadows on Brows? Pretty sure my eyebrows don't cast shadows over my face... I'll go check

Yes, I agree!
2012/7/7 18:03:41
Now I can legitimately be a crotchety old g... Congratulations!
2012/7/6 19:25:05
Sketchup to muvizu magnata_14 wrote:
Thanks for help. Yes I saw this topic... they said about a plugin, I downloaded this plug and put at past that said, but when I went to see didn't work...

oh, sorry...
2012/7/6 7:29:24
Sketchup to muvizu magnata_14 wrote:
Hello, I just have downloaded sketchup, I watched a tutorial and followed his steps, but when I tried to import my project to muvizu from sketchup, a message said: "This format isn't known". The format that I'm using is dae., the right is ase. but I can't convert dae to ase, because I can't found a converter or another solution to my problem! Does anybody have the solution? please help me!

check out this forum:
2012/7/6 7:22:31
Why are Character Actions Grayed out sometimes... ziggy72 wrote:
The problem, it seems to me, is just one of information. We need more regarding restrictions on what stance can be used with any animation. How about, for example...

The random poses and Happy > Me graphic are as usual, since They can all be used while standing or sitting. But the Conversation acton has the standing tag, since you can't use it while sitting. Likewise, Knee Slap can't be used while standing, so has the sitting tag. Too simple?

Another great idea from ziggy!
2012/7/5 7:08:08
The Zombifier 5000 Ray Gun Dylly wrote:
A little tribute to the creators of Zombie Dog...I present the Zombifier 5000! Just uploaded to the Muvizu site and also available across at my site

WOW, Thanks Dylly!
2012/6/27 17:24:37
You Tube Monetization some guidance please? mysto wrote:
toonarama wrote:
works on mine too though I've never earned a penny!

Same here, works on mine but haven't earned anything!

Same here too!
2012/6/24 10:10:26
Coming Soon... ziggy72 wrote:
Another You've Been Dumped test shot I thought you lot might enjoy

Ground control to Major Tom...

That looks amazing!
2012/6/22 13:18:29
Animating Objects!!....?? Danimal wrote:
If you pitch it up, even just a bit, it will sneak through. I and many others have used that trick to get away with sneaking in music.

hmm, thanks, I think...
2012/6/19 21:34:39
Animating Objects!!....?? EEFilmz wrote:
I figured it out now with the gates, here is what I did: I had to select Locked to objcets axis, does not affect directors position, 100% gravity, and as i move each gate hold down BOTH mouse buttons and drag to the left, rewind, and record same way going to the right!...worked perfectly after about 5 takes just to get the timing right. - Thanks all - EEF

Wow, thanks for the tips
2012/6/19 16:00:42
Animating Objects!!....?? I can do it in around 5 takes, but it looks quite shabby! Damn Computer..
2012/6/19 7:14:36
Muvizu needs you! WozToons wrote:
tomorrow I'll start a thread about the pointlessness of existence.

Damn Computer..

ooh, That sounds fun!
2012/6/18 21:24:15
Muvizu needs you! Jamie wrote:
If you've not already noticed, science has confirmed time slowing.

Eventually time will just stop and we'll all be at the same place, so there's no need to panic.

oh, no! We don't have time to waste, call the... oh wait they haven't come out yet!
2012/6/18 19:42:37
Muvizu needs you! Dylly wrote:
Its a well known superhero fact that time slows down as you approach a climactic part of the story!

Like matrix! Gotcha!
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