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2013/7/11 11:31:29
sketchup plugin HI!

This is the link for the plugin:

And this is the link for the related video tutorial

Hope this helps.
2013/7/11 8:18:00
2013/7/2 14:45:53
Which book gave you a deep impression? Why? It puts the lotion in the basket. OMG nearly lost it there.

2013/6/26 11:59:32
Cannot make mpeg4 Hi, have you tried the K-Lite codec pack?

Might be worth installing and see if you can render out with different codecs and see if it helps


All the best,

2013/6/25 14:59:59
[Coming soon] Yearning Looks good bigwally! Thanks for sharing!
2013/5/28 11:02:55
Man of Steel..Identity Crisis (Batman vs Superman) Dreeko wrote:
Youtube is a strange unpredictable beast!D

T'is true, one that we all try and tame... alas! The nature of the beast is to be unruly and yet we always go back for more Big Grin
2013/5/27 13:50:16
Coming Soon... urbanlamb wrote:
rofl yes definately scared now .. wonder how bizarre this one is going to be .. your head evil dude is looking like a cross between a klingon and an orc so I will call him a Klorc Big Grin

Lol! Klorc! Love it Big Grin
2013/5/27 13:45:54
Man of Steel..Identity Crisis (Batman vs Superman) Haha love his accent. Classic Dreeko.

2013/5/27 9:46:49

Does this only happen with Muvizu?

Do you get any beeping sounds coming from your computer?

I don't think this is Muvizu related. It could be your Graphics Card/CPU/HDD is overheating and shuts down everything to protect the innards of the machine.

Please could you try running another graphic intensive program, (maybe perhaps a PC game if you have any), for the same amount of time and tell us if you get the same results.


2013/5/23 10:17:39
Where are the easter egg codes? Lev_Dynamite wrote:
If what was WANTED by this POSTER was a clue to an Easter Egg, I wouldn't OBJECT to giving them a wee hand in finding one.

Big Grin So it begins!

2013/5/23 8:36:03
xbox one and new kinect features urbanlamb wrote:
oO I have been keeping my eye on mocap with kinect and other cameras that do this.. i wonder if soon its time for me to consider adding this to my repertoire. Blender added recently an ability to use this these cameras for mocap and i am curious to see how it all works. Blender added a lot of cool stuff recently its all very exciting ... now i have to go and catch up

Yea I know! I have recently been trying to branch out my PC knowledge with some Blender modelling/animating. Youtube has some fairly easy to follow tutorials of folks going over the Mocap to Blender process using 3rd party Mocap/Kinect programs found on the net (some free, some not so much). You should definitely have a wee look and see what you can take from them.
2013/5/23 8:30:56
Where are the easter egg codes? Ahh the great quest for the Easter Eggs!

Just some info on these for ya!

They are 8 digits long and contain numbers and letters.
Usually hidden away, but dig deep and you shall be rewarded!
Now I can't simply give you the codes, that would take the fun and satisfaction out of finding them for yourself.

Also, I remember a while back a forum post discussing the Easter Eggs.. you may wish to start your hunt there

*And please do not share them on the forum! Half the fun is finding it for yourself! Ta
2013/5/22 14:09:48
xbox one and new kinect features Interesting stuff. I remember the buzz about Kinect when it first came out, but this new version looks like it will blow that out the water and then some.

Think I'll wait to see how they incorporate it into a game before making a full judgement though...

Thanks Dreeko!
2013/5/22 14:01:12
My first attempt at a video Haha that was awesome! Excellent job

I take it she was pleased with the video??
2013/5/16 15:09:02
Dreeko Strips! Haha Woz.
2013/5/9 16:03:34
Rosie's Hands Knowledge is powah!

2013/5/9 10:35:21
Download link missing. *scrolls up and sees no comments from Lev*

Back to bed I go then?
2013/5/9 10:05:04
Rosie's Hands No worries at all It's better to ask questions and find out, than never ask and wonder forever.

2013/5/9 9:34:30
Rosie's Hands Yap, that's the way they are supposed to be. All the characters have three fingers and a thumb. All the way back from the original man to the more modern Superheros and Rosie. Three fingers and a thumb ain't all bad....just ask Homer!

2013/5/9 9:27:17
Download link missing. Thanks for all the input guys. I'm gonna put all the suggestions / problems highlighted to the 'web-brains' at Muvizu HQ and see what comes of it

Ta muchly.

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