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2013/5/8 15:35:26
Download link missing. Hey Woz.

Scroll down the page a wee bit after clicking 'Get Muvizu' and you should come across some pink buttons for the full and lite versions respectively.

Hope this helps.

2013/5/1 8:21:55
TALES FROM ZOMBIETOWN - EPISODE 12 Loving your work as always fellas

2013/4/24 16:19:49
Arnold and the Box.... My 1000th post!! All hail Dreeko!
All hail Dreeko!
All hail Dreeko!


I've got your back man.
2013/4/19 14:10:42
Unknown error..... We're glad you like it!
2013/4/19 14:03:57
Unknown error..... Hi sandwiches.

Yea it will save fine for you regardless of the message. We are hoping to have a fix for that error message soon, but rest assured the function of saving still works!
2013/4/19 8:36:31
saving set error I'm sure I don't know what you mean Woz! Cool Smoke

Who woke up one day and thought, "Ahh cool, lets just give drugs to spiders and see what happens?!"

@MrDrWho13 That's not even half of the eye size after we gave them the energy drink injection! Think more Mr Potato head

2013/4/19 8:25:50

Can't wait chaps!
2013/4/18 17:19:17
Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback Hi Urban, thanks for letting us know, I'll get your report added to the bug system just in case it's something that has been overlooked in the grand scheme of things.

We should have a wee patch coming out soon-ish for you guys.

Trying to iron out all the creases as best we can
2013/4/18 17:11:07
Newer Version, same problem We have a newer, better patch in the works currently and this new patch should hopefully sort a whole bunch of issues for you guys.

The Muvizu staff are just adding the finishing touches to it, as they say
2013/4/18 17:08:21
Stapling Squirrels The Muvizu staff cannot say the practice of 'stapling squirrels' is, in any way, good for the environment.

We recommend simply asking the squirrels nicely to cooperate.

If that fails, bribery with nuts may work....
2013/4/18 17:05:18
New messages with Muvizu 0.23b Rosie and the Costumes packs will only work with Muvizu:Play.

I can't imagine any harm by selecting 'Yes', but as Urban stated, it don't matter that much
2013/4/18 17:03:10
saving set error We've given the Software Hamsters all the energy drink they can handle legally

Hopefully won't be to long before you guys see a wee fix for the save set bug.

*crosses fingers*
2013/4/18 17:00:30
BEHIND THE MIC EPISODE 7 Haha classic stuff

So when is the next Zombietown?!?
2013/4/18 16:58:51
editor crash Hi guys, sorry for the delay in replying.

We are working on a new patch to fix some things with the new update.
Hopefully it won't be much longer till we get it to you.

Apologies for the wait.
2013/4/18 8:04:42
Showing off my chopper Ahh! So that's the chopper you were after

That is awesome Woz Well done!
2013/2/27 8:36:25
What sets would you like added to Gallery I wouldn't mind the inside of a factory/plant....

Conveyor belts, production line etc
2013/2/20 9:17:57
Help, Error Message The File is Locked happy607 wrote:
Anyone? Anything?
I even tried older versions.
I see another guy had the exact trouble I have and he had to reinstall XP. I don't want to do that.
Bout ready to give up on Muvizu.

Hi happy607,

I sent you a pm to see if we can help you further.

All the best,

2013/2/20 9:11:25
Game, SET, and match... :) Dannynw23 wrote:
I was in shock today that someone used one of my sets
edited by Dannynw23 on 20/02/2013

Well you do make some of the best sets I've seen on the website Danny
2013/2/6 11:17:33
Azureus Rising Impressive stuff. I did think however, the Robo-Scorpion Tail Laser looked mightier than its punch.

All in all though, top notch!
2013/2/1 14:22:57
Paperman from Pixar Wow, that was pretty damn good.

I think those 'Pixar' folks you mentioned might become quite big if they keep that quality of animation up
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