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2010/8/6 10:53:50
need help! aldrii wrote:
hi...i m aldrii, i like this aplication n i would like to try it..
but I can't to download the aplication from that link.woul yu give us another link to download aplication that able to use download manager?


Hi Aldrii,

The only alternative download location is

We are looking at some other mirrors, and once we have sorted them out there we will put an update on the forums.

Take care,
2010/8/6 10:39:15
Competition rules re soundtrack Hi Toonarama,

Using Audacity is fine - anything you import is saved along with the .set file and can be accessed by other users - so feel free to splice your audio track together before importing it.

Best of luck,
2010/8/6 10:29:31
Error msg - first time running Morning folks,

There is one thing that you could try - it's a programme called 3dAnalyze - it fools games into thinking that your graphics card can meet the minimum specifications.

I used to own a laptop with onboard Intel graphics and it was the only programme that allowed me to run high-end games and software. I can't guarantee that it will work (as I haven't been able to test it) but it's the only way (other than upgrading) that you will have a chance of running any Unreal 3 engine software on your machines.

You can get the software from (you need to click on the little floppy disk icon) and follow these steps:

1. Unzip the installer to a location of your choosing
2. Run the installer, selecting a folder of your choosing
3. Open the folder and run 3dAnalyze.exe
4. Click on select
5. Select the Muvizu.exe file which can be found at C:\Program Files\Muvizu\Binaries
6. Click on the following check boxes:
Performance > Force SW TnL
Hardware Limits (Cap Bits) > Emulate HW TnL caps
Anti-Detect Mode > Shaders
Anti-Detect Mode > Textures
7. Click run

At this point Muvizu will either run or crash - I can't say which though

Also, we cannot guarantee the reliability or quality of software that is made by other developers so if you do use 3dAnalyse you do so at your own risk.

Best of luck,
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2010/8/2 13:39:01
Best DUI Ever Nice one - I have to admit I always prefer using existing audio tracks as I generally struggle to get the pacing right when I create my own audio.
2010/8/2 11:39:54
Forum Suggestion Hi Kilted Ninja,

The profile pages are getting redesigned at the moment along with most of the website, once it's finished the first thing you will see when you click on someone's name are the movies that they have uploaded to the site (if they have been moderated - which happens Mon-Fri 9:30-5:30).

Adding sections to the forum for video discussion and general chit-chat is a pretty good idea - I will pass it on.

Thanks for the ideas,
2010/8/2 11:25:42
Could app control be exposed for automation? Hi Adrian,

Sorry for the late reply - I thought I got all of the unanswered suggestions, but I must have missed yours.

I have spoken to the Devs about adding automation - there are currently no plans to make Muvizu scriptable or add the ability to use external controls but it may be looked at again at a later date.

Thanks for your feeback and if you have any other suggestions we would love to hear them.
2010/8/2 11:18:38
Unable to download Muvizu at all Hi again Dark Soul,

The "Muvizu size on disk" varies from machine to machine for various reasons including disk fragmentation and compression but the "Muvizu size" should be the same for everyone.

The size of the file should be 479 MB (502,522,018 bytes) so you have 140 bytes of extra data - so something has added the extra information to the file causing it to fail the integrity check.

The first thing to do is run a virus and spyware check (in order to rule malaware/spyware and viruses out)- I saw from your first post that you have antivirus software already - what one do you use? I personally use AVG Free ( and Malawarebytes (

While you are doing that I am looking into a few ways that we can repair the file on your PC.

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2010/7/30 13:55:29
video Didn't realise Kerry had replied as well - guess I should refresh forum threads more often!
2010/7/30 13:53:53
video Hi Toonarama,

You can apply a video to anything that can have a texture; backdrops, spotlights, objects, character chests and back.

It has to be an avi file - if you use VirtualDub along with the K-Lite Full Codec Pack and the Direct Show Plugin you can convert pretty much any video to an avi. (All three are free)


K-Lite Full Codec Pack:

Direct Show Plugin:

If you have any other problems just give me a shout - VirtualDub, the Codec Pack and the Plugin can sometimes be a bit difficult to set up and use for the first time.

2010/7/29 17:01:20
Unable to download Muvizu at all Thanks Dark Soul,

That definitely implies that the file has been damaged during transfer - could you please tell me what size it is in bytes? If there is only a small amount of data missing it wouldn't alter the size in MB. You can find this by right-clicking on the installer and going to properties.

One other thing you could try is downloading the installer from another location - the link on the download page directs you to an external server which can handle high volumes of traffic but if you go to

You will be downloading the installer directly from ourselves, so if this error is being caused by problems between your machine and our external servers it could be the solution.

Fingers crossed, and I am happy to help
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2010/7/29 15:10:37
Unable to download Muvizu at all Hi again,

Sorry to hear it hasn't worked yet - we are trying to figure out the specific cause for you.

What percentage does the Verification get to before it gives you the error?

2010/7/28 12:12:26
wish list/suggestions Happy to do so - it's what I am here for.
2010/7/28 12:01:13
My Wishlist for Muvizu Hi Simon,

I have just spoke to our resident UI Guru and he has filled me in:

My suggestion would be something similar to the timeline edior with the audio track at the top (ideally with the wave pattern showing so you at least know where the gaps are) and then a line for each character. You could then add talk/shush segments in situ by dragging a selection out using the mouse and using the anchor points for fine control (as now). This would be easy to line up with the wave on the audio track. This method would fit in with your current functionlity as you're just tracking the talk/shush events (as now) and there's no actual need for separate tracks for each character.

Adding the wave output is something that a lot of us want to see, but it is not currently planned.

Having multiple characters on the Dialogue Timeline is something that he has looked at in the past but there is a massive performance hit when you do so (the UI drops to less than 1 frame per second)- it is something he would like to do but at the moment it's not feasible.

The ability to add Cues to the timeline is being added, so you should be able to align animations and audio more easily once that's in.

Face shots of the Characters: A visual indicator of which characters are speaking is something that we would like to do but isn't planned at the moment, some of the Devs are currently discussing whether a visual indicator can be added to the "To do" list .

Add/Remove gaps in the audio track: Good suggestion, he is going to have a talk with some of the other Devs to see if this can be done.

Add background audio track and FX tracks: There is already a backround and SFX track - you can add them by using Prepare>Audio and Direct>Audio

Zoom - This is already present in the latest release; it's at the bottom right of the Timeline and Direct sections.

Thanks for your suggestions, they are all appreciated.
Take care,
2010/7/28 11:43:21
Suggestions / Modifications Hi KiltedNinja,

Thanks very much- your praise means a lot to all of us, but we are still striving to make Muvizu better and better.

1. Timeline for every object: The Devs are working on Movable Cameras and Objects along with Animated Properties (Camera Zoom, light attributes etc.) once they are in fully there will be a timeline to go along with them.

2. Ability to “drag-alter” 'start and end' of all sliders of the timeline: The Camera Cuts now have this functionality, and you can alter the start time of almost anything on the timeline. The ability to change the length of animations etc. probably won't be added as they all have a set length.

3. Ability to use textures everywhere you can change a colour: This is something we want to do, but isn't being worked on at the moment.

4. Interactivity between objects (eg. So that one object can move another): Movable objects are being added, but interactivity between them is not. You should be able to "fake it" by animating them separately, depending on the movement type you are looking for.

5. Customizable keyboard controls: This is something that we want to do but would be in the very distant future.

6. Additional controls (When 'Directing Animation'; Ability to use Plus(+) and Minus(-) keys to swap between pages 1/2/3: Something similar is already in- (/) = Page 1, (*) = Page 2 and (-) = Page 3.

7. Multiple Cameras: You mean more than 4 cameras? This is something that probably won't be done as it negatively affects performance. The ability to move cameras is being added, which should reduce the need for multiple cameras.

8. Multiple Audio Tracks (One for each character at least, separate track for background music/effects): We want to add extra audio track for characters, but we aren't working on it at the moment. There is already a facility to have a separate background audio track and effects by going to the Prepare>Audio and Direct>Audio sections.

9. Multiple audio files per track (eg. To support multiple segments of a conversation) - including sliders for start/end: There will only be 1 audio file per track, but another user suggested that Muvizu could "cut" the track at the quiet points, allowing the user to move parts of the audio track to match up with animations or camera cuts, which the Devs are looking into.

10. Ability to import 3rd party 3d objects (DXF, 3DS, Google Sketchup files etc): The ability to import .ase file is being worked on at present, and we are looking to add support for .fbx and COLLADA files as well.

11. Deformations on objects (bend/twist): Cannot be done in real-time, however non-uniform scaling (the ability to increase width without altering height etc.) is being worked on.

12. Deformations when creating Characters (facial structure / body structure - similar to Oblivion's character creation): The Art team are currently working on a simple version of this for noses/ears and other attachments. They would like to add the functionality to the characters body but it isn't being worked on at present.

Thanks for your feedback and suggestions, any more feel free to ask.
Take care,
2010/7/28 10:36:45
Unable to download Muvizu at all Dang, the Devs are in the process of uploading a new version of the software to the site, so I would suggest is deleting all of your existing Muvizu downloads (so that the new one is called Muvizu.exe, not Muvizu(1).exe etc) and giving the new installer a try (it should be available in around 10 minutes).

Hopefully this will work, if not I will need to poke the Devs in the head a bit more......

2010/7/28 10:22:48
Raindance film festival 2010 Morning,

I have just double checked with those running the competition- it's as we thought:

No after effects so we are able to create a high-res version for cinema screens, which we can do in a development version of Muvizu. (720p may look good on your monitor or TV but Cinemas require resolutions higher than 1080p)

The reason that the high-res output has been disabled for the public releases is because it's pretty unstable and very, very resource intensive.

You can submit multiple .set files if you wish to have more than 4 camera cuts.

Any audio, images or video imported into a set are saved along with the rest of the content, so they are transferred inside the .set files that you send to us.

Any other questions just ask, and best of luck for the contest.
2010/7/27 20:57:54
Raindance film festival 2010 The folk running the Raindance contest weren't in today so I wasn't able to get an answer - they should be in tommorrow.

If it is the case that we can only accept content with a .set file you could get your credits in by projecting a video that contains your credits onto a backdrop and then record it. Not ideal, but the only way of having credits in a .set file that I can think of.
2010/7/27 15:50:15
Unable to download Muvizu at all Hello again,

I was able to download and install the programme correctly so it looks like the download server is working correctly, if you let us know the size of the install file it will allow us to see if there has been a problem with your connection to the download server.

Take care,
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2010/7/27 15:15:32
Unable to download Muvizu at all Hi Dark-Soul,

Sorry to hear you are having trouble installing Muvizu - hopefully we can get to the bottom of it.

When you right-click on the Muvizu installer and go to Properties what size does Windows say it is? It should be 478 MB (502,228,007 bytes)

I am in the process of downloading and checking the installer on a Windows 7 machine, just to check if there is a problem with the download server.

Take care,
2010/7/27 11:59:57
my suggestions Hi toonarama,

Holding objects: This is something that is in the pipeline, but it requires a huge amount of work so may be a while

Additional textures on characters: This is something that we really want to put in but isn't being worked on at the moment.

Expressions: Great idea, I will pass it on.

Move using the keyboard: This is in the pipeline - moving cameras use the keyboard and the Devs are looking at applying it to characters and objects as well.

Take care,
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