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2014/2/18 18:48:39
Toon Shading LoL I think I recall emailing them about this awhile back maybe use the /support portal on the site to let them know? I know my emails get lost somewhere along the line so I started using their support ticket system. For something like this its probably better to submit a ticket. Then they will notice it for sure Big Grin

2014/2/16 19:59:01
Wooden Eye - my first Muvizu movie lol that was cute nice first movie for sure !
2014/2/14 7:12:29
How do you make them play guitar LEFT HANDED? no the animations are what they are for right handed guitar you could switch the guitar around but the animations would still have them holding the guitar neck in the right hand and strumming with the left hand .. err i am a lefty and my guitar is left handed *holds up hands* yup strumming with left hand
2014/2/13 16:35:41
Share the love! congrats err is it valentines? lol

yes guess it is errm almost tomorrow i guess
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2014/2/10 21:54:51
Hitfilm and Muvizu possibilities lol very cute toonarama i had a few projects like this in mind "merging cartoon and real filmed background" (one day i will you know do this stuff)
2014/2/10 18:21:13
What uses Memory most? imported objects depending on how polygon heavy and the texure size it probably largest. After that is characters if they have any movements they can take a lot of memory however one is taking up mostly graphics card memory (the objects trying to draw them this is mostly gpu in muvizu some engines share the load but i dont think muvizu does this much) and the characters all the data that goes with them is in ram. I also think possibly there is a memory leak inside muvizu I have watched memory consumption jump to insane levels with me doing nothing.
2014/2/2 18:40:41
How do I get Thor on lead guitar? yeah you will have to change to the potatoe head if you want them to play instruments or have him stand very still with a guitar in front of him and fake it

if you use the attachemetn system you could make a thor out of a potatoe head character but it would take time and patience to get it right
2014/2/2 17:15:30
How can i make one eye on a characters you can do this in play + easily enough however the eye would not move like the native muvizu eyes.
2014/1/31 23:46:27
A List of 3d Animation progams.... hehe yes I am not a huge adobe fan because they buy everyone up and pump up the price (although i do use photoshop ^^)
2014/1/31 20:20:49
Coming Soon... yeah those boots with the big spike on the toe area that they can hide an entire cannon in hehe. That would not be hard to make and probably would resemble the footware on my zooks and yooks with a few modifications I guess. Feet in muvizu need oversized boots to make it work and look decent so the foot does not show when they move but its not hard once you figure out how
2014/1/31 20:07:44
A List of 3d Animation progams.... AuroraMoon wrote:

The thing is, with Photography you can make some cash off it even if you don't do it professionally for a living. Many of my friends are photography hobbyists, but they will occasionally sell their pictures for money...


dont tell anyone but I make money from this from time to time I Just don't go looking for it and dont consider it a "proffession" I make a few hundred bucks a year to offset my massive addiction for software otherwise I would go broke lol. I do however spend way more then I make I would say 2/3rds more but I have to budget and pace myself and I am also a bonified cheapskate. I just have my toys and those that I must pay for I do. I do like everyone else if i can get it free I do but at the end of the day I dont get upset if someone wants money for it.

Its the ones that literally protest and get mad at companies for daring to charge money that seems well 'odd' at the end of the day even though money is just an invention and we could in fact do without it if we changed our ways it does make this world go round and so I have no problem paying people for their hard work if they ask for it. I used to sell assets direct sale (long long ago) but it became a battle of policing everything I did as people would buy a single copy and then sell copies of my copy 3d and stuff like that. However there are some more secure systems but still those systems are hackable so even then its not worth the bother. Everything in essence is worth money its just a case of trying to find a way to make money off it.

I get people asking me for things every month or so - usually avatar work which is extremely time consuming and difficult this is what people come to me for .. "can you make me an avatar that looks exactly like me" I have a string of avatars around the internet and have donated a few basic ones to some opensourced projects which resulted in people contacting me for some that looked like them - Huge market for that sort of thing everyone wants a likeness made of them for some wierd project or game they play lol. I also get asked to make commercials (using them other softwares which we are naming here but i usually avoid naming so as not to be the one that starts it lol). Commercials are fun I make 2 of those a year I think .. again not a lot but enough to make me realize people will pay for this stuff. Last one I made was a set of lessons for a cooperative on how to recycle.. inherietly borring stuff but useful..

So as with them other hobbies money can be made if one wants to and has the will to do so but with these things one has to be careful to not turn it into a job which is why i run the other way when people are looking for work to be done. In this case the people asking me I know in real world or have some other connection then muvizu or some other software site. Its something i am involved with already and I get approached that way. The only time I did it the other way and sold it you know like a store it became a miserable experience due to theft and people who just got way out of hand and so if i do anything now its either someone I know who like I can see and touch or a written contract is put in place and its for a quota for someone you know who has a clear idea and a vested interest in having something done and completed and out the door in a timely fashion who like has money and can prove it lol.

As for the muvizu cameras yeah they will and likely are working on a better solution. One has to remember that muvizu actually started out almost like a virtual world idea and then morphed into well a product that was pretty much "a game" and so gamelike qualities went with it. Now they have seen how it can be used for bigger things and the market has changed to make real time animation a relevant item to the professional industry and hobbyist alike

*end run on typing *

.. my hands dont hurt so much today..

*almost makes sense*

all I know is that a company to develop software must hire programmers and that the money must come from somewhere. Muvizu like everyone else has to eventually make some money just to survive. If we want it to improve as a software then it needs more money. All these suggestions on the forums people want implemented will cost money to implement. So they must charge a fee and put that money back into development and food and rent like the rest of us Big Grin
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2014/1/31 17:55:40
Coming Soon... lol that is some mighty nice shiny armour there fazz! nice Big Grin
2014/1/31 15:49:55
FBX Attachments with textures - TOTAL FAILURE send in the assets yes there are some fbx bugs they are random and texture related from what I can see. You will need to send in the sets and assets seperately and they will work on it.

I just use the support window and sent in the offending bits. Any information they can get will be helpful but for the moment once the set reaches about 100 mb in size (including characters) it will fail more often then not. I have managed to get a few sets to work but it was with minimal textures on the set no more then about 10 at most . Its not handling the added data well and they will need to fix that.
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2014/1/30 22:10:12
A List of 3d Animation progams.... You can add more then one light with moviestorm its just that the lighting system seems to not always work or something dunno its built on old technology so at the time it might have been okay its outdated though and it shows it. The "good bits" of moviestorm was their camera system the rest I always found to not work the way I needed them to. Iclone I have never found complicated but perhaps its because it works like most 3d stuff out there so it appears to be "intuitive" once you realize how it works. Daz well I would use cararra but the downside to that is its a full cpu render so it can be slow. I would not use daz itself to me this is a workshop with some limited abilities. I like carrara and would use it if it offered a gpu option and these days I think its an essential part of any package for speed even if the final render will be a cpu render.

The movies well if i were to go that route I would use sims 3 but i prefer to be able to order my characters around and make them do my bidding. The movies is just too old but i am sure it was very fun when it was new.

I like bryce for landscape and actually use it often although its interchangeable with blender which has a bryce like pluggin now.

Muvizu is a good deal if you like to make small things and can be used for larger things because its lighting and graphics is decent enough that people who watch it wont be turned off. Its more rigid then I would like but I stick around and use it a lot for a reason. Their pro package I am hoping removed any other unwanted restrictions I have encountered over time. Meanwhile I dont think I will ever have any single product that I would say "this one does everything I want the way I want I dont need anything else anymore just this" but some products are getting pretty darned close
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2014/1/30 13:56:30
A List of 3d Animation progams.... AuroraMoon wrote:
It's been a while ever since I used Moviestorm, so thank you for correcting me on that one. still, 75 dollars can be a little bit too much for people who are cheapskate hobbyists (like me!).

I find this ' i am a hobbyist' therefore it should be free to always puzzle me

here are some examples of hobbies that cost way more then these softwares
a- photography - the camera alone is about 800 bucks for a decent one these days then its digital so you need other bits of hardware and software to get it into the pc and usable in an acceptable form

b-stamp colleting and coin collecting or collecting of any kind unless its butterfies or something even then you need to buy some pins . if its coins or stamps it can get insanely expensive. As a kid I used to collect both stamps and coins and I did so religiously i babysat and that is where all my money went. When I went to university I could not pay my rent for a couple months as i was between jobs and had caught the dreaded mono from a classmate and i remember using those two collections parts of them to pay my rent. okay slight side story there but you get the idea lol i spent enough money I could pay rent to stop from being evicted

c- drawing can be very expensive if you decide to move beyond pen and paper and into paints - canvass, paints, brushes, cleaning solutions

d- music - either using the pc as the instrument or a real instrument - if you create your own its cheaper if you want to use music already written you need to purchase the sheet music which depending on the era can cost money. If you play the guitar or wind instrument or a piano there are always costs you entail beyond purchase of the instruments, strings, picks, reeds, cleaners, keys whatever the guy you hire to tune the pianno and maintain it etc

so i am unsure of how 3d has become a domain of "if i dont use it to make money it should all be free". As it is doing anything in 3d is fairly cheap in comparison to some other hobbies out there as there is a large opensourced pool or tools to use
2014/1/30 1:17:43
First shot at set building i posted a comment and i seem to have repeated myself my hand jerked as i was clicking submit so i posted my comment twice so that is a 2-for-1 comment up there

For the most part people comment if they actually use the set or something they will say something.
2014/1/30 0:28:42
uploading videos via muvizu Oh yes it will process after uploading here. Good luck :/

I tried turning things off and on for my other video see if it works but alas no. Perhaps i will try to upload a second copy another day see if i have any luck.
2014/1/29 23:41:56
uploading videos via muvizu aww fazz well post to the forums like I did hopefully they will fix it soonish I think they are probably redoing their api as its not grabbing most videos so maybe they disconnected for now.

Or maybe we are gonna get a choice of sites soon (one can only hope i actually prefer dailymotion at the moment)
2014/1/29 22:57:04
Show us your Beefy! lol I think those are on my facebook profile unaltered unless I deleted em. I have not got many photos of me as an adult you know parents are always taking photos of their kids so got plenty of those not many present day ones at all though .. I pose for me driver's license once every 5 years i guess that is about all the photography i get done unless someone dares me to post a picture of myself or something lol.
2014/1/29 17:55:28
Show us your Beefy! okay i dont have a printer either but i found a few stray pictures i had scanned into my pc and not deleted (looks for baby pictures to scan in ...)

I really am a geek when I say it. I mean it 100% geek born and raised with the glasses to match so that geeky beefy work out well. Anyhow um yes my mother jsut pawned a whole pile of family pictures off on me *looks for baby pictures* Big Grin
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