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2013/11/5 16:45:45
Hello Muvizu Community hello and welcome

for the most part we are a nice group even we get cranky we are nice Big Grin
2013/11/4 23:04:33
uploading sets look for a file named .set in your pc
take a screenshot of the set and save the screenshot
click the pink upload button at the top of the website
and follow the directions to upload
2013/11/4 23:01:56
FBX yeah photobucket did something recently and I can no longer get them to show full sized images unfortunately. I guess the option now is flickr or whatever it is called.
2013/11/4 19:19:18
Make Muvizu objects available for download chuckles wrote:
Hi Dreeko
Been using and learning Sculptris today. Managed to get some models into Muvizu, but the PNG mapped files for textures painted in Sculptris, are not mapped onto the model. Have you managed this ?

scultpris models are not uv unwrapped and actually not meant for direct import into game engines. They are meant for creating a high polygon model which you then use as a template to create the low polygon game equivalent using a technique known as "retopology" after that you need to uvmap them.

Tl;dr version you might be able to get some models into muvizu but you will need to uvmap the texture before importing it as scuptris models were not meant for use in game engines
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2013/11/4 1:36:31
Themes why funny?

just curious the rest i dont worry but I dont think everything should necessarily be a comedy my christmas stuff is usually more well christmasy. I tell a story or do a little song. So I guess because my videos might be creative I can't enter because they wont be funny

Also stay away from something like tickets to somethign or other it runs on the assumption the person is able to use them and even lives in the area. I would imagine most cinema tickets would be for things in and around england and scotland. I like to go to events but not that far :P
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2013/11/2 22:01:12
FBX Grunge is fun to do I used to build entire slums sort of steam punk/grung style just for fun
2013/11/2 16:31:14
Make Muvizu objects available for download I would like a copy of each of their character models to use to fit things to, but

I dont know how well their muvizuized stuff would convert to regular versions with these maps on them due to the id texture method not being necessarily the best method of adding these maps to I would think in some instances we would need to unwrap them differently but I could be wrong I dont know how their internal objects are set up. Although I have noticed some texture detail (normal maps) on some objects even if its hidden from us. I dont know what sort of shape their models are in lol often routing through companies internal assets is sort of like assembling a jigsaw puzzle so it might be a lot of work for them to release objects

(sorry edited i left out the word character) I dont actually know if its worth the time to try to convert muvizu models and make maps for them to be honest its probably quicker and faster to create reasonable facsimile's as I dont know if they are already unwrapped in such a way as to make it a viable option.
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2013/11/2 16:24:58
FBX haha flying duck muck syndrome

I am also what i call "a button pusher" and have always been that way I must take things appart or push all the buttons just to see what it will do and how it works. Regular bump maps I found its true do not work in muvizu they recognize normal maps but not bump maps I actually was playing with bump maps the other night but when I look at the wiki in fact they do not name bump maps as usable although in many cases they are interchangable with normal maps in some engines in the case of the unreal engine and muvizu the case seems to be no

I havent noticed the rest though it does for me seem to work but I haven't spent a lot of time on actual set building right now yet I am still in the modelling stage of my next blockbuster and have been taking more time then needed to build overly detailed items just because it pleases me

anyhow it looks good so far dylly there are going to be some idiosyncracies i am sure but in the end the added map layers bring a whole new level of awesome to sets and objects

2013/11/1 18:03:35
Sticky end mmm lollys nice halloween haul indeed!
2013/11/1 16:20:40
Themes I am happy with everything just as long as muvizu is not judging by the "cinematic masterpiece" rule and only looking for fun ideas or just taking the entries and putting the names in a hat or whatever. My only issue is skill level some of us come in with lots of tools and abilities and others barely know how to use a pc

I just want a way to give prizes to others if i dont need em eg: mic I only have one mouth Big Grin

p.s. I didnt enter the stickman contest due to lack of time mostly
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2013/11/1 16:15:54
Sticky end grats people

let us know what you got
2013/10/31 19:30:49
User survey winner! bigwally wrote:
I, on the other hand, would love to hear from the Muvizu staff more often. I think the Muvizu software is great fun, but not getting emails that supposedly are sent to everyone, puts a great damper on the fun. I hate to be "that guy", but what would one expect when they won't let me play any of the reindeer games?

check your profile bigwally? they updated the site and my button to not receive mails was clicked in by default I had to unclick it

I like to hear from muvizu too but I think to avoid spam complaints they checked them in when they updated the site
2013/10/31 18:00:20
All about Normal Maps One day I will make friends with the Wiki but for now I thought I would post this here

I found this tool as a result of watching a workshop on normal maps by blender foundation for the most part I have been using other tools (which cost money) to make my normal maps etc

anyhow this is free and interfaces with most of the popular 3d tools including blender and autodesk tools


also for those curious on the "what is a normal map good for" info here is a video workshops its very informative but also very technical so it might bore some people

2013/10/31 17:26:27
Themes Hi there

Contests are fun but my issue with a lot of these contests is that the prizes are often better for beginners then the ones who would win the prize so I had an idea if there is some way we can name another participant or something if we win. I find its not a level playing field which is why i tend to hold back and not participate at times or deliberately shall we say underperform. The best contest we had was the one last christmas where we had to decipher a code as that was not based on who has the best pc and who had the most skill and possibly formal training in film making.

Another one is I noticed the last contest was based on likes youtube likes. If your unaware this can be gamed easily there are exchanges that you can sign up for trading likes among other things. (although this is against youtube tos its an issue of getting caught hehe )
2013/10/31 17:14:14
User survey winner! okay thanks I went and rooted around in my profile as well and saw a checkbox as well ticked in to not allow emails. I hadn't noticed this so that is probably why I didnt hear anything. For the most part I dont enter contests I dont need the stuff but I like to read the mailings anyhow I unticked the box it was of course ticked in by default.

thanks for the reply
2013/10/31 16:13:10
User survey winner! hrm i didnt get any emails i was on your mailing list but it seems i didnt get any surveys or emails

congrats to the winner though
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2013/10/30 22:03:15
Muvizu Play 1.2 Feedback (also Play+) I am still making models for my next muvizu blockbuster if i keep going like this the bugs will be gone by the time i need to use it Big Grin.

although tthere were a couple of things I wanted to um "feedback" on i wont do it until i am at the animation stage of this next monstrosity i am attempting which it will be probably not so good cause of what type of action scenes are involved
2013/10/30 16:59:37
Navigation problems MrDrWho13 wrote:
For camera movement, you can change the sliders to change the speed of movement/rotation etc.

yes but that means they will actually move slower in the actual video the issue is reflexes if people want them to move that fast they are out of luck unless they have really really fast reflexes
2013/10/30 10:39:41
Navigation problems cameras are hard we all struggle with them. Its been suggested to change the camera system to respond to waypoints or something as well but not something that muvizu has had time to deal with yet. I am pretty sure I remember reading it was on their very long to do list to find some way to add a system of waypoints or something but I can't remember or perhaps it was just wishful thinking. Myself I can't get smooth movements often but it has in fact improved in their newer releases. Previous to the launch of muvizu play smooth camera movements were pretty much impossible now its an issue of fine motor control which many of us lack as we age.
2013/10/29 16:52:36
Various issues Yeah not sure i understand your graphic but this seems far too complicated for just something that just requires some clicking and dragging it also appears basically we are using both hands to do the work as we have to keep a button on a pad pressed (too much fine motor coordination and awkwardness). It doesnt need to be that complicated is all i am trying to say the info is there we just need to reveal it and move it around possibly delete a vowel.

If we need more vowels we can always put in an extra long sound clip to generate them at the end of our dialogue so that we have more to work with. Or if you want to get fancy click the vowel and bring up a menu containing the vowels and then click on the menu and replace the vowel with another one as its a finite unchanging set. I dont know what this automatic/manual is its not needed we simply would need to reveal the info as we do using the same filter system in place for everything else. The info in the system already exists and is generated for the dialogue line they just need to make it represented graphically.

and if muvizu wants to get really fancy while they are at it they can add tts option in the audio menu area with the record voice button or import audio clip button so that people can generate the info at that time, but really no matter how you slice it we should just need to turn on that line of info in the filter system below the soundfile and its there or not
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