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2013/10/14 18:09:12
Play+ How can I purchase the licence? hehe okay just trying to help.
2013/10/14 16:48:12
play+ fbx no collision? The wiki information assumes you know how to model but it does in fact give basic info on how to create a non collision model the video i gave you is the exact same process you will use regardless of fbx or ase its just you will click export using fbx for the next step. After that you need to run the fbx model through a udk editor

FBX is new to muvizu I just started working it out last night there is a way I wrote the info in the feedback thread and there is information starting to go into the wiki

here is what I found so far by working it out you will need to find yourself a UDK editor. If your using blender you can import with whatever configuration works 3ds, obj, fbx and configure from there. There is an extra step if your using the FBX abilities in muvizu unless you are not caring about the added benefits. After you put the collission cube in blender you need to run it through a udk editor. Myself I use the udk editor built into 3dexchange now they just added it but there are others out there including the free dev version. Tonight I will figure out the rest of it this ability was only released 2 days ago so its going to take us some time to figure it out


I actually found the blender settings to do this without an intermediary udk editor now but its going to be awhile for information to filter through as the fbx ability is brand new but for now i will leave this info as is
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2013/10/14 8:12:19
Muvizu Play 1.2 Feedback (also Play+) MrDrWho13 wrote:
urbanlamb wrote:
hi just noticed that the scrollbar on the materials/textures list on imported object appears to be missing there is a main scrollbar but I dont seem to be able to find the scrollbar anymore to scroll through the textures etc. in play + just noticed as i went to try to access something

Strange, it works for me.

yup got it working its not guestimate my screen area properly basicaly

okay i have finished playing with the fbx import into muvizuzu using a "from scratch house model" and its not bad really but its also not straight forward (unlike the ASE) in order to get all the materials to work you need to run it through a udk editor and I am finding the axis are not working correctly but possibly i am tired i just started farting with this starting at midnight anyhow ...

using "free stuff" here is the method someone else wrote it down so i am too lazy to rewrite it now I can't see any other way of getting the fbx to work unless you use a tool that well costs money so these instructions work http://krisredbeard.wordpress.com/tutorials/tutorial-blender-to-udk-player-model/ for those one a 0 dollar budget right now hehe.

what you need to do is build the model and place the collision box inside using blender and export in fbx as normally this is how you get the collision into the model then you edit the material layers in the udk editor and the udk editor will format it properly. the udk editor is free and available from unreal engine i use a commercial thingy or iclone 3d exchange now that they built in the unreal paramaters into that I see no point in keeping anything else up to date... anyhow um the udk editor works fine

so that is how its done the only thing is that when I add collision (not sure why i must have screwed something up but did this quickly) the thing formats in muvizu no matter what axis I choose for facing upwards as y axis up so my house its like sideway if i click the box to keep it upright hehe .. i dont know if this is a bug or not right now lol and since the file was just a quick test cause i am a very curious person I dont want to send it to muvizuzu yet.

anyhow i hope that helps I wont be able to do anything fancy in a video tutorial for another few days.. too much work

I know fazz is trying to figure out blender so i figured i would post this in case he gets more curious again

now is fazz brave enough to give that method a shot Big Grin

oh just adding i tried this with blender 2.69 I have no clue how this works in 2.68. The fbx importer indeed seemed to work in 2.69 so if you want to add collission to your models you import your fbx model add the collission box and then bring it into the udk editor to get the material stuff back the right way. (hopefully that makes sense) its just a lot of clicking and button pressing but I am used to that when it comes to adding bump maps and such.

erm here are the udk forums you can find more info's there

here is the udk editor page http://www.unrealengine.com/udk/

sincerely yours with extreme geekiness and love and hugz
"the old bag urbanlamb"
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2013/10/14 6:21:37
Muvizu Play 1.2 Feedback (also Play+) hi just noticed that the scrollbar on the materials/textures list on imported object appears to be missing there is a main scrollbar but I dont seem to be able to find the scrollbar anymore to scroll through the textures etc. in play + just noticed as i went to try to access something
2013/10/14 6:18:43
Can i insert .dat files from other games to animat NO can't do anything with animations you can use mesh files import .fbx or .ase types
2013/10/14 1:45:50
file locked I dont know this is suspiciously starting to look like a hardware issue but they now have a support desk try here as well.


give them your pc specs or post them in this thread and give the link to this thread to the support thing so they can take a peak.
2013/10/14 0:20:57
Coming Soon... edward scissorhands

I am all busy so i am just spectating the halloweeny stuff this year
2013/10/14 0:01:59
Coming Soon... hehe looking good fazz. I am actually sitting watching the walking dead marathon today its actually been running all week but it started 24 hours in a row about noon yesterday. I guess everyone is getting ready for halloweeny
2013/10/13 22:51:45
Muvizu Play 1.2 Feedback (also Play+) mysto wrote:
chuckles wrote:
Seems like They've decided to charge £150 for something that still needs beta testers like me ? Are you well off people who can afford this, truly happy ?

I'm certainly not "well off" as you say but I did have a few dollars saved back for something like this. Am I truly happy with my purchase? Yes I am. I've been using Muvizu almost from day one and although I haven't posted any animations to the Muvizu site for quite awhile I am still using the program regularly.

It's worth the price to me to own the full commercial rights to the animations I create. The extra features are a nice bonus too.

I am no millionaire. I am a cheap so and so as a result of not being a millionaire but I have one vice and its pixels i dont drink, tv sucks, I dont smoke and I live in jeans and t-shirts most of the time so my "mad money" which is not that much really gets spent on this sorf of thing. I am soon to retire (all be it early) for health reasons but I suspect I will always be putting my money into this sort of thing. Before this I would spend my money on the concrete equivalent of paints, clay, plaster what evers. I always enjoyed drawing, painting and making something 3 dimensional so now i do it with pixels. As I get older its less messy then those other "old methods" i used in my 20's plus I dont need an entire basement of a house anymore I can do it in my office and i dont have to waste time cleaning up the mess every night
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2013/10/13 21:38:45
play+ fbx no collision? You will need to edit collision there is a wiki info on this .


tis not hard even if you have like no real experience with blender you can learn the process to add collision mechanically In fact I created a video on collision for ASE already its basically the same thing only export with fbx instead here is the link to that I will be making a short video on fbx next week I just have to open up blender to do it as *cough* I dont actually use blender fbx abilities that often but I guess I might be starting soon. There is also an importer that works in the most recent form of blender. I can't vouch for its usability as I am still using 2.68 and i am reading its 2.69 that has this importer

here is the basics of collision in blender though fbx,ase doesn't matter tis the same thing at that level

turn on closed captioning to read what i am saying hehe - excuse the distortion i tried to clean the room echo it didnt work so well i have padding now to wrap around myself when i do a tutorial it gets rather toasty but it works
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2013/10/13 21:32:37
Play+ How can I purchase the licence? yes uninstall it all look for folders left behind and clean your registry and download a fresh copy of 1.2 from the site and install that then enter the license key it should work. If you have done all that then yeah put a ticket into their brand new help desk and they should reply within 24 hours I would think.
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2013/10/11 22:35:52
Muvizu Play 1.2 Feedback (also Play+) ziggy72 wrote:
No Dylly, that the Wookiepedia (real site, I kid you not)

yes there is indeed a wookiepedia lol its all about you know star wars and wookies and stuff
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2013/10/11 20:26:13
Muvizu Play 1.2 Feedback (also Play+) ziggy72 wrote:
Wiki? What, you mean this?

Every time I try to access it through here, whether it's the one under Community or Help, I get this message - it's been this way since the Wiki was added. And the Twitter feed still never shows up. And even if I could access it, how do you add entries to the Wiki?

I can get in i get no errors I and then you login to the wiki with your username from the forums etc. Wierd

the wiki is discriminating against ziggy's it appears
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2013/10/11 18:52:26
Low level lighting tips I set my monitor to factory defaults aside from that I dont know much else can be done. People often turn up brightness or gamma due to eye issues and its more common in us 'old people' so I just aim for factory default settings. This advice was given to me awhile back and it seems to work (i guess) . Young people probably will not alter the settings too much so your safe with that crowd its the crowd that is 50+ that is the issue.
2013/10/11 18:48:14
Muvizu Play 1.2 Feedback (also Play+) I look at the gallery but not as regularly. I think its simply the site has a lot more stuff on it . It needs that stuff though they even have a help desk now. I just remember to browse the gallery once a week. I think the site is pretty well set up the only thing i am not a fan of is the chat option but that's because people are trying to use it as a forum ^^.

I have been to the wiki but even though I can write my issue is time and so i dont want to make the wiki have lots of typos and stuff. I have to find time to sit down and write something and proof read it in that sitting but sometimes that is a bit of an issue so I just avoid writing anything to avoid giving muvizu a reputation of 'god those guys done even proof read what they write'. I will start though and just do it in stages and proof read when I get time to and hope that its good enough. Of course someone can always correct my typos if I miss them I just dont want someone to have to do that.
2013/10/11 16:46:19
Muvizu Play 1.2 Feedback (also Play+) yes basically fbx means we can like have stuff them other guys do more depth to things and light bulbs and windows and stuff. How I would work with premade objects and blender I would import using 3ds format as I dont trust the fbx importer yet and add collission and normal maps etc to pretty it up and then export as fbx ensuring I triangulate beforehand.

here is a site with tons of decently made 3ds files that i use in a pinch http://archive3d.net/
there is a scene i made in superman with a living room all the items were there. I use the decimate tool to reduce the face count and add texture and export so if i was using fbx i would follow the same rules import, count my faces, decimate, texture and add normal maps etc. and collision then triangulate is and export

FBX my edges look like edges now I have sharp edges on my house its not sort of roundy. My stuff was "roundy" due to the ASE export not my modelling skills.

Anyhow I will create some fbx stuff and put it in the gallery as well very soon I will at least add that which I have already set up with maps for iclone the post office will have a whole other dimension to it you know with like windows and such

I will try to add some stuff to the wiki as I think of it and make a couple of easy tutorials or try to (after i get done the other tutorial which is 6 parts long on making a moving stickman ..) geared towards muvizu or try.

Lev_Dynamite wrote:
Dreeko wrote:
I've checked the muvizu wiki and it is not yet even listed in the supported file types.
The Wiki is intended for Community use - all logged-in users should be able to edit entries - so if you see something missing then please feel free to add it on in there! If everyone just looks at it and waits for someone else to update it then it may as well be a static webpage, so it'd be nice to see people taking full advantage of the Wiki's features.

I can at least write things anyhow unfortunately I dont know of any way around blender unless you spend money and then your going to probably also be spending money on models as well. The biggest time saver I find is in a pinch (and I use it for making my muvizu uploads as well) its to use iclone3dexchange but I already have the models made or have in some cases used 3dsmax to convert the files to a readable format and edited the file so again i used a 3d program... Iclone3dexchange imports all the popular formats and now with their latest tweeks formats fbx files perfectly for use in unreal engine (minus collision). I dont know of any way around fixing collision to my liking inside muvizu beyond editing the file in blender unfortunately.
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2013/10/11 6:10:21
Muvizu Play 1.2 Feedback (also Play+) fbx works flawlessly on a quick test and its just a whole other level of awesome. This is the house in the gallery fbx and ase let me know if you can tell the difference. Finally real windows we dont have to fit that means i can make cars with windows in them and more windows and all kinda windows .. now for some more info for the curious. I ran this model through iclone 3d exchange as a test I did not alter collision or add any further collision so I actually didnt crack open blender and make a new model I created this model last month for use in iclone and stuffed an ase version into the gallery here. So basically you can set up models in 3dexchange if you have access to them and add all the normal maps, spec maps etc to your hearts content. I will add this and the post office and anything else I have an fbx duplicate in that I created for personal use in blender to the gallery. I guess now we need a gallery for muvizu play + assets as well though. I am unsure if as ziggy says we can put up sets built with fbx coded files for use in regular muvizu play. Anyhow I just loved having all those buttons to play with opascity, specularity etc etc

So thanks again I said thanks before but thank you again for this stuff. I can't say thank you enough because I like muvizu and wanted to use it for like other stuff in the future as i got time.. so um yes thanks (i said that didnt I? well there it is again )

I can't concentrate to finish my collab 2d animation project and just had to put it aside to play with the fbx import it works GREAT .. Big Grin
2013/10/10 22:30:25
Beware the Eye of Amun-Ra Website released oh thats pretty I can't wait to see this movie when its done now you have your tool (although you may need to rewrite now with the ability to hold stuff) I hope to see this awesome looking film in a year or so
2013/10/10 21:39:14
Go on, scare us it is October.. i had a christmas thing planned if i can pull it off fast enough but nothing for halloween this year. I dont do scary so well. I like to do pretty or sappy or cheesy though.
2013/10/10 0:52:47
file locked /bump

I dont know really the only time I experienced this was revolving over a codec issue that I solved awhile back and it had to do with something that was left running that should not have been in muvizu.

anyhow just bumping this hopefully they will see this tomorrow your other option is to email bugs@muvizu.com and see if they can help maybe even include the thread link.

The only other thing I can think of is that your windows is running with complex permissions I run everything in administrator status and am the sole user of the pc so there is no need for using their permissions sytem.
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