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2012/11/15 10:10:10
The Grudge Very well done! I forgot how creepy I found that croaking sound until I heard it there, haha. I went through a wee phase of digging these Asian horror movies too - I loved Ju-On: The Grudge, Ring, A Tale Of two Sisters, etc. Ju-On: The Grudge 2 made absolutely NO sense to me what-so-ever, but the first one was excellent!
2012/11/13 16:36:51
Caption Me! Looks like... Someone... Has had........ An................... AXE-ident~!!!
2012/11/13 12:35:15
Animations with interactivity It's hard to say without knowing exactly what it is you'd be trying to teach, but I'd say that using Muvizu to create an animated tutorial should be pretty doable. With regards to interactivity, though, Muvizu just outputs to a video file - by default there is no way of clicking on this video to interact with it.
You could always use another program in conjunction with Muvizu to provide interactivity, though? EG use Muvizu to make a video which presents a question to the viewer, then make two more videos in Muvizu - one video which shows the user has chosen the correct answer and one video which shows the user has chosen the wrong user- and then from here you could import all these videos into something like Flash or Director, which could provide interactivity which would allow the user to click on an answer from the first "question" video and then display either of the two "answer" videos depending on that answer...? Hope I didn't lose you in that incredibly long sentence there!
2012/11/12 10:49:24
Updates, Tutorials, Transparency! Oh my! WozToons wrote:
The prison stuff looks very good, I like the railings as well, they could have many uses.
The railings in Mike's screenshot are already in the currently-available version of Muvizu, under the "Sewer" objects category! There are some great new, prison-specific railings (or railing-type objects*) in the coming update as well, though.

* By "railing-like-objects" I mean "objects like railings" and not "objects like guns and mobile phones being held in a Muvizu character's hand", just to clarify in case I'm putting my foot in it again here. Ignored
2012/11/9 15:20:13
Updates, Tutorials, Transparency! Oh my! WozToons wrote:
This sounds like story of my life so far. Intense euphoria at the anticipation of delights to come followed by the crushing disappointment of abject reality. A bit like Christmas really.
Listen, we're getting powerfully off-topic here. Mike_Num_5 is making a tutorial video on transparency in Muvizu that's going to be as good as, like, FIVE Christmases. That's even better than characters holding objects, right...? Anime Sweat

Again, apologies if there was genuine confusion as a result of my earlier post!
2012/11/9 14:55:19
Updates, Tutorials, Transparency! Oh my! WozToons wrote:
Lev_Dynamite wrote:
Though there are lots more great new features not shown in Mike's thumbnail to look forward to.

WozToons wrote:
behind the poster is a character manipulating several props with his hands. These include a gun, phone and cup amongst others.
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NO!!! It can't be true. Is it really going to be that good a Christmas or am I just imagining things? I am good at reading between the lines and perhaps the cat has just been released from its incarceration. On the other hand it may still be in the box and we have no idea whether it is dead or alive.
You are 100% correct... When you say "it can't be true". Stick Out Tongue Apologies if you misread my earlier post - I just appreciated your joke is all - I didn't mean it to be connected to what I'd said earlier. My bad!
Needless to say, the day we are confident we have a solid mechanic in place to allow characters to hold objects, it won't be announced via a winking smiley on the forum - it will be announced via a size 8000 font message on the front page with accompanying pictures of Muvizu characters on the phone to their mothers, fathers and everyone they have ever met to let them know that they can now actually use phones.

So, with regards to characters holding objects in the next release - the cat is dead, my friend.
Soz, Woz!
2012/11/9 10:15:29
Updates, Tutorials, Transparency! Oh my! EEFilmz wrote:
if it's included in the set then WE do not have to place a ton of toilets adn sinks in every cell...that's my point...trust me I know I built my own prison set once it's a lot of tedious work placing those things in every cell...
The bad news I have for you is that the cells do not come with toilets pre-installed... But the GOOD news is that with something as uniform as a prison cell, you should only really need to create one cell with one toilet and one sink in it, Group these items, and then just copy and paste that Group as many times as you need instead of building each cell from scratch. Don't give yourself more work than you have to, my dude!

If you guys are all desperately hoping for those bulbs to emit light, though, I might have to chalk up another tally mark in the "bad news" column here... Anime Sweat Though there are lots more great new features not shown in Mike's thumbnail to look forward to.

WozToons wrote:
behind the poster is a character manipulating several props with his hands. These include a gun, phone and cup amongst others.
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2012/10/19 11:22:28
new to muvizu. bloombloop wrote:
After Make Video I open the file and it shows error
Hi bloomblop,

Could you tell us the error message that is shown, and some details of what is actually wrong when you open the file? If you could also let us know your PC specs then that would be very useful too.

2012/10/18 14:12:07
How to make a char fly and move at a same time jayadeava wrote:
Looking forward for ur tutorial Mr. Lev
WHOOMP, there it is!:

^ The annotations won't show up properly in this shrunken player, so you'll need to click to view it on the actual YouTube site if you need to read 'em.
edited by Lev_Dynamite on 18/10/2012
2012/10/16 16:33:33
How to make a char fly and move at a same time You can actually create a very good-looking flight scene without green screen, using nothing but Muvizu. I'm in the middle of making a quick How-To video on the matter, though I may not be able to finish that today so for anyone in a rush here's a quick guide:
1) Create the scene in Muvizu you wish for your character to be flying through, but do not put your character in the scene yet. Just make the background.
2) Go to Direct > Camera Movement and record your camera moving from left to right across the front of your scene (using the "D" key to move the camera, instead of the mouse, for smoothness).
3) "Make Video" and render out an AVI of your scene with just a camera moving left to right. This will provide the background for your character to fly in front of.
4) Go to File > New and create a new scene in Muvizu.
5) In this new scene, go to Create > Objects > Backdrops and put in a new "Super-Wide" object.
6) Now create your superhero character and place them in front of the Super-Wide object, performing the "Flying On Spot (Looped)" character action.
7) Right-click the Super-Wide object and use your AVI file from earlier as the texture for this object.
VoilĂ ! One flying superhero! Well, a superhero floating stationary against a moving backdrop, but that's movie magic for ya! If you're confused then hang tight for the aforementioned tutorial I expect to put up either today or tomorrow - it really is very straightforward and easy to do.
2012/10/11 16:31:19
hi, I do not understand how the explosion effect HughN wrote:
Sorry to thread-hijack
Don't worry about this at all! Threads on explosion effects are here for discussion on explosion effects - it doesn't matter who is posting the question, or when it's being posted.

HughN wrote:
the explosion always occurs at the start of the direct timeline
This seems to be a bug with the current version of Muvizu, which causes some effects to trigger automatically at the start of a directed scene. The only fix we have available for this right now is that you first of all accept our apologies for the inconvenience, and second of all move the first triangle in the Timeline forward a bit so that your video output will start after the initial effect trigger! This will no doubt be sorted by the next version, but in the meantime it's fairly easy to avoid showing the viewer this accidental effect trigger.

HughN wrote:
What could I be doing wrong please?
Could you tell me which step number in the guide I posted earlier you get to before you get lost? That way I could break it down for you a bit more!
2012/10/11 11:08:41
The CrucifiXion Ver 2 EEFilmz wrote:
Thanks evreybody, I didn't see this one uploaded to muvizu, kinda wondered if it would show up on the site, so people could tell me which version they like better 8) - EEF
The purpose of the Gallery is to try and showcase unique user-created material, so we tend to try to avoid clogging it up with duplicate content. From what I could see, "The CrucifiXion Ver 2" looked identical to "The CrucifiXion", except with lower quality video, so I approved ver 1 but did not approve ver 2 for the Gallery. Apologies if there are differences I didn't notice - if this is the case, let me know those differences I missed and I'll "un-unapprove" the ver 2 video!

If you're just looking for the opinion of others on which of two videos with near-identical content looks best, a forum thread seems like a better place to hold a discussion than two slots in the Gallery anyway? For what it's worth, I obviously thought version 1 looked a LOT better.
2012/9/28 15:13:11
Something is wrong with Muvizu ChrisLatta wrote:
sorry i dont know what u mean

Let's kick-off with getting your system info to us!

To do this, open Muvizu and click the "?" in the top-right corner. From the drop down menu that opens, select "About", as shown below:

After clicking on "About", the "About Muvizu" window should open (as shown below). In this window, click the "System Info" button at the bottom of the window (highlighted by the red circle):

This should then open the "System Info" window in Muvizu, which will display various specs regarding your PC that could help us understand what may be going wrong for you. If you click the "Copy" button at the bottom of the System Info window and then open an e-mail, right-click and Paste into the message body, and then send the e-mail with your system info to bugs@muvizu.com, then we can have a look at your setup and hopefully figure-out how to get Muvizu working as expected for ya!
2012/9/20 12:21:02
A Werid Problem with Muvizu Hey ChrisLatta,

As noted by ziggy72 above, it appears from the UI in the screenshot you have posted that you are using a very outdated version of Muvizu! Please visit our downloads page (http://www.muvizu.com/Download) to grab the latest version, and hopefully that will sort out your problem!

Out of curiosity, could you let us know when you actually downloaded the Muvizu software, and what website you downloaded it from? I ask because you made a post about installing Muvizu on 16th September 2012, and it's strange that you seem to have so recently obtained such an outdated version of the software!
2012/9/20 12:03:15
Favorite Characters Not showing up in certain... EEFilmz wrote:
Can you ony replace a fat man character w/a fatman character? is that how they show up in the list when you right click the fat man? only fatman characters show up in favs? etc or man chars appear in favs when you right click a man character?
That's correct. Are you trying to replace an old character with a new Favourite of a different character type? If so, that would explain why you can't get it to work!

EEFilmz wrote:
iis there a way to replace ANY character w/ any character file?
Different character types have different available attachments, animations, etc. The Favourites system is just a way of getting Muvizu to remember which attributes you chose for a specific character type, and then reusing them for that same character type at the click of a button. You couldn't save a Fat Woman character wearing a Skirt as a Favourite and then use that Favourite to skin a Blob, because the Skirt is not an available attachment for the Blob. So, no, I'm afraid it's just not possible to save attributes of one character type as a Favourite and then use those Favourite attributes on a different character type.
2012/9/19 10:56:35
Actor wearing a headset Vider wrote:
You are the One!!!!! Thanks a lot!!!!
Glad to have been of some help! Muvizu will never be able to have every object from the real world in it, but getting creative with what you have got to make it look like what you haven't really got is part of the fun sometimes.
2012/9/17 16:59:54
Actor wearing a headset Vider wrote:
Hello Friends!! Thanks for this great software, hoping new releases soon!!!

My question is, how may I do an Actor to wear a headset??

Hi, Vider, and welcome to the community! Unfortunately there is no headset object currently available in Muvizu. We'll add it to the mammoth list of "things we'll try to get around to putting in for the next version"!
In the meantime, you could always get to grips with some 3D modelling software like Google Sketchup and try to make a headset yourself and import it into Muvizu... Or it may be easier to just get creative with the objects already available to try and make them look like something else using creative camera shots? EG in this image below, I rotated a pair of glasses and positioned the camera so you could only see one leg to give the effect of a girl on a telephone headset in office:

Hope this helps!
2012/9/17 16:39:48
Video Clips As Marco said, just move these wee things!:

2012/9/17 11:06:32
Eyes wide shut HMMM. Literally just did exactly what you've done in this video and it's working fine here. This is definitely build 2012.09.11.01R you're using? Not that this problem should be present in any version, right enough, as I tend to test head & eye movement myself with each test version and have never noticed a problem!
2012/9/17 10:54:10
How do i look at Fourms i Have Created If you mean you want to view all the posts you have made on the forum, you can do so by clicking the number next to "Posts" under your name next to any of your posts. Or you can just click HERE!
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