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2012/10/27 13:21:51
Muvizu on Windows 8 Im the same way I wait atleast a year or longer to upgrade to new windows to see if its even really worth doing and let all the software company's get caught up.

I skipped Vista and stayed with XP until 7 and only just now got it a year ago lol! Thats because I decided to get a couple of custom computers built. Figured I would upgrade to 7 as majority of the issues was fixed by then with the software I enjoy using...okay okay mostly games! but still I will wait for awhile to let the dust settle on windows 8 to see if it's worth going out and getting.
2012/10/26 20:41:57
Firey Jack Love it Toonarama. Very diffrent and original. Great job!!
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2012/10/25 13:46:01
Spooky Halloween #1 challenge! congrats eveyone! Awesome pics.
2012/10/18 16:40:19
Spooky Halloween #1 challenge! Okay WozToons that for some reason just cracked me up!! lol im still giggling!!
2012/10/18 16:23:49
How to make a char fly and move at a same time Great Tutorial Lev_Dynamite!! Thanks for making it!
2012/10/18 16:15:42
This Week in gaming. Well not to be harsh but when I really started to enjoy it when you actually started to talk about gaming. The kind in the bedroom was brilliant lol Made me laugh my butt off.
I would stick more to the game topic and maybe bring it all into a casual gaming studio set. Some more polish here and there and I think you could have a great show. With game and gaming news there is always material for jokes and skits.
Love the idea. Dont throw it away I think you have something just a little more work.
Did you do all the voices. If so good work!
Hope to see more.
2012/10/17 2:56:17
Last of the Fairy Kind Thanks everyone. Actually the trees took about 20 minutes to do then took a snap shot of a bunch of tree to create backdrops to make the forest even bigger. again thanks eveyone for the comments
2012/10/15 0:21:55
Need a model or set made? Amazing as always Dylly!!
2012/10/14 15:02:36
Last of the Fairy Kind

Since its taking a longer than usual time to be added to the gallery I figure I will share my latest here also.

short film about the last fairy creature searching for his lost mate. Why are the fairy creatures leaving this world?
An experimental film where only music,cameras and actions are used to create the mood for the story

Please comment and let me know what I could do to improve. Thanks for watching.
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2012/10/14 2:19:18
Spooky Halloween #1 challenge! Wow very good Ziggy. Great work
2012/10/13 1:21:52
Need a model or set made? simonheffer wrote:
Anyway I'll add my own request now.

I'd like a jar, scalable so I can fit a character in it, made of translucent glass. Like an old fashioned jam jar with a lid. No collision.

I did find one in Sketchup but cannot seem to get the textures to come through , not sure about getting opacity/tranparency right or collisions either, despite Jamie's great tutorial.


I second this but a fish tank version. That is when your done with all the purdy women, and if your not to tired afterwards lol.
2012/10/12 21:18:53
Spooky Halloween #1 challenge! Lol I like what you done WozToons!! Really good made me laugh.
2012/10/12 15:43:20
Spooky Halloween #1 challenge!

Well here is my creation. I call it Skeleton Prank
2012/10/4 17:10:00
Muvizu Hello Mach1 and welcome to the Muvizu community!
2012/9/27 13:46:07
Sketchup to Muvizu I think we need a new program called Dylly Modeling so we can all download it and have our own Dylly modeling our stuff for us. we just type in what we want modeled and poof there it is. Woo Hoo!

But seriously Dylly thats some really amazing work you do. Im torn between learning to model or animating with Muvizu....modeling..animating....tried modelling almost killed my PC Damn Computer.. so i better stick with animating. atleast until the Dylly Modeling software is done and can be downloaded then i might take up modeling lol.
2012/9/25 1:48:53
Super heros wont turn Thanks for the fast reply. It worked great thanks
2012/9/24 1:58:48
Super heros wont turn Well I decided to make my first video using the super hero pack and guess what? Lol all they can do is walk forward, they wont turn left, wont turn right, back up nothing. Ive tried closing Muvizu and restarting it. Deleting all previous movement I dont know what else to do. I was using beefy and the herione. Now i went and made a couple of normal characters and they worked just fine. strange.
2012/9/19 0:44:38
Here's That Rainy Day... Mysto that is one great video!! Outstanding work. 13 yrs old and can sing like that wow.. when i was 13 I sang like a cat choking on a hair ball. Actually I still do
2012/9/17 1:30:57
Problem with uploading I know i seen this answer posted somewhere before. But if I may here is what I remember.
I believe it depends on when they get info back from Youtube and then they okay it. and when that happens it gets uploaded. The last video i done was uploaded in like 2 hours the rest of them took a couple of days. Its the way the site is connected with youtube. So give it a couple of days.
Hope this helps and I am sure someone with more knowledge then me will elaberate in more detail.Read Report
2012/9/14 20:53:36
My thinkings I just noticed that the Villian has no sitting actions. May I suggest some sitting actions I was going to use him in a movie were he did most of his actions sitting down but now dont think that will be possible without major work arounds which I don't think is worth the effort. We will see.
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