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2014/4/29 3:11:36
Will there be a new version of Muvizu this year? I just need something that will get me an Emmy! Maybe that is beyond any known product on the
Market. But it will give something for the Muvizu developer to strive for.
2014/4/27 1:37:36
New experimental video I too am a lefty! So a few of us are in the right frame of mind lol. It saddens me that society has gotten where everything has to be electronic or it isn't any good attitude. Shoot here in the states they are starting to stop teaching kids how to write in cursive. I will tell you one thing, I get a hand written letter in the mail and it feels like Christmas every time. There isn't anything more special.
2014/4/26 14:01:13
New experimental video "LIKE" So true Dylly so true. I still prefer a good old fashion book over any electronic one any day.
2014/4/23 3:52:00
Beware of "AntiGravity" If anything else, this has been a very entertaining thread.
Just goes to show you how tight a group Muvizu community is.
To bad he decided that he doesn't like to be part of a community.

Lucky for me I rely on my good looks to get me by and not my animation skills.
I was putting this thru a text to speech program but had to stop cuz I was ready
To shoot myself listening to it.
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2014/4/21 15:12:28
test Me thinks this forum needs a like button lol. Looking forward to watching. Love the screenshot it looks amazing.
2014/4/19 21:40:17
Coming Soon... I may jump into this cheezefest! Since I do make cheese for a living lol
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2014/4/17 4:18:41
Almost human Brilliant work Fazz!
2014/4/15 2:26:34
Coming Soon... Really liking the photos Ziggy! I hate crowds, even in Muvizu!! Would be awesome if they had a crowd action tab for animating crowds all at once.

Any time frame on completion there Ziggy?
2014/4/15 2:16:35
Just One Piece Competition yeppers! been working away at it for a few days. Still have a few more days of work to do One question...Is that the right facebook address they want on the end of the video? I copied and pasted it to the address bar and didn't get their facebook page. I want to make sure I am putting right info on the video

2014/4/13 19:31:30
Busted The Movie - Gaguing Interest If your wanting to be a writer than I would brush up on script writing and post your work a web site that caters to writers.

For example here is a pretty good site

But over all I would recommend what primaveranz had already said. But I would add schooling into that mix.

To be honest to be noticed for any skill as a hobbyist would be a million to one shot. It could happen but I wouldn't quit your day job lol.

Good luck.
2014/4/8 4:23:36
Coming Soon... Looking great Ziggy can't wait to see it finished
2014/4/7 1:41:53
The Duck Song Thanks Urban lol. This video is special because it starred my very first asset made in blender....the grocery bag!! Only took all day but I got it done lol.
2014/4/6 2:52:31
The Duck Song Lmao Ziggy! Thanks for the comments.
I have been really working on my lighting since the help you given me on my "What?" video.
the lighting in this is basically a main light with a touch of yellow.
a main spotlight with white.
two side spotlights with blue coloring and a back spotlight that was white.
The spotlights were not as bright as the main and softness about half of full soft.
I have to say I am glad you liked it. I believe its the three light principle used in older films

I think my wife was ready to shoot me. If she has to hear this song any time soon she will
Crack. I dont wear ear phone so I can torment her lol.
2014/4/5 15:59:18
The Duck Song Bryant Oden gave me permission to do a newer video of the Duck Song. Not to mention my grand kids have been wanting me to make it for awhile also.
Special shout out to Urbanlamb, Fazz68, and Ziggy72 can't thank them enough!

So here it is for all to enjoy! Thanks for watching!

2014/4/4 22:53:23
Movie Poster font So I found this site and love the font. It works great for making those credits at the bottom of the movie posters. It comes with a word document so show you all the short cut keys to add wording for example directed by is place by simply typing lower case k Than just use caps to put in the name of director

Thought you all might like it

A quick example of one of a project I am finishing up on