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2011/8/12 1:50:51
Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Yes, once you are bitten by the "Muvizu bug" there's no return! Enjoy the ride!
2011/8/10 22:27:12
Remove Character Actions What He Said i agree
2011/8/10 22:25:55
Which video editing software do you use? I've been using AVS video editor. It has enough cool features to keep my interest and is fairly simple to figure out and use. Editing videos is not one of my strongest areas of expertise. If you watch any of my animations all of the titles, cuts and fades are pretty simple stuff.
2011/8/10 1:26:01
Commercial Productions RightURKen wrote:
mysto wrote:
You never know what may turn up in the future.

Working on something?

There are a few irons in the fire. I've been collaborating with a few other fellow Muvizuer's on the Garage Band Blues series (Dreeko and Danimal) and things seem to be rolling along quite nicely. Each one of us has our own unique ideas and talents that are transforming the GB Blues project into something that would not have been possible if I were working on it alone. It all started with an idea I had for a little band animation and it is rapidly turning into something that just may have some pretty good potential.

I would love to be working on a commercially viable project but I don't think that's why we're working on this one. I think we're working on it just for the fun of doing it, because we all like creating animations with Muvizu. If others are entertained by our work then that makes it all the more worthwhile. If by chance some where down the road someone comes along and thinks our project is good enough to "go commercial" I guess we'll take things from there.

I'm not the best to give advice but if someone did ask me I'd say to come up with an idea, get a few other talented people willing to lend a hand and then just "go with it". Feed off of each others ideas and suggestions and you'll be surprised at what the outcome might be.

Collaboration is a good thing!

We're not working on our project for the sole purpose of going commercial, we're doing our project for our own fun and entertainment and for the fun and entertainment of others. Maybe one day we'll decide to try and do something commercial but for the time being we seem to be having a blast with our little series. Stay tuned for what we come up with!
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2011/8/9 2:59:00
Commercial Productions You never know what may turn up in the future.
2011/8/8 18:46:39
Nick Danger episodes removed from Muvizu Why would Nick Danger get banned in Germany? That's crazy!
2011/8/6 20:50:28
Western Showdown ziggy72 wrote:
<cough> may wish to look at my video "A Fistful Of Coders"...

I just watched it again and I must say Zig it gets funnier each time I see it. Great stuff!
2011/8/3 20:41:12
Break Up Stories:- Need a few Animators... Good one there Wizaerd!
2011/8/3 17:55:31
Random requests! Dreeko wrote:
Wizaerd wrote:

Not saying it's a bad idea mind you, I just thing it's be a real bear to implement.

oh,I have faith in the crazy coders that beaver away at Muvizu HQ


We always have the Dreeko signal!!! Toast
2011/8/1 20:37:44
Is this a new feature? I've gotten that from time to time but it doesn't seem to effect anything I'm doing other than the fact it looks strange.
2011/7/30 3:53:58
Sci-Fi Dungeon Quality stuff Danimal! A mini-series would be great!
2011/7/30 2:23:57
QUEEN COMPETITION MAKE A VIDEO If I would have found out about this awhile back I would have had a go at it. According to the website submissions for round 1 are due in on August 3rd and that's next Wednesday. 3 days is just not enough time I'm afraid.
2011/7/26 20:46:29
Instead of waypoints... My 7 year old Granddaughter has shown an interest in Muvizu here lately so I've been letting her "play around" with the program a bit. While she doesn't understand how to use most of features ( and probably doesn't care about them anyway) she has grasped the basics pretty well. She knows how to create a character and to get it to walk around and so far she thinks that alone is pretty cool.

Muvizu as it is at this point in time is doing pretty well at offering total "newbies" a way of being able to animate something quickly and easily without the need for hours and hours of tutorials or training and yet has quite a few more advanced features to satisfy (for the most part) the more experienced and advanced animators.

IMHO the cool thing about Muvizu is that you can get as simple or as advanced (to a point) as you wish to. There aren't many other 3d animation programs available that can say that.

I think having a Muvizu "basic" and a Muvizu "advanced" is a great idea!
2011/7/25 18:37:02
Problem! babybell11 wrote:
how do u start 2 make animitions xx soooooo confused xx :'(

If you look at the top of the Muvizu site you'll see a button that says Tutorials. Have a look at those and you'll be off to a pretty good start.
2011/7/24 18:08:21
Cheap(ish) laptop I found this laptop at newegg and have been thinking about buying one. Seems like a fairly powerful laptop for the price.
2011/7/24 18:01:16
Cheap(ish) laptop glasgowjim wrote:

I am looking forward to getting the bits and putting it all together - now that PC cases don't try to eat your hands like they did in the '90s.

I still have scars from those old cases!!!
2011/7/24 15:52:15
Static Mode When all else fails cheat and sidestep the problem. What a great phrase! I have used many "cheats and sidesteps" while using Muvizu. I have a few that I would like to share with everyone as soon as I can figure out how to explain things to where everyone will understand.

I have a tendency to do things "on the fly", meaning that I'll get the results I want by "fiddling and tweaking" without really giving much thought as to how I actually did it. The end result is that I know how to get around certain issues but have difficulty trying to explain to others exactly how I did it.

Maybe if I collaborated with a few of the talented "tutorial guys" on here they could help me get a few of my Muvizuu tips posted.
2011/7/23 7:37:06
v0.16b Feedback RightURKen wrote:
Does this update fix the problem in the 64 bit version not working right with a lot of characters with motion? I had to switch to the 32 bit version because of this. Can I try the 64 bit again?

From what I have experienced so far the newest release of the 64bit version seems to be working fine with several characters in motion. I too had the same issues with the previous release of the 64bit version and went back to the 32bit version to do my animation. The newest 64bit release is working great for me with many characters. Give it a go and let us know how things are working out for you.
2011/7/22 22:02:29
v0.16b Feedback I guess I've been lucky so far because I've not had any problems or error messages while running Muvizu 64bit or 32bit. None at all! (knocking on wood)
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2011/7/22 19:13:29
Colour picker/eyedropper Dreeko wrote:
Danimal wrote:
I can just see it: I'll finally get used to the quirky camera and character movement and--BAM--a whole new quirky interface to learn.laugh

As interfaces go, it's got to be one of the easiest to pick up you have to admit..

It's hardly Maya!

Yes, the Muvizu interface is one of the easiest to figure out and learn fairly quickly. I remember when I first started using the program that it only took me an hour or so to figure out where things where and what they did.

I've been using Maya and other programs for quite awhile and still haven't figured out everything about the UI yet. Granted, Muvizu "aint no Maya" but on the other hand Maya "aint no Muvizu" either!
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