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2011/7/19 20:35:19
up loader problem simonheffer wrote:
I've had problems with the uploader using FireFox 5. When I select Upload file from the upload menu I just get a blank window with "upload video" at the bottom. If I switch to IE (using IE tab) it's OK.

That's strange, I use FireFox 5.0.1 and I haven't had any problems.
2011/7/14 20:34:38
Muvizu's long range plans I suggest that if you have any questions about using Muvizu for commercial use to ask Vince. He's a really nice fellow and will answer any questions that you may have.

I might point out that he does have friends in high places that can nuke a flea off of a dogs butt from outer space so be nice. LOL Toast
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2011/7/12 18:15:56
Layered Animations while moving I do things both ways actually. It all depends on what the characters are doing in the scene at the time. Sometimes I'll direct the actions first, and then do the movement only to find that after I've moved the character around a bit that another action may look good in a certain spot so I'll add it.

I do a LOT of "fiddling around" with the actions on the timeline to try and get the timing of things "just right". It may not be the way others do things but it seems to work well for me. In the end like Dreeko said, it's a matter of personal preference.
2011/7/10 16:37:19
Uploaded to YouTube, but how do I do so here too? I think you've done a really good job for your first Muvizu animation. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.
2011/7/7 5:12:48
The Garage Band Blues Episode #1... Well, after much work and collaboration with my friend Dreeko here it is, episode #1 of The Garage Band Blues. We hope everyone enjoys our creation.

2011/7/1 22:08:49
Easter Eggs Dreeko wrote:
I reckon there's a movie to be made from this thread
The killing yolk
the long good fried egg

2011/7/1 20:26:47
Easter Eggs ziggy72 wrote:
Okay, everyone, enough with stressing over these things - the easter eggs are just codes that can show up randomly (on backdrops at the very least) that let you watch a little hidden movie, that's all. They don't effect Muvizu, they don't unlock features, you can live without them, so everyone, please, chill out and get back to making mad movies

What He Said Toast
2011/6/26 17:37:45
The Barmy Buccaneer Great Stuff! I do a bit of hand drawn animation myself. If you ever need an extra set of hands let me know, I'd be glad to do some more hand drawn stuff! Again, great stuff there UK!
2011/6/21 18:59:14
Spartacus Murphy Nice job Dreeko. Toast
2011/6/21 1:10:13
After Downloading and installing... Danimal wrote:
glasgowjim wrote:
I guess your pole might cause some friction burns......

Oh, the endless possibilities with this line. But, I shall refrain. laugh

My thoughts exactly! OMG
2011/6/14 19:36:27
Facial animation dwino wrote:
Hmmmm. I mostly agree with D, but not entirely. What is currently in Muvizu is fun and creative, but many features are half-baked at their current state. Along the way, in order to get things going on Muvizu the developers have had to say 'this'll do for now" several times.

I don't mind if they keep chipping away without the fully formed feature, as long as they lay a good foundation for things to blossom over time. So I wouldn't wish for things to be half-baked in terms of Muvizu going down an alternative road that's so-so. However, I don't mind half-baked if it's the start of a good facial animation system that is not yet fully featured.

Very well put! Great post. Toast
2011/6/14 3:53:15
Computer not fast enough? I have both the 32 bit and the 64 bit versions loaded on my system and they both run great. Actually, for reasons unknown the 32 bit version does seem to handle the more complex scenes and character animations a bit faster than the 64 bit version.
2011/6/13 17:44:27
Facial animation Since more control over facial animation seems to be a ways off maybe if we had a few more different moods to choose from? Disgusted, shy, surprised, shocked, coy, bewildered, etc.

I've been working on a few projects where the characters should give more of a a disgusted or shocked look. I've been messing with different variations of the angry and scared moods to try and get the look I'm after but I'm not quite getting the look I would like. A few of the presently available moods would work if the character didn't automatically go into the "pose" set for that particular mood. I could use the look on their face but the pose they go into to get that look isn't right for what I need. It's not a big deal as I'll find a "workaround" to get what I am after but it would be great to have more moods to choose from if possible.

Should I put my suggestions on post-it notes and send them to your office? Oh wait, you don't have any room for more post-it notes and besides, I don't want to see any more dragons being shot. I know, I'll fire up the Dreeko signal and see what happens!!!

Great software guys! Keep up the good work! Toast
2011/6/12 2:35:22
Interface & Timeline Yes, there are good things a coming! I'm working on a few projects at the moment but I'd be glad to lend a hand to anyone who needs it. Just let me know. Collaboration is indeed a great thing!
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2011/6/6 17:33:42
Muvizu and mice Luscan wrote:
I picked up the mouse I use at home for £14.99. Came with a keyboard and both are wireless. A piece of advice if you're thinking of buying a wireless keyboard/mouse would be to not bother. They chew through battery very quickly and, even though there's less cabling to get in the way, there can be a fairly noticeable amount of lag between the movement of your hand and the movement of the pointer.

That being said this probably won't be an issue in Muvizu since it's not realllllly about quick movement.

And now, because I can, I'm going to put in a picture of a mouse with 19 buttons on it.

edit - aaaaargh! Neil!
edited by Luscan on 06/06/2011

Isn't that what they use to fly the new Airbus? Wow, it would take me a few months just to figure out where the hell all the buttons were on it. My "old school" 3 button mouse works great for me at the moment. Toast
2011/6/3 21:04:09
How make the character sit on bed freakmoomin wrote:
or you could try just reducing the height of the bed in the scaling propertys after de-selecting the 'can be stood on'

I've done this before. I believe adjusting the z-axis will bring the height down to where you want it to be.
2011/6/2 21:55:12
Problem with New Upgade That's what you get for asking for a dragon!
2011/6/2 21:16:12
Problem with New Upgade I haven't encountered that one before. Very strange!
2011/5/30 1:11:57
Industrial-scale collaboration Mysto - Character movement - animation / Set design
(preferred choices. Happy with others a swell though!)

Dreeko - voices/head & eyes direction
(preferred choices. Happy with others a swell though!)
edited by mysto on 30/05/2011
2011/5/27 18:02:30
Fart in the Park 2 toonarama wrote:
Good to see that your standards haven't raised Mysto

I tried raising my standards but I found out it wasn't nearly as fun! Thanks for the comments folks!

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