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2021/3/28 22:35:24
A video to help your feet. When your feet are killing you, this might be just what you need!
2021/3/22 22:05:38
The Finally Revealed Beginnings Of Ablazing Man! In my latest video, how Ablazing Man came to be can finally be revealed!
2021/3/18 9:01:56
a lost episode in the development of heavier than Here's my latest video, "Gravity Defied", a lost episode in the development of heavier than air flight:
2021/2/22 23:26:27
A special message to all aliens. Here's my latest video "Attention All Aliens". It's a special message to aliens of extraterrestrial origin from the N.P.A.:
2021/2/16 23:25:15
A villian seeks revenge. Here's my latest video. After escaping from prison, The Confounder intends to get his revenge on the man who put him in there, the Mighty Slug!
2021/2/1 0:24:26
A short P.S.A. Here's my latest video, a short P.S.A. about chaos:
2021/1/17 16:12:44
It's all in the name, isn't it? It's all in the name, isn't it? Here's my latest video:
2021/1/11 23:55:18
A message from very, very far away arrives. Here's my latest video where a farmer named Roy is on the receiving end of a message from very far away.
2021/1/3 0:17:03
A PSA for something we all do. You do it all the time and never even think of it.
2020/12/29 8:28:26
A Time Ship In Trouble In my latest video a Time Ship becomes damaged while traveling in the Time Vortex.
"Tomorrow Is Just Another Yesterday"
2020/12/7 12:53:07
A Christmas video that suits the year 2020. Here's my latest video made especially for the 2020 Christmas season. Milos Minotaur has a lonely Christmas ahead of him in a city that doesn't want him.
2020/11/16 12:26:33
A new super hero video Tangerine Athena meets the new hero in town in "A Shining Beacon Of Justice"
2020/11/2 11:52:45
A scif-fi video Here's my new video: "Loss Of Function"
2020/10/19 6:25:36
A new Video for Hallowe'en! Here's a video I've just uploaded for Hallowe'en called "The Rarest Kind Of Zombie".

2020/9/13 23:52:43
My first video: Meet The Super

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