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2018/12/21 22:43:05
Custom Charcters Hello everyone, for years now I have been making custom characters for my videos, like the Star Wars characters all the way to Iron Man,now it's time for me to help you make custome characters for your videos, introducing DigiFactor's custom Characters service, don't worry all custom characters or cheap, no more then $6.50 or less!

For more details goto DigiFactor's Custom Characters page!
2018/11/26 8:57:22
The Digi Live Show My Digi Live show is going to start!
2018/11/17 23:04:25
New Website clayster2012 wrote:
Farscaper wrote:
Great idea.
Slight typo on the banner. Should be "featured".

Are you sure?
edited by clayster2012 on 2018/11/4 sorry about that I see it now,,,I didn't realize it, sometimes when I get in a hurry I do that, Fixed now!
2018/11/17 22:25:57
Pac Man Madness My Friend Kevin Eddy wanted me to make a cartoon of him, so I Had to put him in a pacman game, now the sign in the arcade was misspelled on purpose to annoy the drunks that comes in the arcade, anyways enjoy!

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2018/11/11 13:51:41
Dirk the Viking (Fishy Revenge) This short video of Dirk the Viking being Bullied by a fish shows how using the Key Frame Feature to animate imported objects so they can be used as Charaters and Props, as you watch the video you will see a variety of interesting techniques that can be made using the Key Frame feature, I am willing to share these techniques with everyone so you can start getting the use of the full power of Muvizu, every technique you see in this video will taught how in the Digi LIve on DigiFactor on 11/22/18 @ 10 pm Central time!

So if you would like learn these techniques then Visit DigiFactor at the Link below,
and if you like then sign up and become apart of a new Muvizu Community at DigiFactor!
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2018/11/9 14:05:21
No audio With the keyframe you can make your characters do alot more when you use cutome textures and attachments, I will demonstrate those in the Digi Live show on the 22nd, and for the white shirt advice thats no problem, just always remember that lighting makes thing show a lot better, mostly colors!
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2018/11/8 23:44:11
No audio Hmmm.. I looked at all of the characters and played around with their expresions, but I can't seem to get them to make that same smile like in your video, the man character seems to be the one close to it but dosen't quite close all the way, not sure how that smile at the end was possible, but I do have a work around for that issue, but it requires the keyframe feature which I hope you have, let me know if you do or not, if so I'll make you a little short tutorial that will make it simple for you!

And for the white shirt, don't choose the white colored squares at the top, choose the one in the colors at the bottm right, if it still looks gray then that's because there is no light, go to create and create light and add a point of light, then move it somewhere in front of the character and you should see the white color!
2018/11/7 22:28:58
No audio deedee23 wrote:
The site didn't notify me that you sent a response. I just saw it when I came to the forum and clicked on my post.

I've been doing what you mentioned below. I'm going to record my steps and upload the video o YouTube so you can see what I've been doing when I get home from work this evening. Maybe I missed something.

I'm also going to include video I did a few years ago that shows the character with the kind of smile I want but haven't been able to do so far on this newer version of Muvizu.

I'm looking forward to 11/22!

Ok that works! Also I have a forum on my site for everyone to join, there I could help you more!
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2018/11/4 0:50:40
New Website Farscaper wrote:
Great idea.
Slight typo on the banner. Should be "featured".

Are you sure?
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2018/11/3 12:22:12
Alien Grey Episode 2 Ok I figured I would go ahead post the video here, but I have a lot more on my website and more to come!

2018/11/2 23:03:09
No audio Also to remind you of my Livestream on November 22nd, I will be showing how to control expressions and textures with keyframe in the timeline!
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2018/11/2 22:47:24
No audio Ok not sure what your questions were. but let's see if any of these will be of help!

if your needing to know how to change the characters expresions such as smiles or sad the image below should help!

1.Depending on what kind of mood you want your character to be in then 1 and 2 should show you how to set Initial mood, but make sure your character is selected first!

2. to control the expressions or smiles right click on character and click edit like image #3, then click on the Body Tab, in expessive you can control the expression by sliding the slider left and right like image #4!

For the shirt this image should Help!

Select the character and right click and click the edit like in image #1, in the Apperance tab go down to top and select it like image #2, you have the opition to select a short sleeve or long sleeve, in image #3 you can change the color, now if you want to add your own textures to your character then go back to # 2 and select Decals, you will have the options to change texture for chest, Back, and Custom textures like in image #4,
cutom texture is for the whole body of the character, you can get the templates from Anizu for now, but Im working on adding the templates to my site later on!

On another note, I do have a forum on my site, so if you have more question you can sign up and post there, I will most likely get a notifaction of your post and then I can help you better!
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2018/10/31 21:23:03
HAPPY HALLOWEEN form DIGIFACTOR Animation Happy Halloween everyone have a safe night!

2018/10/28 7:17:34
All New Alien Grey! You can now view my all new Alien Grey with all new improvements along with my original stories, starting with episode 1, you can watch it on my website from the link below!
2018/10/24 14:23:52
No audio deedee23 wrote:
Thanks for letting me know. I will be there!

Great will be glad to have you aboard, see you then!
2018/10/24 14:21:26
No audio Hey glad it helped, Like I said I'll be hosting a Live stream show on my website on a few muvizu tutorials, even tricks on how to animate imported characters and objects, it starts November 22 at 10:pm central time!
2018/10/24 13:50:50
No audio I'll be doing a few live tutorials on Digi LIve on my website, one will be for the timeline, but it doesn't start until November 22, so if you like to learn a few thing that I do than your more then welcome to join!
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2018/10/24 13:34:42
No audio Ok then what you may need to do is go back to prepare audio to check each audio clip to see if it still has audio by selecting edit, if it doesn't then you may need to import it back in, after doing that select your character from your set, then go to prepare dialog, your character should already be selected because you have it selected from the set, now click on Lipsync and select the audio that you are going to use, then make sure that you have the image with the word balloon selected in the Initial talking, then click switch to direct, the timeline will pop up and turned orange, then go to the timeline from the tools tab, now drag your audio to the point of the timeline where your character starts talking, hopefully that should fix the problem, lot's of time I have that issue of loosing audio and I have to import back in only because that I forget to save sometimes, so make sure you save!
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2018/10/23 21:24:06
No audio Hi deedee23 I sometimes have that problem to, so whenever that happens I usually just restart Muvizu by saving my progress and restarting it, it happen whenever have Muvizu is running for long periods of time, and if that doesn't work then try restarting your computer that usually helps to, but before you do go into muvizu's options in the file tab at the top of Muvizu and check to see if the volume is turned up, it should be by default, but it never hurts to check, let me know if any of these help!

2018/10/22 13:03:03
New Website Featured Video on home page!

Featured Video viewing area!

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