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2017/3/4 4:30:06
Things I'd like to see in Muvizu. primaveranz wrote:
You are quite right Clayster, I apologise for doubting the existence of your son.
But I would suggest that you send his siblings to a better educational institution. Unless they are keen on learning craft-based hobbies .
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Apology excepted, not sure what you mean by that remark but they have already been selected by the finest Collages and have been given scholarships,so they are much set for their future educations,also I think you owe Doby an Apology for the remarks you made about him/her because to me that made him/her sound a little out of place here on the forum, you don't have to make useful post to be here on the forum in fact you really don't have to post at all, and if they did then they have the freedom to post their take on any topic even if its agreeing with someone or just posting their thoughts of any topic, also I want to add is when you make rude and uncalled for remarks about anyone really is uncalled for and makes you no better then other people who dose it, we all make mistakes even if it was wrong but you know what, we learn from our mistakes and try not to do them again even if the wrong was done to me, but I still forgive just like I forgive you and still willing to be your friend and forget about it!

Have a bless night!
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2017/3/3 22:07:31
Things I'd like to see in Muvizu. primaveranz wrote:
doby wrote:

I agree wholeheartedly Clayster. Well put.

Another very useful post from Doby...oh wait a minute ...he hasn't made any so far.

My spidey sense tingles and tells me that the only people who agree with Clayster these days, are him and his imaginary son who is still at "Collage" (sic) . But thanks for the post....Dobyster. Big Grin

I am too old to play these games, but when you accuse me of lying about having a son well that draws the line, I have 4 wonderful kids two girls and two boys, two is in collage, one in the 12th grade and one in the 11th, here for a while I was ignoring stupid remarks and just kept quiet, but when you say I make up my kids then I'll step in and say something, you can say all you want about me I don't care, but never say anything about me making up my kids, and another thing Doby may not have any good post right now but doesn't mean he/she ever wont, and never assume he/she never will because you maybe surprised!
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2017/1/13 18:24:59
superman Here's a superman I made a while back, it's more of the christopher Reeve superman.!Anu_YqTWpyyChIVIig9ES6I5sWmGDg
2017/1/5 14:25:38
Character sets old and new My dropbox I think has been hacked, when I tried to download one of my sets I think it infected my computer and damaged my hard drive on my desktop, so I took down the links so no one else will get hurt, I tried to cancel my dropbox service so if anyone still has the links please don't try to download them, I want to go back and check but Im afraid to, my laptop is all I got right now!
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2017/1/2 2:02:41
New Character Well Pat I did have help, but first I did try to remodel everything but the head and chest plates was a little more advance in detail for me I'm sorry to say, this was a difficult Character to get into muvizu but I was determined to get it to work, so I request permission from 3Dgenerators to use their face mask and textures, the rest I did in milkshape by just using plains,boxes, and spheres and then just applied the textures, and the textures alone is fully detailed that it makes the plains look alive with details, it took many tries to get it right considering that I had to correct errors in the models but the hard work was worth it and I'm happy with the results, so like I mentioned in the first post most of the credit goes to 3Dgenerators I'm just more of the converter to get it into muvizu!
2016/12/31 18:32:57
New Character Ok I was going to wait until muvizu posted it in the store but it was meant to be a christmas gift to everyone, but since it's already late and I don't it to wait too long, so I'm going to go ahead and post it, just Like the star wars characters it isn't my creation that credit belongs the creators of this sci fi character, I just recreated it for the muvizu platform,of course I had to make my own model peaces to make him work and I really didn't know how to make it's textures so I got them from 3Dgenerators which they got them from VG, who ever that is, anyways I know their are a lot fans of sci fi movies so I hope this helps to make your own.


2016/12/31 17:50:12
how to import a character created in blender marietto2008 wrote:
I think that the muvizu characters are good only for certain kind of animations,not for everything. They make me laugh and I think I can use them to animate grotesque / comic stories ; the big eyes that come out of their orbits,the clumsy bodies are nice,but not for serious stories. Anyway,can you give me more informations about the tecnique that you said before ? I'm a newbie in the animation area,what's mean "export them as green screen video which can be merged with your Muvizu output in a video editor" ? do you have some tutorial to suggest me to learn this tecnique ? thanks.
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Yes the animation is limited, a lot of times I wished they would add more animations like sword fighting, that would really go great for star wars scene and I can have lightsaber duels, or animation for riding horses like they do bikes,and a lot of others, but for now we have to make due to what we have, there are ways to work around the limited animations and there are a lot of us that think out of the box to make it work,and for the eyes,well they can be managed in different ways to suit what you need and they can help express different emotions with your characters,by using the slide bar to adjust them here is some examples!

this is just a few different ways, you can try all of the different eyes and tinker with them, use the slide bars to adjust them until you get the style your looking for, or one that will work! You can also replace the default eyes with your own but you won't be able to animate them, like this character here!

I just made two GeoSpheres in Milkshape and used Photo Shop to create the textures for the eyes, then I exported them in Ase, then I replaced the default eyes with them, but the only fallback I have is they can't be animated, but it still makes for a serious looking character, as long as don't keep the camera on him too long people wouldn't notice, this just some of the examples, later on I will be making tutorials on how to do modding the Characters with attachments, those should give you an idea on how to make your Characters look different!
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2016/12/31 5:58:34
how to import a character created in blender MrDrWho13 wrote:
I can't help out with the quality of the model because I don't fully understand what makes models work in Muvizu, but I thought I'd let you know you can't rig that character in Muvizu so you'll only have a static object. (Just so you know)

Also you can"t use too many textures for one object, if you do it will just float in mid air and you can't move it or edit, the best thing to do is make one big texture with the ones you got and remap the object, plus you can only use Characters that came with muvizu, unless you want it to be a static object for prop characters!
2016/12/31 5:48:04
how to import a character created in blender Once I gets some time I will make a tutorial on how to add attachments, I'm about to wrap a few things up with my job, seems I wont start until spring, right now I'm working on a couple of freelance cartoon jobs for a BBQ Cafe, but once that's done I'll start making resources for a tutorial.
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2016/12/30 22:47:32
Hello ! Just Got Muvizu Today ! That was very good for your first so keep it up, I'm looking forward of seeing more from you, and if you have any questions or need help with anything Im here to help!
2016/12/29 21:53:26
A strange Star Wars Spoof! I use Hitfilm pro, I been using it since it was Fxhome, since they added all of these new effects I wanted to try something different, so I decided to combined star wars a doctor strange to start off!
2016/12/29 20:42:12
A strange Star Wars Spoof! Hey everyone just wanted to share my new spoof, I mostly made this to experiment with special effects and to test my new character attachments and prop sets, anyways I'm still having a little problem getting master Windu's attachments to work the way I wont them, and when it comes to battle scenes I'm not too good at making them but I tried, still makes for a good laugh though, and I made up things as I went so I hope you enjoy!

2016/12/29 16:33:15
Character sets old and new You did fine Rocgue, I see nothing wrong of what you just said, you need to express yourself more and never be afraid of what people think, as long as you hide from what you really want to do then you will never be heard or seen, and when Carrie Fisher past away my heart was broken, The Princess is gone at least from what I read they did rap up all of the shooting in Star Wars episode 8, so we will get to see her play her role one last time, and I know when I watch it I will be emotional, I'm sure when the film is released it will make a big hit at the box office because more people will see it so they can commemorate her like I will, and I have already planned a tribute video so I can commemorate her more, I'm a really big fan of star wars have been since I was a kid, I even have all of the star wars action figures from Kenner which is now owned by Hasbro, most of them are still in its packages and dated from the 70's and from what I know they are worth a lot of money, but I'll never part with them, they are apart of my child hood and my love for star wars, right now I have the Princess Leia doll on my computer desk to help me get inspired for my tribute.
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2016/12/28 23:10:41
Character sets old and new Thanks dewi, I just want everyone to remember, I'm not taking credit for the star wars Characters, These are just recreation I made for the Muvizu Platform, The real and up most credit goes to Gorge Lucus for Creating these wonderful and fantastic sci fi characters that struck the imagination of everyone around the world, even thought Disney owns them now, But Gorge will always be The true father of Star Wars and Disney can never change that!

Your the Man Gorge Lucus!
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2016/12/28 21:26:52
Character sets old and new I did upload these over the weekend to the store, I'm guessing they will post them when they return, if not I will submit a ticket to support to make sure they got them, I just went ahead and posted links from my dropbox just in case anybody needed them now, what you see in the pictures is what will be loaded into your scene, once loaded up you right click on each character and go to edit, click on the favorite tab and click the save button at the bottom right, that will save each character to the characters favorites, once their in the store they will show up in the new scene box under the online section!
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2016/12/28 18:44:45
Character sets old and new Yes I thought about doing a tutorial on attachments after the New Years, I'm getting my old job back so I will have to manage some time to do them.
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2016/12/28 17:15:38
Character sets old and new My dropbox has been hacked, so I had to take out all of my sets and cancel the service, I have all of my sets on USB,I am planning on moving everything thing to my Onedrive, but I'm not sure when or if I'll have them back up,so im sorry for the inconvenience!
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2016/12/26 21:52:51
Character sets old and new Hey everyone, I Have uploaded all of my old Star Wars character back into the store, guess their not back from the holidays yet, anyways I split them up in into different sets this time, The Empire, Rebellion, and Tatooine, I added 8 new characters to them and I improved the Storm Trooper so now he doesn't look all pixel with triangles and I gave him texture, I had them up before and you may have them already but youstill may want to download them again for the new Characters and improved storm Trooper, plus I made a Predator Character just out of boredom, I uploaded them Last Friday night and I guess the muvizu staff are still out or just busy, so hopefully they will be up before next week

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2016/12/26 4:58:41
Categories All I know is, if you have imported a character or an object you can save them in you favorites, when you do that all character will go into you characters favorites, and all object will go into the objects favorites, I don't think there's an option to make your own category.
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2016/12/26 4:26:18
I know we have forum members from all over the world, people of different faiths and nationalities. I'll let anyone who celebrates a different season announce it for himself... but I celebrate Christmas, and as such I want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!

I also want to thank the people of this forum for being so helpful and participative! This is by far one of the most civil forums I've ever had the pleasure to join!

I also want to thank the staff at Muvizu for all the work they do to make this amazing product available to us. My retirement is a lot more interesting because of Muvizu... and because of your hard work!

And a special call-out to Jamie Hill! Who here has NOT been helped by Jamie? He's the guy who keeps us all from throwing up our hands in despair... (Thanks my friend! You're a good man)

Yes Thanks Jamie, you was always there when I needed your help, also Pat I want to think you for being there not only for me but for everyone else, you cheered us on and you gave all that big push that we needed, I also want to thank everyone else who never stop liking me here no matter how things went before, I know now who my friends are! so I'm going to wish everyone a Merry Christmas by leaving everyone some special treats in the store, some of the stuff I had there before but with add on's and improvements, and some new added items as well all for free and my gift to everyone, I uploaded them yesterday so hopefully they will be there tomorrow or sometimes this week, so make sure yaw all download them and enjoy!

Merry Christmas my friends!
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