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2014/1/20 18:11:34
get assets fazz68 wrote:
the bung me a few quid was a joke like i said this is all fun for me, id love to spend all day doing nothing but muvizu but it will never pay my food bills or rent or put clothes on my back. theres not enough time in the day for me to do my own projects let alone other peoples. im more than happy to make the odd asset for someone if i have the time but im not going to do the whole muvizu process for someone. i do have a life away from muvizu animating and it keeps me more than busy. do my videos look more professional and in depth? i dont think so. i spend a lot of time getting things to look how i think they should look but i wouldnt say my videos look better than anyone elses, ive made some right old rubbish in the past. you get out of muvizu as much as you put into it and the more you use muvizu the better you will become at using it. im still learning how to use muvizu all the time to get the best out of it, theres always a new trick or something someone will come up with on this forum about how to do something and i think to myself " thats pretty cool i think i'll have a go at that" anyway ramble over i have a dog that needs walking as he is telling me by sitting on my feet and staring at me with sad eyes and crossed legs.

okay, if you have a change of mind, my contact is

2014/1/20 17:38:31
get assets fazz68 wrote:
credit me... dont credit me.... im really not that bothered. all assets i make and upload here i make for my own videos. if someone else has a use for them then thats all good. do i expect any financial reward for them now or in the future? nope (unless you want to bung me a few quid when you become famous Big Grin ) i enjoy making assets as much as i enjoy making muvizu animations, its all part of the fun for me.

over to you urbanlamb Big Grin
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i appreciate this comment, but why wait until i am famous for me to "bung" you "a few quid"? can i "bung" you a "few quid" now for small muvizu projects? your muvizu animations look more in-depth, more professional, than what muvizu itself has (or what other muvizu animators make). why is that?

2014/1/20 16:54:18
get assets i understand that style="color:rgb(43, 46, 47)"> are created and uploaded by users who are choosing to make these assets available for public non-commercial use.

however, even if one is making a muvizu animation for non-commercial use, one can not tell if down the road, a commercial opportunity comes up, such as entering a film festival, etc....

can't those who provide assets make it clear here and now, what they want, even if just a name credit, so that a headache can be avoided down the road?

2014/1/20 16:50:09
Cartoon-Cartoon why do some muvizu cartoon looks better, or more 3d, than other muvizu cartoons?
2014/1/20 15:42:06
Help With Sony Vegas primaveranz wrote:
I know this thread is old but thought I'd just add, if you are using Sony Vegas make sure you select all of the video clips, right click choose 'switches' and ensure 'disable resampling' is selected before rendering. It can make a huge difference especially if you have cameras panning while an actor is also moving.
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can sony vegas natively edit a muvizu file, as in a .set file?
2014/1/20 15:41:02
Help With Sony Vegas ziggy72 wrote:
Yup, I use Vegas 11 with Muvizu's iYUV codec and they're just fine - using an uncompressed file always gives you a better result. One question though - why output the project at 1080 when Muvizu can only put out 720? Seems a bit wasteful

was the above quote made before muvizu was able to output at 1080?
2014/1/20 15:27:50
HIRE ANIMATORS i am looking for a muvizu animator who can help me with my muvizu projects, and i am willing to pay "fiverr" rates.
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