Welcome to the Muvizu wiki.

Here you will find lots of useful tips and tricks for using the Muvizu:Play+ application and for using the website.

It's a open access wiki so if you have any tricks you want to add or workarounds you know for a problem, just login and add a new page with all the information! This really gives power to the Muvizu community to help each other by sharing and building on our collective knowledge and experience to help other users.

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About and Muvizu:Play+ / Muvizu:Pro

  1. - all about the website and its operation
  2. Muvizu:Play+- all about the application

Tutorials and 3D object import

  1. How to.. learn the basics and the advanced here
  2. Importing objects, tips, tricks and tutorials

Resources to enhance your Muvizu:Play+ productions

  1. Resource guide for tools, apps, software and online libraries to enhance your creations