• Yesterday 13:42 by btsshirt03
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    • 1 week ago by gmaac
    • Hello, I bought Muvizu Play+ license few days before, today bought Asian character pack but unable to activate my pack. After I insert Asian character pack my muvizu showing license Error code : W2

      Please solve it
    • 1 week ago by Kumar26
    • Today Black Friday But not sale muvizu 50% Discount
    • 1 week ago by Kumar26
    • hello Sir today is black friday sale but muvizu software get 50% discount
    • 1 week ago by piyushmohit
    • my pc crashes every time i have to reset it and every time i have to reinstall muvizu now i am not able to use the licence key it showing i have used it maximum time it is given
      please help
      please help
    • 2 weeks ago by nikorusenov
    • Hello!
      I bought the Key framing expansion pack but I can't activate it.
    • 3 weeks ago by Aman_Narang
    • What's the difference between Muvizu Play+ 64 and Pro 64
    • Muvizu staff
      • 2 weeks ago by Muvizu-Admin
      • Play+ and Pro are two different versions of the software, and only the Play+ version is sold on the official website. Pro is the all-inclusive pack. If you want to buy Pro Version. Email to support@meshmellow.cn.