MeshMellow releases a Brazilian Portuguese version of the Muvizu 3D animation software

September 7th 2012

Glasgow, UK, September 7th 2012 Muvizu, the Glasgow-based, fast 3D animation application powered by Epic’s Unreal 3 Engine, has been released with a Brazilian Portuguese version of the user interface (UI) to support the popularity of the software in Brazil.

Muvizu is an easy to use 3D animation program that allows users of all skill levels to create astonishing animations in a matter of hours. With Muvizu users can build and light sets, animate customised characters, and use the huge selection of props and built-in special effects to create anything from their imagination. Adding a soundtrack to a clip, publishing it, sharing it and making it available online is fast and easy. This amazing application can be used by anyone with a creative idea or a message to spread. Muvizu is free for non-commercial and educational use.

Since its launch, Muvizu has enjoyed a tremendous level of support and enthusiasm from our Brazilian users. To coincide with Brazil’s independence day on September 7th, Muvizu wishes to say thanks to all our Brazilian fans and supporters. The translated user interface will make it easier for Brazilian users (old and new) to get animating with Muvizu and join the growing, supportive community.

Barry Sheridan, Managing Director of MeshMellow says: ‘We want our prolific Brazilian users to feel part of our growing community. They’ve been an integral part of our growth and we want to show our appreciation by translating Muvizu so it’s easier for our Brazilian users to get animating’