MeshMellow releases a German language version of the Muvizu 3D animation software

November 19 2012

Glasgow, UK, November 19 2012 - Muvizu, the Glasgow-based, fast 3D animation application powered by Epic’s Unreal 3 Engine, has been released with a German language version of the user interface (UI) and some beautiful new content.

Muvizu is an easy to use 3D animation program that allows users of all skill levels to create astonishing animations in a matter of hours. Muvizu allows users to animate customised characters, build and light sets, and use the large catalogue of objects and props to build their movie idea simply and quickly. With its patented technology, Muvizu makes it easy to add a soundtrack to a video, publish it and share it with others online quickly and efficiently. This amazing application can be used by anyone with a story to tell or a message to spread. Muvizu is free for non-commercial and educational use.

MeshMellow’s commitment to Muvizu users continues with the release of the latest translated user interface in German. German-speaking users will now be able to use Muvizu with greater ease. The German language version of the UI is the latest translation of Muvizu in recent months - following French, Italian and most recently Brazilian Portuguese. The latest release of Muvizu will feature beautiful new content, such as new train yard and prison content packs and ready-to-use pre-lit sets.

Barry Sheridan, Managing Director of MeshMellow says: ‘We’ve developed a large community of international users throughout the years. We’d like to encourage and grow these communities by making Muvizu as local as possible. We’ve accomplished this by translating the user interface into French, Italian, Portuguese and now German. Our goal is to reduce any barriers to animation - including language.’