MeshMellow, as Muvizu, sponsors Machinima Expo 2012 for a second year

November 06 2012

Glasgow, UK, November 06 2012 - Muvizu, the Glasgow-based, fast 3D animation application powered by Epic’s Unreal 3 Engine, is sponsoring Machinima Expo 2012 for a second year running.

Muvizu is an easy to use 3D animation program that allows users of all skill levels to create astonishing animations in a matter of hours. Inspired by machinima, Muvizu harnesses games technology to make it quick, easy and simple to animate and film stories. With its patented technology, Muvizu makes it easy to add a soundtrack to a video, automatically lip synch and publish and share clips.

Since its launch, Muvizu has been a part of the machinima community and has been a keen supporter of Machinima Expo. Working together with the team at the Expo, Muvizu is excited to be part of an initiative to increase the visibility and popularity of machinima online as a method for storytelling.

Muvizu will be taking part in a number of events at the Expo including a talk and Q & A session with Barry Sheridan; managing director of MeshMellow, a panel discussion as well as handing out the jury prize on the final day (Sunday 18, November).

Barry Sheridan, Managing Director of MeshMellow says: ‘’We’re deeply entrenched in the world of storytelling - it’s what drives us and our software. Partnering with Machinima Expo allows us to be part of a movement looking to drive storytelling, and using games technology to make it easier. We’re excited to be part of the Machinima Expo, not only as sponsors but as speakers and participants. I hope to see you all there.’