MeshMellow has released a new expanded Superheroes & Villains asset pack for Muvizu, 3D animation software.

September 11th 2012

Glasgow, UK, September 11th 2012 Muvizu, the Glasgow-based, fast 3D animation application powered by Epic’s Unreal 3 engine, has released a brand new Superheroes & Villains asset pack. The upgraded asset pack is full of new animations and assets for Superhero fans to re-create their favourite Superhero scenes or build their dream movies.

Muvizu is an easy to use, sophisticated and powerful PC application. It can be used by anyone -beginners, amateurs or professional animators alike to create quick, simple and easy animations with Muvizu. Anyone with imagination can create animated movies within hours, not months. Light sets, direct customised characters, utilise props from a huge list and use special effects to create anything from a snow storm to a tropical heat wave. Add a soundtrack and publish it, share it and make it available online. This amazing application can be used for anything from a creative idea or a message to share free for non-commercial and educational use.

The Superheroes & Villains package also introduces a host of upgrades to the software. From laser-beam eyes to fire breathing and lightning bolt effects to a rocket launcher and several brand new fantastic characters. Muvizu now features new pre-made sets including evil lairs, stinky sewers and rooftop sets as well as added dramatic animations. The Superheroes & Villains pack gives movie fans, action heroes, comic collectors, dark knights, wall crawlers, men of steel, millionaire playboys, masked vigilantes, writers, directors, animators the chance to direct the Superhero movie of ultimate awesomeness.

Muvizu 3D’s Managing director Barry Sheridan is particularly proud of the release: ‘The Superheroes and Villains release has been a labour of love for the team, many of whom are avid comic fanatics. Because of this, users can now make elaborate and exciting superhero clips and get them online in a fraction of the time.’