MeshMellow to attend the Rio Content Market in Brazil

February 18, 2013

Glasgow, UK, February 18 2013 - MeshMellow, the Glasgow-based creators of the fast 3D animation application powered by Epic’s Unreal 3 Engine, will be attending the Rio Content Market as part of the Pact and UKTI delegation.

Muvizu is an easy to use 3D animation program that allows users of all skill levels to create high quality animations quickly, easily and affordably. Muvizu harnesses games technology to allow storytellers to render animations in real time - making it quicker to take an idea and turn it into a finished story. With its patented technology, Muvizu makes it easy to add a soundtrack to a video, automatically lip synch, and publish and share clips.

The Rio Content Market was founded in 1999 to promote the growth of the media industry in Brazil and to support local entrepreneurs in the international market. Some of the biggest names in media attend the festival such as Discovery, Nickelodeon, Turner Broadcasting and more.

Since its launch, Muvizu has been a part of the online storytelling community in Brazil. When the opportunity to join the PACT and UKTI delegation going to the Rio Content Market emerged, it was the ideal chance to improve MeshMellow’s relationship with Brazil. Animation and animated content in Brazil is on the increase and Digimania would like to support and expand the presence of Muvizu in the country both with amateurs and professionals.

Barry Sheridan, Managing Director of MeshMellow says: ’We’re very excited to be part of this exciting delegation. Brazil represents one of the biggest markets for Muvizu and we’re happy to work on expanding and growing our presence and success in the country.’