MeshMellow launches a very special Christmas competition - with a twist.

November 29 2012

Glasgow, UK, November 29 2012 Muvizu, the Glasgow-based, fast 3D animation application powered by Epic’s Unreal 3 Engine, is launching a special Christmas-themed treasure hunt. The top prize includes a high spec Alienware laptop, Sony Vegas Pro video editing software, a gorgeous digital camera, a microphone, a Kindle Fire loaded with animation reference books and loads more.

Muvizu is an easy-to-use 3D animation program that allows users of any skill level to create high quality animations in a matter of hours. Muvizu allows users to create and light sets, animate customised characters and use built-in special effects to create gorgeous animations easily and quickly. This amazing application can be used by anyone with a creative idea or a story to tell. Muvizu is also free for noncommercial and educational use.

To celebrate Christmas, Muvizu is launching a fantastic competition with a twist - participants will be challenged to a treasure hunt that will run from December 1st to Christmas Eve (December 24th).

On December 1st, the front page of the website,, will host a video with embedded links. Each day a new link will appear and, like an advent calendar, each link will lead to video treats. Many of these links will lead to delightful and inspiring videos about animation. Some of these links will lead to special Muvizu clips with hidden or mysterious clues. The last of these clues will be revealed on Christmas Eve allowing the treasure hunters to crack the code, complete the hunt and claim the rather fantastic top prize!

MeshMellow MD Barry Sheridan says: “We’re very excited about doing something special this Christmas. We really wanted to do something that stretches peoples’ imaginations and shows what Muvizu can do. The treasure hunt is about following clues and animating quickly - things that anyone can do with Muvizu. Plus, it’s a great chance to win a desktop animation studio!”