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26/05/2011 10:30:18

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I can't recall who requested it, or in which forum it was requested, but I've added no-undercarriage variants of the Jet Fighter and UFO objects to the online 3D library. Download these objects if you want your craft to appear in-flight.

Two words of warning though:
1. they're big objects so Muvizu will complain if you try to spawn them too close to the ground. Make sure you're in plenty of empty place when you try to import them.
2. the online version o fthe jet fighter has an opaque cockpit. Sorry, but it's a limitation of our importer. I discovered when making it that our importer can't properly handle transparency. A Bug report's been created.

26/05/2011 10:56:25

claireqMuvizu staff
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It was Ziggy who asked for it so I have post a link to this thread.
26/05/2011 21:20:43

ziggy72Muvizu mogulExperimental user
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I am indeed the guilty party, and thankyou so much for doing that. I've downloaded both models and they look excellent (and we can always use the jet with wheels for cockpit closeups, and the one without for long shots). So, guns next?....
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