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22/07/2010 14:15:07

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This isn't a competition, but a fun chance for everyone to help out by promoting the Machinexpo.

Machinexpo 2010 Trailer Guidelines


use a machinima engine to remake a favourite film or TV moment
for dialogue substitute the word ‘expo’ at vital moment (s)
film need be no more than 30s long, but can be longer
add expo logo at the end (see below)
upload to youtube, add tag #mexpotrailer
see this page for up-to-date promo info (and logo download) you are welcome / encouraged to include in your video:
Upload your video on more sites if you’d like.
Have fun!

The films will be gathered together in a playlist and used to promote the machinexpo 2010


eg Citizen Kane..sub expo for Rosebud, When Harry met Sally she shouts ‘expo expo expo’ in cafe scene, in Star Trek, Spock could say ‘It’s expo Jim, but not as we know it’, ET would say ‘ET phone expo’.
Subtitles are fine.
Films with no dialogue can use the word ‘expo’ replacing background text, eg in street signs or posters.
If your engine / editor makes it difficult to add logo just use text
Yes, do use your own language, we reach more people that way!
Remember, if you use music, to choose tracks which youtube won’t object to. See Jamendo for some great creative commons music, or have fun making your own.
Use the guidelines as inspiration only , if you get stuck just go with the flow and see what happens!

the topic is closed

Home ? General Discussion ? Make A Trailer For the Machinexpo 2010, Just for f