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31/07/2013 13:07:29

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Ok, straight to it....

When colouring my textures I specifically choose these colour settings (for consistencey within my own models)..

Blue Hex 00 68 E7, and Red E7 21 00

In Blender the colours are represented accurately. Once the ob_whatever.ase and id_whatever.tga are imported in to Muvizu the colours are translated to

Blue Hex 00 23 CD, and Red CD 02 00

Black and White remain unaltered.

I've looked for correlations in the differences but to the best of my knowledge there are none.

My questions...

What (if any) colour space should I use when creating textures for Muvizu?
What the dickens am I doing wrong?
31/07/2013 13:19:33

MrDrWho13Muvizu mogulExperimental user
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Urbanlamb's our Blender expert here at Muvizu. Wait a few hours and she'll answer your question.
31/07/2013 17:19:40

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not truly sure i know what you mean? are you speaking of id textures?

ID textures they are just using colours to define different areas on the object for recolouring. Its not really a texture. If you want to truly texture something you simply dont use the id in front of it and assign textures as normally. Then you get a bar for the material and a box for the texture.

so its possible your using real texturing? in which case it might be using the material colour? Texture colour should not change as the texture is created outside blender quite often and its the exact texture its picking off your pc the same with id_textures its simply an image with different colour blobs on it so it will be exactly what you chose it to be.

if you use id_textures you only get a bar or strip and it will import using the colours on the texture you created but there will be no texture slots.

You can however use materials to texture your model and just leave the texture slots blank. I did this at the start when I was trying to learn it and I dont know if it works the same way in muvizu play.
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Home ? Importing Assets ? Colour Change from Blender texture to Muvizu