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16/03/2016 13:06:34

PatMarrNCMuvizu mogul
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What some call a "deficiency" I've come to regard as an "efficiency"... part of the reason why MUVIZU is easy to learn is that everything a person needs to understand has been simplified to its most fundamental form... in this case, a single audio file provides the dialog for a single character. I find that very easy to grasp and use.

It has always been true in the computer realm that what starts off as "user friendly" to a novice can become "user hostile" when the user gets more experience and doesn't want the hand-holding any longer.

There are just so many workarounds for this "problem" that I have a hard time seeing it as a problem at all. But since you are working with kids in an educational environment, here's one FUN way to overcome the obstacle:

1) write out your scripted dialog

2) get the kids to role play the dialog... better yet, have auditions and the kids can compete for the voice acting roles

3) record their delivery either on separate tracks, or use Audacity to separate the parts into whatever dialog is unique to each character. Doing it in real time like this virtually guarantees that the timing of the parts transfers directly to the audio file, and therefore to MUVIZU

4) when you load the audio into MUVIZU, name the snippets after the character... that way the kids will visually grasp the relationship between the character and his/her dialog

5) assign the dialog to the character, and MUVIZU does the rest automatically

If that seems too complicated for the kids, consider training them to work in SCENES, recording only segments consisting of whatever dialog they can manage. Since part of using MUVIZU involves learning to combine scenes into one consolidated video, this would reduce the project into bite-sized nuggets they can understand.
17/03/2016 19:04:19

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Perfectly right.

When I read harold66's post I could get the idea that he means that Muvizu can sync to one audio track only for the whole video and for all the characters in that video ?

But every character do have their own audio tracks....

And one mostly has to start using a main audio track anyway in order to "synchronize" the characters movements etc to that - long before the mouth-dialogue-synchronizing is done.

So, as PatMarrNC writes: you really need to have the full dialogoe finished before you start moving the first charecter around.

As an example I have just finished a music video where the input was an old sound track from a stage performance (from back in 'eighties).
The band had a lead singer - and a "chorus" singer, whom you do hear - plus the guitarist and the drummer more-or-less noticeable singing/humming some lines along too - but you see their mouths moving.

To do this I recorded a soundtrack for the lead, the chorus etc. - in total 4 tracks - with my own voice - and synchronised the characters to their respective tracks.

Of course the original sound track was also needed to manually synchronize the movements of the 4 musicians too.

After having done all this I just took the video from Muvizu into Vegas, deleted the Muvizu audio track with my voice (gruesome), and added the original soundtrack.

Anyway I had to put it through Vegas because I wanted the dust in the bright stage lights to "live" as you always see at a concert :- ) - but I think it could have been done just in Muvizu - where you could use the main audio track only and mute the rest - just before the final rendering.
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Home ? How Do I ...? ? How do I lip-sync to more than one audio file?