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15/11/2013 10:26:43

DyllyMuvizu mogulExperimental user
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I kid you not, I've got Muvizu Goggles...or to be more precise involvement with Muvizu over the last couple of years has changed the way I look at things, quite literally.

Take this morning for example. I'm walking the woofers through the woods looking at the way the morning sunlight shines through the russet and gold foliage of the beech, hazel, birch and oaks. Quite magnificent, only I catch myself thinking 'if I tweak the planes on the trees I'm making in 3ds Max to the right angle and add a .png overlay of light rays in Muvizu and then a further one in Sony Vegas...I can get the same effect'!

Further along the walk four cock pheasants are startled into flight by Dylly the Beagle & Max the Black Labrador. Vibrant plumage on the birds clash against the startling greens and browns of the trees and foliage while I'm thinking 'right so I can animate a simple cutout of the birds in Muvizu, but how would I get the wings on the birds to flap in the animation...perhaps if I make a gif of the birds in flight and then make a transparent movie and project it onto the plane?'

It's not just in everyday life that the Muvizu Goggles operate...they have changed the way that I look at film and television. I'm not so much 'watching' the film as 'watching how they made it'. What camera angles they are using, changes in the production music, how the titles have been shot. Take one of my favourite series at the moment...Stargate. I know, I know...but I'm an archaeologist and it tickles my fancy. Watching the second series of Stargate Atlantis yesterday I noticed the change in the title sequence. My first thought was 'thats better than the first series titles, my second thought was 'but not by very much', my third thought was 'I could do a better job than that', and my final thought on the subject 'I wonder how much someone got paid for such a shoddy job'.

Computer games are something that I enjoy...but I'm crap at playing them. The youngest lad will laugh like hell every time I get shot...not because I forgot to duck the character but because in the middle of a firefight I stop to look at the scenery or a game asset to see 'how it was done'. I often get funny looks from the lad or his mates when I notice a 'collision' problem in a game they are playing. The eldest lad was playing some kind of Sims game recently where a character walked up some stairs...and their feet went through every step on the way up as the collision was quite obviously a simple triangular slope. The problem with Muvizu Goggles is that the condition is catching. Those around me now claim 'I've spoiled a game or film' for them. They know I'm watching for such things as continuity errors (the glove in the first series of Crossing Lines) or how an effect could be reproduced more effectively or easily. My daughter now has this condition and will email me to let me know when she spots something I might find interesting. I also play the 'spot the production music' game with my daughter, where we can not only name the piece of music being used but also the composer and which production music site the music was licensed from.

I would like to point out that I'm not complaining about my Muvizu Goggles...I quite enjoy the effect they are having!
15/11/2013 16:32:02

MrDrWho13Muvizu mogulExperimental user
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I've gotta say, I've done this too. Especially as the stock sound effects in Muvizu are used in so many TV shows, games and films!

Does anyone have the cure?
15/11/2013 18:05:08

(Account inactive)
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Yes this is a side effect of removing the 'mystery' from things.

I also have to remember that most people wont notice these things so that things that bother me wont bother other people and that whatsit I see as flawed is to them okay hehe. I try not to let my way of looking at things ruin others um fun because someone gave me a lecture once upon a time when I ruined something for them pointing out all the things wrong with it. Since then I have reformed my ways and keep my analysis of "whats wrong with this picture" to myself. ^^
15/11/2013 19:29:52

ziggy72Muvizu mogulExperimental user
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Hang on, you mean constantly looking at the world in a deconstructivist way ISN'T normal?! Damn, I too have dem dar googles on then...
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