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22/08/2010 15:39:17

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Is it just me or is there a problem when you want to switch between, some, animation sequences.
i.e. I can't switch from "Shiver" to "Writing (looped)" the "Writing (looped)" option will not be actioned - the selection box looks 'greyed-out'.
Scrub that... just did a test and think I found out why this won't work.
It looks like the character can't go from a standing action to a sitting action, the working test I did was with the character starting in a sitting position and the Shiver/Writing sequence worked.
Can I do a Shiver(standing) to Writing(sitting) without having to sit the character down first ?


Picture below of un-working sequence.
22/08/2010 19:57:22

NeilExperimental userMuvizu staff
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Hi David,

It's not you, it's us. There's a restriction on what animations are available in each posture (sitting or standing). Sadly, the application currently doesn't inform you of this restriction except by greying out the button when then animation can't be played in the current posture. It's a problem we're aware of and there's fix in the pipeline that will let you play standing animations only from the waist up whilst sitting. Unfortunately it won't be in the next release, but it will hopefully (fingers crossed) be in the one after.
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Home ? Characters ? Unable to Switch between Animation Sequences