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26/08/2010 09:36:12

NeilExperimental userMuvizu staff
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It's something we keep talking about and want to do, but there's always something more important to do instead. Because subtitles are something that can easily be added by a third party application after you've made your video, we prefer to concentrate on the things that have to be done inside Muvizu. But one day, yes, we'd love to add subtitles.
22/11/2010 13:51:12

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I know it's a frustrating answer, but you can edit your videos via YouTube - I think it's simply called the YouTube Editor. This enables you to add text to them.
I am after a decent, cheap editor too (i.e. free and legal) to add text to my videos. I think there might be one or two on the SourceForge site, but it does mean that you have to make your Muvizu videos first then add the text.

Hope it's of some use, although if anyone can do better, PLEASE tell me!!!
22/11/2010 16:13:50

alanMuvizu staff
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There is a new feature coming soon that will let you insert sentences using the alphabet objects.

So, for example, if creating the HOLLYWOOD sign with alphabet objects, instead of adding each letter individualy and moving into the correct position, this feature will create the whole lot in one go all nicely lined up and grouped for you!

25/11/2010 10:10:06

JamieMuvizu staff
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See also -

I use AVI Synth to do subtitles or credits myself. I'm hopeing to find some time to do a tutorial video on it in the near future as it uses Scripts I'd rather not rush to give an explaination.

Direct, don't animate!
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