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2010/11/4 14:48:11
Choral Movement Hi Jim
Many thanks for your reply on this. To be honest, I could spend a thousand hours happily playing with the tools you've already provided. I would love to have more dance moves though. I think getting the make your own music video or dance choreography to any chosen soundtrack would be of huge appeal to many of my students.

Cheers - Paul
2010/11/4 14:42:05
Parental Controls/Explicit Content Filters Hi - thanks for the responses. I think the idea of a seperate / sister site targeted at schools could prove hugely reassuring to school curriculum and network managers etc. I also love the idea of an educational newsletter with ideas and links.

It would be great to offer students the power to browse videos for inspiration (and entertainment). I've started trying to embed youtube videos into powerpoint slides when showing examples.

Many thanks

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2010/11/4 0:24:02
Choral Movement Hi Muvizu team

I love Muvizu - so do my children! I discovered it after seeing it featured on BBC's Click.
I'm a parent and also a Drama and ICT teacher and would love to know how best to encourage my students to safely view videos.

What's the chance of having Muvizu's films on the website given a thumbs up symbol if Muvizu or one of the people who've seen or submitted a movie think it suitable for children / classroom viewing? Would be good to know if things have swearing etc.

Could we create object animations - moving them around in a pass as you would a character?

Could you create a tool to enable users to duplicate character animations to multiple characters - e.g. for group choreography? Would love to either select multiple characters to animate at once or have an 'all move' button similar to the all shush...
Would we also be able to copy sections of character animation from one character's timeline to another character - e.g. to create a canon effect like a mexican wave.

Could we have some stock & gestures for Victorian melodrama - e.g. hand on heart, hand to brow, Kneeling down pleading etc. Would love to have a twirly villain moustache and some dresses for the damsels in distress!

Could we have some acrobatic & slapstick moves - e.g. jumping and clutching the backside as a fight move for getting your bottom kicked or doing a dive forward roll when pushed?

Would love to see a 'double-take' movement and a 'phew' / relief expression.

I'd like my school to download the software for whole school use and perhaps set up a club or activity week using Muvizu. Could a Muvizu Schools project be possible.

Many thanks - and keep up the amazing work!

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