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2017/1/6 22:06:32
WHERE ARE YOU? Welcome to the Neighborhood comictude. Sorry for your loss but happy your staying. There are more than just a couple good people here. You'll see as time goes on. If you need help just ask. Patience and kindness go a long way in this neighborhood.

2016/12/3 17:57:23


P.S. To PatMarrNC, I'm in Fresno, California.
2016/9/1 21:03:29
An open Letter to Muvizu's developers I agree with PatMarrNC and my other neighbors.

2016/8/11 2:20:28
Tropical birds: test 1 (The Bird the word) Great Birds...
Gotta have a Wise Old Owl and the Annoying High Energy Hummingbird. It's great to see Muvizu come alive with ideas and props. Thank you all.

2016/8/3 20:38:04
Chicken test from Sinister Great work ikes !
The only way they could be better is with BBQ Sauce and Fries.

2016/4/20 21:43:25
Thinking of buying Muvizu-a few questions. Welcome to the Neighborhood musiclover. The price for Muvizu and it's add on packs is more than fair for such great software. I echo all that PatMarrNC said. This forum has a lot of great people that will help, from doing Voice Overs to teaching. I have MuvizuPlay+, Moviestorm MAX, iClone 6 Pro. My favorite is Muvizu. Muvizu has hundreds of free sets and props. If you look you'll see that your neighbors are still making and sharing SETS and PROPS. Definitely follow Pats advice about the Tutorials. Hope this helps.

2016/2/19 17:50:00
Muvizu not working after latest Windows 10 update? Hi All... the force DX9 load was not because of Windows 10. It was Intel drivers on laptop. I have this problem. I run Windows 10 Pro on Desktop and have no problems with Muvizu. Yet on my Laptop with Windows 10 Pro and Intel drivers I have a few problems.

Is Muvizu 1.6.1 Stable yet?

2015/12/16 18:31:58
A Star Wars Christmas Short Great Job clayster2012...
Get well and thank you for sharing your sets too.

Happy Holidays, Brian.

2015/12/12 20:12:25
Greetings Hello All...
Happy Holidays to all my Neighbors and Muvizu Staff. Just a reminder to the ones that gave extra time and help to me, I really appreciate it. Thank You.


2015/12/6 3:35:28
Danimal Rest In Peace Dan.
2015/11/28 4:39:08
Keyframe expansion pack Thanks MDW13...
Your idea worked. The reason I didn't think about it was on my Desktop I didn't have my Key copied to the clipboard. I bought the 3 Packs on that computer and they all worked. I went to my Laptop to activate the Key Frame Pack and there I got the error message. Not sure why that happened. Anyway, Thanks for the Help.

2015/11/27 22:25:22
Keyframe expansion pack Hello All...
How do I activate "Keyframe Expansion Pack" on my second computer? When I try I get "NO LICENCE KEY DETECTED" The other two packs (Chinese & Chemistry) I bought installed fine. Thanks for any help.

2015/11/21 13:09:00
Are all the new packs going to be on sale in December?
2015/11/13 13:54:36
African Village Set Wanted Hello...
I do know what you mean urbanlamb. Just to clarify, I say "have/buy" so my neighbors know I don't expect something for nothing. I appreciate the free "sets" and "Props" that we do get as well as the paid for ones. I had a feeling Rebel would share that Village. So Thanks to all involved.

2015/11/12 21:32:11
African Village Set Wanted Hello Rebel...
Great looking set. I to would love to have/buy it.

2015/10/26 23:46:11
Coming Soon... FANTASTIC! Great to see complex projects. Inspirational.

2015/10/6 2:05:22
Coming Soon... Hello Clayster2012...
more photos of great sets are inspiring not clutter. So post away please.

2015/8/31 1:34:24
Windows 10 Update Issue HELP! MuvizuPlay+. I agree Windows 10 is really good. All my computers run it and I've installed on over two dozen for my neighbors with no problems. Muvizu will be good soon. For those who have work to do can use the last stable release of Muvizu. It does work with Windows 10. But head what MrDrWho13 said about reverting back to Windows 7/8.1. You have 30 days before those files are deleted by the OS. So keep track of time. I do have the last stable release if anyone needs it.

2015/8/30 15:47:13
Windows 10 Update Issue HELP! MuvizuPlay+. Hello remiel… Not sure I can help but I’ll try.

JAMIE1 Wrote:

Hi folks,

We've had several reports of crashes after updating to v1.5

We are currently investigating the issue, but suspect it relates to the way we are detecting DX9 or DX11 and is primarily affecting Intel HD Graphics card users (either stand alone or as the part of a laptop setup where you have a NVidia for gaming).

We'll get to the bottom of this soon.


I discovered if you do the following:

1. Right click on desktop icon
2. Select Properties
3. Edit "Target" Command Line
4. at end on line just add -dx9
5. Click save then Ok button

SAMPLE: "C:\Program Files\Muvizu Play\Binaries64\Muvizu.exe" -dx9

After you force load DirectX 9 with the newest Muvizu (build 2015.08.05.01R) and you have the FILE/OPTIONS/DIRECTX VERSION set to DirectX 11. The Layers work.
I think it’s because the –dx9 command line switch bypasses Muvizu detecting DirectX and therefore any DirectX & Video Drivers Issues as JAMIE1 told us about.
I’m just asking, have you uninstalled your old ATI drivers/ATI CCC and just used Windows 10 default Video Drivers? I’M NOT SAYING DO THIS UNLESS YOU’RE VERY COMFORTABLE WITH THIS KIND OF COMPUTER WORK. I don’t want to make things worse for you. I can't think of anythig else. As you said there could be other software loaded that's an issue.
Hope this helps, Brian.
2015/8/29 2:07:19
Insert Photo or Video in a Post Thanks fazz68...
I was wondering what I did wrong. I read Zig to generally. So this photobucket is how we display photos in our forum messages.
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