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2018/10/10 5:50:46
All of my Star Wars Characters for "FREE" so all the assets are no longer available? i had loaded a bunch of my own creations here and now i cant get them either. plus would love these new star wars my computer crashed and now i lost everything
2015/9/8 23:46:09
Save, export and import characters I wish we could export them. I have a 3d printer now and i would love to print the character i made to represent me. would be awesome to make my own action figure ..hehehe
2015/3/17 2:10:17
Issue with Commercial License im having the same issue plus now i cant find my license. sent a message through the support page hopefully will hear from them soon. I understand the time difference!
2014/11/18 18:09:09
intro test, would love feed back thank you! yes i am using Ziggy72's set for now. I wanted to see if my computer could handle a bigger set. I am in the process of making my own but i had an idea in mind and had to run with it before it escaped me. i do appreciate the feed back the goal of the walk in the street will be moved once my set is completed because i plan to use that as my walk in to the comedy stage building then walk into the stage. the eyes, i didnt even think about that, thank you Ziggy72 for that advice. the reason he stops at the steps is because when i walk up them he jumps to the top of the building but yes i will cut the camera on that stop or move it. thank you so much for the feed back. i have some of my old stand up routine i used to do but i have to record it and try to show the same emotion and style i did back then and i am having a hard time but one say ill get it right. thank you again
2014/11/18 3:52:19
intro test, would love feed back i know the song could lead to a copyright issue, this is going to change. my cousin actually wrote a song we are going to replace but this was the closest song i could use to test what i want to say. could use some feed back on the character movement it definitely needs work.

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2014/7/29 16:30:20
Laurel & Hardy - Gangnam Style [Animation] [4K 60F wow you did your video. wish we could add other movements i know they have the dance for this you can use on other programs. but wow you used the supplied moves very well!!!!!
2014/7/2 18:46:41
Copy & Paste well i've never grouped objects. I know i had a scene with like 8 or 10 characters. i selected each individually until all of them where highlighted then i clicked copy with mouse..opened a new scene and then control V and they all transferred. you may have to move your world further out because if your scene is too full it wont copy them on the spot you want..sometimes i've had to move my wheel far from the center to be able to copy my items
2014/7/2 17:40:05
Copy & Paste hi, i have been able to copy multiple objects what i do is select all my items then open a new empty scene then on windows once new scene is open i press control and the letter V and they all show up. If you right click on the mouse you won't see the past option...try that and let us know if it worked
2014/7/2 3:34:11
hello, new here
I grew up watching this Mexican TV clown call cepillin so i made a video of one of the songs he sings

working on my x men mutants

I used to be a military basic instructor and i was thinking i could animate my experience so i made this..

and my cheech and chong from the 3 videos i made
2014/7/2 3:26:38
hello, new here
2014/7/2 3:20:48
Coming Soon... i am working on this right now. I got a story but need to figure out what and how to animate it.

also if you want to see all the characters I have made you can look here
and my cheech and chong animations are also on the forum too
2014/7/2 3:17:08
when i convert to ase so i know most people use blender or other program. i use cinema 4d. but i was wondering if anyone has encountered this type of errors when converting a file to .ASE format
this is one of them i dont always get it

but i normally get this one...

the thing is i made a folder called texures where my ASE file is at even called it DummyinitialShadingGroup0.bmp, but if you notice there is /C: it wont let me create a folder called CBig GrinummyinitialShadingGroup0.bmp i just dont know what to do. blender is to hard for me to use and learn
hope someone has an idea of what is going on
2014/7/2 2:35:00
Coming Soon... awesome. yeah im having lots of problems with fbx but atleast they import. since i use cinema 4d for modeling my ase dont work out for me. some error. ill post it later in the trouble area maybe someone knows how to fix it. so we can post any picture of characters we have made here? ive been posting all my in my introduction forum. i am working on a new set too kinda large ill post it later also
2014/7/1 22:53:54
Coming Soon... Wabby wrote:
Hey guys, here is a low poly pirate ship that I have modeled and plan to use in Muvizu (here are some Blender renders, not yet imported in Muvizu). Hope you enjoy !

How do you make your models so characters can stand in them? ive been trying to do this with a batmobile but no luck so far
2014/7/1 16:25:18
Coming Soon... fazz, you should do a tutorial on how you are importing such nice sets. those are incredible
2014/6/30 20:10:03
cheech and chong haha, no i made them myself, thank you for the comment
2014/6/29 23:23:16
Coming Soon... i cant wait it looks amazing..are they all muvizu assets or also your assets?
2014/6/29 16:41:14
cheech and chong 3 last one of my cheech and chong. this was harder to match up to the sound and actions due to the muvizu stock movements but i think its ok! I like it
2014/6/29 6:23:04
cheech and chong thank you!
2014/6/29 6:22:32
cheech and chong part 2 thank you|!
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